Monday, November 30, 2009

Caution--Sweeping Generalizations ahead--So much for being thankful you douche!

I notice that when you need to get away from misery you tend to do the opposite. You tend to stick it out in the hopes that everything that you have sacrificed (and honey, you are the only one doing the sacrificing to be sure) will make the oh so tiny bit you gained seem worth it. I am so sorry that it is you but I sure did hate it when it was me. It's a most curious thing to have someone who has worked tirelessly not to ever take care of themselves criticize someone who has almost always, exclusively taken care of themselves. I mean they criticize your efforts, basically try to embarrass you for the comfortable life you live, even though they are enjoying the fruits of your labor constantly and with so much brazen gusto. They rag on the clothes you wear but snatch up with greedy hands the clothing you buy them, they rag on the food you cook/eat and gobble down every scrap of protein you so unselfishly provide, they rag about your health and they congeal and stagnate before your very eyes in front of the TV or computer you have worked so hard to pay for...
You know I meditated before my altar today and I really had to send a positive prayer into the universe for all the women I know who are dealing with all I just mentioned, hell the men too for that matter!
Protect yourselves from negativity friends, it will make your body a breeding ground for illness, trust me, I know first hand. Let whomever she/he is take the dead weight off your hands, they did you a favors my loves.
here's to whomever helped you dodge a bullet, consider them gardian angels of a sort...may they find happiness and peace and may they receive blessings for saving someone else from their fate....
Keep you damn word, seriously, just fucking do it you coward(be you male or female)---ugh
Karmically Yours

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Boondock Saints II and Tids and Bits

  1. Well, I had to work until 3pm on Friday so I didnt do any of the old Black Friday stuff. I never do though since I used to work in retail and was always too annoyed with the crowds to be a participant. This year I don't have to work the lines, unlock the doors or make the deposits and man does it feel good. 
  2. So I am spending my Saturday getting the car serviced (maybe) at the very least I need to change the rear signal light bulb so Autozone is in my future.   Got the car serviced and replaced the signal light bulb myself--yep, I'm pretty dang handy!
  3. Beyond that I have my home office to finally work on ( I keep putting it off and now I can't get around it any longer).
  4. 2 short stories to complete, and 2 long projects to pay some attention to.
  5. I refused to eat anymore "holiday?" food and last night had ribs and steamed broccoli! It was delicious!
  6. I Saw "Boondock Saints II, All Saints Day" last night and it was JUST as good as the first one! All the original characters came back and it looks like there will be another one after this! I hope so, this franchise is too bad-ass to let falter.    
  7. Tonight I will see Ninja Assassin! I effing love action movies with a little impossibility built in, it must be the sci/fi fantasy freak in me.I mean the mix of story, and the fantastic is just too much for me to pass up.
  8. I just finished Toni Morrison's "A Mercy" for a second time and it is still quite beautiful. The last monologue of the mother at the end really brings tears to the eyes. The theme of female betrayal is extremely prevalent in the novel and the interview with Toni Morrison is just brilliant. She talks about how women betray one another as a way to make what they have achieved seem like what they want. The woman is just a masterful storyteller. Her empathy mixed with Octavia Butler's lean writing style and stark/shark portrayl of the human psyche under extreme stress/duress is kind of what inspires my writing style. Of course comic books, hip-hop and women as saviors also motivate my writing style.
Anyway that is all for now. If you have to tell us how handsome, funny, smart or enlightened you are constantly, it might mean your actions arent really telling the truth of the matter, sooooooo
Yeah, anyway be who you claim to be, do what you can to settle those debts (to yourself and others) and keep your word, always keep your word---when the money runs out, you gotta have something of value that can never be spent in total and that, my friend is your word....

Karmically yours

    Thursday, November 26, 2009

    Notes for, but not about, what should be a National Day of Atonement...

    1. Cooking in someone elses's kitchen is weird. Everything is in a bizarre place.
    2. I finished the cooking with time to help my client set the table and jet! I added the photo to my portfolio with the notation that the place setting is NOT an original of mine (they had family place settings for their use), I received payment promptly of the remaining agreed upon sum plus a bonus of ----. 
    3. I am a caterer, a writer, and soon a more visible photographer. 
    4. Monetary stability is a real soother! Especially when you are orchestrator of your good fortune, you have no drains on your wallet and mind and especially (again) when you have new obligations coming in about 3 months, LOL. 
    5. I have to stay off my feet more.
    6. Ladies! Don't wait until 50 for a mammogram. That is surely a death sentence! Please don't wait! Don't! If you are afraid to go alone, ask someone to go with you. If you live in Houston, email me and I'll go with you. Seriously. I have done it before and I'll do it a million times for a million people. Just don't wait.
    7. My biological father is part Yavepai, my mother is part Black Foot (from the Mississippi Delta), and those Nations do not celebrate Thanksgiving, although my maternal family always has, my biological father's family does not and I do not. I don't even pretend to anymore,
    8. but I am thankful for a bounty of things all year and every single day. 
    9. I guess today I am thankful to have the courage of my convictions, which is very rare for some people...used to be rare for me. I don't keep company with cowards either (that was my old way). Own your shit and mend your fences before you try to school someone else,please.
    10. It is nice work if you can get it (well if you have a knack for work anyway---there are a lot of folks and ugh---men--who don't), thank goodness for the abscence of sponges!

    Karmically Yours,

    Monday, November 23, 2009

    When Passive Aggression is Out right Aggression

    Forgive the typos!

    Okay, this has been coming for a long time. I thought that I would be all douche-y about it once it arrived and act all ego driven when the time came. But no. It's time to address one of the many wrongs I committed for my own edification. Got that? Mine, Me. This is purely for my benefit and to cleanse a few spots on the old Femigog board. Gotta keep ya'self honest ya know?

    I have been terrible to people I care/cared about. I have not done it accidentally in some cases. These intentional cases are the ones I need to address, while the list is not miles long, the items on it bother me and they should. I could have been a better person, a better friend and a better woman in these instances and I knowingly chose not to and for that I am deeply regretful and completely sorry for those things. I called 3 people to tell them personally that I apologize. 2 of those people immediately said that they forgive me for those actions, expressed appreciation that I would even attempt to right a wrong so long in the past and insisted that we talk about the issue at length in an effort to bring them closure and myself atonement. They are far bigger than I might be were the situation reversed. I would like to think that I am  mature enough to do the same, and I think I am but I am not completely sure, ya kow.
    Anyway, the third person was still quite angry (as they have every right to be) and was not ready to forgive.

    "I understand, you don't owe me anything." 
    "Yeah, but I just can't let it go yet. So..."
    "No, No, you don't have to do anything. I just wanted you to know that I acknowledge what I did to you. How I might have made you feel and I just wanted you to know that I'm not that person. I am extremely ashamed of my behavior and you deserve to see that I am indeed ashamed of myself for it and regret the entire matter."
    "Okay. Well, thanks. Seriously, thanks. But I don't think we'll be hanging out and what not anytime in the near or even far off future. But thanks and take care."
    "You too and thanks for hearing me out. I really appreciate it."

    And that was that. I really wish it had gone as well as the other 2 times but ...I feel like I should do something more but I am sure they just want me to stay away. Hell at least they took my call. That took a mature individual, something I wasn't in my dealings with them.
    I was a young woman when I committed these transgressions against these people, early 20s to be precise or slightly vague depending on your view. I will be 38 next month and can honestly say that I have not maliciously set out to hurt anyone since being a pill of woman in my 20s. Well, I did right a rather scathing attack on someone in a journal I believed to be private and I immediately apologized for the attack when they announced to me that they had indeed read the attack. Honestly, I have to say that at the time I was sorry for a few things associated with that journal entry. The first thing is that they had in fact read it, the second thing is the fact that I wanted to be hateful to them because I was so voiceless. And lastly I am sorry that I, for a long time was happy that I had indeed hurt them. I am not happy about these things but I did very well do them. I won't repeat them but, yeah, I own them.

    The countdown continues and I really need work on wines (I don't seem to have a real pallett for anything that is too acidic or rather not sweet).
    Keep your word, be who you claim and claim who you are...
    Karmically Yours,

    Saturday, November 21, 2009

    This is MY Life the way I Lived it Whether anyone likes it or Not.

    Many Diseases of the Body start in the Mind and multiply in the GUT!
    If you feel something in your gut, go with it. The human body is not too far removed from it's primal fight or flight instinct. Go with your gut every time. Better to ere on the side of caution, advice I should have taken a number of times in the past. It has been my habit to give the benefit of the doubt to people and situations until I get unequivocal proof, just ignoring my inner voice.
    Sometimes I stuck around even after the proof was evident, this is entirely my fault and I take full responsibility for my ignorance and inability to be my own  champion.
    Yes this is gonna be about me and my relationship past so check out now if you are not interested. I blog for my own benefit and to dump the toxins, so if you can't take that feel free to head in another direction. Yes I'm taking to you Miss Email and apparently some other person "trying to watch out for my girl".  With friends like you uhm ladies? who needs enemies?
    So I have talked alot about a relationship I had 2 years ago (Well I was the ONLY one in that relationship so, I reckon you cant really call it that can you? )
    Had I gone with my gut I would have got the hell out of there far earlier than I did. I think I should have abandoned ship when I read some instant messages passed between He and the object of his affection that included a quip about me "keeping a man who didnt want to be kept". Yeah and she only knew what he told her about me, so much for sisterhood and solidarity huh? I keep getting emails from clowns about...anyway, that shit is too fucking one-sided for me to even consider, but then, that's why I'm me and other people are who they are. Anyway, back to MY therapy.
    I wrote one helluva research paper for a small feminist magazine based heavily on my experience with a woman who knew about me through hearsay and made sweeping judgements and indictments against me in pursuit of a man. The paper dealt with black women and solidarity in particular. The saddest part of my paper was that it only proved pre-concieved notions about black women as enemies regarding men. Yeah, sad indeed. Anyway in her defense, he told her he didnt want to be kept and left me out of the loop so to speak. If you have never heard/read 2 people discussing you like they would a couch (you know, with a take it or leave it attitude) then let me tell you that I hope you never do. You dont even want to know about the uhm sexy notes they passed back and forth. How dumb was I? Get this, I asked about it and he literally told me that he "was just getting her hot" and that it was "no big deal". Those were literally the words used. I took that shit like a clown. Another sad proof of my research. UGH! Hindsight is 20/10 in my case. Please tell me none of you were as feckless as I was. I was an opportunist's DREAM. LOL! Anyway, he drained me, cuckolded me and then left me. I lay shaking in a daze and soon was dangerously ill (I believe it was from keeping it all inside and to myself).
    The problem is that I knew something was off and I just let it go. I didn't fight or run, I just let it go and held all the shit I was felling inside. The room mates saw it and tried to get me to open up repeatedly (Yeah, ther were actual room-mates who can attest to much of what happened in my life because I invited it into the home we all shared together. Anyway, I refused to tell them anything and my health suffered.
    Before I started writing and meditating and stretching out all the garbage I internalized I was literally falling apart from the inside out. I had to make serious changes fast and choosing the proper treatment was paramount to my survival.
    Now, I keep nothing in and I go with my GUT everytime. And guess what? I fought off one hell of an invader! I take care of me first! If I'm in pieces then my quality of life pieces and I will not let that shit happen again. Never. Likewise I don't hide anything from anyone, including myself. I'm pretty sensitive and I get hurt pretty deeply, I used to be really careful about never letting any of my pain out and that strategy kills, so no thanks!
    The new leaf I turned over has changed me in ways that many of my friends found difficult to take, AT FIRST, but now that they know all, they embrace and protect me and I am more than thankful for them. Just writing this here now (I was using a private journal for a while) is extremely theraputic.

    Now, I need to buy a frame for my Food Handlers Certificate and finish the menu for the dinner party I am catering for Thanksgiving (since I don't celebrate I decided it was the perfect chance to get another personal chef job added to the old entertaining resume). It's amazing what a little mortal scare will do for getting one to market ones-self relentlessly! LOL. I plan to be the first ever, private chef/writer/photographer and to be independently employed by this time next year. That is gonna be an amazing hat trick, but I am already loving the ride!
    Anyway, I got work to do. I won't be able to work too much longer, for a few months anyway (overjoyed is an understatement--the name is already chosen, but I'm not letting the cat out of the bag just yet.)
    This is MY life and the way I tell it is the way I lived it, whether anyone likes it or not.
    Be decent, keep your word,
    Karmically Yours

    Friday, November 20, 2009

    Quick Friday Notes----

    1. It's raining here, which means that the weather is gonna give it the old college try at beginning a winter season.
    2. I'm a lover not a fighter but in the words of Kanye West "The only thing I wish? I wish a nigg* would." Bitch please, you aint shit in comparison to what I just fought off. This is the dirty and as such feel free to jump whenever you feelin' squirrel-ly! You damn sure aint the only one with folks.
    3. Yawn...."Me thinks the lady doth protest too much," this is one of my favorite quotes for a reason. If you have to constantly announce it, you should likely consider just who it is you are trying to convince. Oh and by the way, everyone knows exactly who and what you are and soooooooo, you can probably stop with the hot air.
    4. Double get what you pay for. And sometimes it is a whole lot of nothing with a staggering price tag.
    5. Cancer is a BITCH! There, I said it! I mean remission is awesome but it only offers happiness with ominous-ness (is that a word?). Anyway, Cancer is a BITCH!
    6. Venting gets the poison out and less poison means less Cancer, soooo Go Fuck Yourself Cancer!
    7. Yoga and Meditation are AWESOME! 
    8. Self Awareness is Paramount! Telling yourself the truth about yourself is tough but shit, it can only get better from there, right? I mean you will know the absolute worst about yourself and you can dump the poison and keep the sweet parts.
    9. Hate is a waste of ever fleeting time and a WASTER of the body. I do not hate. I vent but never will anyone have the power to waste my time or my body on a wasted ass emotion. This is one of the many things I like about myself.
    10. Remission is FUCKING AWESOME! There, I said it.
    11. I really miss the taste of fast food. Still! I don't miss the damage it does/did but damn-it sometimes I just want "2 all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun"
    12. uhm if someone says "what you did really hurt me and made me cry" I'm guessing the mystery of whether something hurt them and made them cry is a non-mystery----sooooooo, yeah, you didn't expose them, they pretty much told you, clown!
    13. Just as physical disease can run in families so too can emotional turmoil. I know whole families who are suffering under both physical and mental dis-ease. Damn...Hopefully they will pull through all of it together and with as few battle scars as possible.
    14. I wish everyone peace from disease period. It's fucking hard to live a good life without a bunch of extra shit raining down on you.  Really fucking hard! Trying to stay emotional positive and balanaced aint always easy and on some days, it just isnt possible. Treatment is fucking....I can't even begin to tell you....
    15. Stop emailing me whoever you are. I ain't answering no questions about nobody's past but my own. I write MT experiences and MY perceptions of past events. The events are true to me as they are MY impressions and MY perceptions!  My blog is open to everyone to read and so is my facebook account. You don't have to be friends with me to read anything about me online because I am DAMN comfy with myself and I aint got shit to hide (trust me, as a federal employee they go over your shit with a fine tooth comb), but if someone else has barred you from getting the skinny on them then you need to respect that shit and press on. Everyone is grown and so you don't need to police adults. Beat feet in the other direction. and damn-it be nice for fuck's sake! Leave these people the fuck alone! Sheesh
    In the words of Sade "It's only love that gets you through"
    Take care of one another, spread love and chase that poison out, you got no choice, the alternative is to rot alive and that is worse than death.
    Karmically Yours

    Wednesday, November 18, 2009

    I Think That Meaning

    What you Say is important. Extremely. I know that was a sentence fragment but still, I mean it. If you tell someone that you feel guilt for something you should mean it, if you tell someone you like/dislike something, you should mean it and damn-it if you say you love someone you should mean it.

    I am friends with someone who tells people that they love them all the time to get out of tight spots, to gain an upper hand and to get what they want. They dont mean it and that is fucking despicable.
    I have had people say they love me and not really mean it, but that was in high school when people are at their most egocentric (hopefully anyway). I have only had one grown ass man tell me that he loved me and he absolutely, unequivocally did not mean it and it was devastating when I found out the truth. They, of course, were able to happily and merrily skip right on past me and that bullet wound to the heart like nothing ever happened, (seriously, they literally acted as though I had never existed to the point of laughing with me on the phone one day and marrying someone else not even 3 months later without so much as a why or even to just say "Hey bitch, we are through!" Nothing). Now that was nothing for them, truly, but for me it was painful and ugly and completely monstrous. I was heartbroken. I cried and tried to call him (he didn't answer my calls, reneged on loans I gave and just pretended I was not on the planet), after which I cried some more. It was a bad scene, especially after I learned that he was married 3 months later via the internet. Now that dude was seriously not into me if he could perform a stunt like that! I can't even talk about the self esteem issues that came from that...ugh, nasty self loathing stints, really!
    I mean this dude was telling me he loved me while he was courting the woman he would marry a few months later. He sat in my house, used my resources and never once thought past himself (He was essentially homeless when he moved in with me. I wanted to help him but I notice that the chick he married was smart enough not to take him in at that point, and surely they had to be courting at the time). Smart lady. Maybe being with a dude when the chips are down is a bad idea. Best to wait until he builds himself up on the back of some other sucker and then swoop in for the less rocky times...
    I will give him this, he did tell me that he had "unfinished business" with another blogger and that if he ever got back to Atlanta they both had the inclination to explore some possible options. I don't know if it ever happened but I assume that while he was digging on the other chick, and me he was also keeping in touch with the third woman. Anyway, water under the bridge--thank goodness I managed not to drown. Hope everyone else is keeping their heads above water as well. Really. I don't want pain for anyone even he and she.
    Anyway I digress...
    I thought he was a lot of things but I had never pegged him for a liar.I believed him when he said that he loved me and he knew when he said it that he didnt, but he looked me dead in the face and lied to me.
    If you or someone you know is capable of this shit then I hope your chickens never come home to roost. I really hope you don't get this back because it is demoralizing and a real confidence killer and heartbreaker. It took me a full year for to get over it and then another year to acknowledge how much it hurt me and to even talk about it to my closest friends or even admit it here on this blog.

    so when my friend does this to others I respect him less, I like him less and I trust him less. I mean how do I know they havent been lying to me for years about our friendship out of convenience? I don't.
    Just be decent to people. Tell them the truth or at least don't lie, because even though I hope he never has to feel the way he has made others feel, I know that he will. Just the law of averages really and not to mention Karmic justice, the old "what goes around comes around" deal...
    Just be kind and decent and keep your damn word! Sheesh!
    Karmically Yours,

    Monday, November 16, 2009

    Just a friendly PSA

    Ladies and Gents, if you are with someone you "took" from someone else, you really shouldn't be shocked if they find their next relationship the way they found you. More and more I am finding that people seem to think that someone who was dishonest when they met them will suddenly find a damn conscience just all of a sudden.
    Are you kidding me? WTF?!
    The Artist and I have been consoling a friend who was under the delusion that a fucking liar and cheat would actually curb these traits because they were with her now...

    more on this tomorrow...

    Karmically yours,

    Saturday, November 14, 2009

    Weekends are for Regrouping and Relaxation

    No posts this weekend, way too busy!
    Still love ya lots but these deadlines are serious business. I still love freelance, I just really need a crash course in time management. Wouldnt trade it for the world.
    Have a great weekend y'all!
    Karmically Yours

    Friday, November 13, 2009

    Let's Get Physical, Physical

    okay, so I don't work out as much as I should, especially since I have a gym membership that is paid without fail each month through automatic withdrawal. I know, I know, I am no spring chicken and I really don't have the luxury of letting my health go until I get the time or inclination to take care of myself on a consistent basis.
    I am gonna go to a yoga class this weekend and also I will hit up the water aerobics class that I am already paying for through 24 hour fitness. You know I usually just get on the treadmill for the required 30 minutes, stretch for a measly 10 minutes and then beat feet out of the gym to eat a passable healthy meal.
    I owe myself much better than that and honestly I happen to like vegetarian, organic eating but the prep time is my failing....
    more on this later, I just got a spark of inspiration for a story I am working on. If only these sparks would translate to my health maintenance. Oh well, if at first you don't succeed....
    Take care of one another and always Keep Your Word. Your word is your bond. Be the example you were born to be and the one you purport to be.
    Karmically yours....

    Thursday, November 12, 2009

    Catechism for Dummies

    Okay so everyone pretty much knows I don't do organized religion, I don't celebrate Christmas, Easter or what have you. That said I am absolutely obsessed with the study of religion and its hold on the individual and the masses. so much so that I attended a Catholic University for my Masters Degree in English and now again for my Education Masters...
    I bought my mother "Inspired By...The Ultimate Bible Experience" a few years ago. You know that CD box set of black celebrities reading the New International Version of the bible? Yeah, that thing. It is complete and it cost me a few shillings. Yeah well she didnt really like it all that much and so never listened to it.
    I am doing research for a fiction novel I am writing and the text is greatly influenced by Christian Mythology and so to brush up or rather get deeper insight I borrowed the set from my mother starting with Genesis, I have been listening to the bible to and from work in my car.
    I gotta say that the bible works well as a collection of allegorical tales but as a true and original text on the history of God complete with needing to take a load off after working like mad to create the world in a long work week rather than millions of years of evolution.
    Anyway, its been fun so far...

    Gotta Go, have to get a short done...
    Karmically yours,

    Wednesday, November 11, 2009

    Veteran's Day

    Going to the parade and the ceremony in front of City Hall. Thanks to all the Vets in my family and the world over for their sacrifice.

    Karmically Yours

    Tuesday, November 10, 2009

    Parable of the Talents

    I cook every single day. every day. I love to cook and I love to try new ingredients and recipes and experiments. Last night I made a new roast duck recipe with celery, carrots, and various aromatics. pretty nice even though I forgot to take a pic of before chowing down. Cooking is one of my talents that gets stronger each time I take the muscle out for a test drive.

    I write every single day. every day. I love to write and think of new realities and possibilities and events. Last night my favorite heroine traveled to a far off place to find her destiny and save the destiny of others. I hate that I have already sold this story to Callalou, because I love it and I don't want to part with it now.

    There is a brilliant artist in the house who draws/sketches every single day. every day. The Artist creates on paper the reflection of the soul of people, places and ideas through the medium of graphite. Watching someone, especially someone important to you, create is a high. It is like...religion (only without the preacher/pimp ripping you off and book of allegories being misconstrued and taken literally for some absurd reason) I mean a real deep/complex and soulful experience.

    Rejoice in the Talents, yours and theirs...
    karmically yours,


    Monday, November 9, 2009

    The Not-So-Young and the Vapid

    I have recently made the acquaintance of a woman who I think is going out of her way to annoy me. I am a bit bookish--okay, a lot bookish and she constantly uses the word "nerd" as if it is a bad thing. On some of her ruder (is that a word?) days she amps things up with "big nerd" just so we all know that she is the streetwise school yard "toughie" in a way.
    Today she asked me if I watch the "Real Housewives of Atlanta", I replied that I do not but I hear it was pretty entertaining, not my cup of tea but still I can see how they might be interesting to watch. She immediately launched into some convoluted diatribe about the show being like "real life".
    Okay...maybe so but uhm, why should I care?
    "Because everyone is watching it and talking about and all you can talk about it books but not everyone is reading books so you can't really talk to anyone"

    Wow, I think to myself. Is this really what is going on with the late 20s early 30s crowd these days?
    Man, I never felt so happy to be so out of touch. LOL
    Be true to yourselves, it ain't easy but the pay is great! The bank of self awareness and confidence will be overflowing...
    Karma's peeking in, hope you're decent
    toodles noodles

    Sunday, November 8, 2009


    Okay so I am in the middle of going green over here at Chez Femigog and just remembered that I wanted to get some of those highfalutin CFL bulbs for all of the lamps and such. It is my understanding that they cut down on electricity costs and are better for the world, so I am gonna go ahead and get some of those bad boys tomorrow after work and before class!
    So the transition back to semi-vegetarianism is going steadily along. Cutting out red meat hasnt been too big of a hassle but I will miss my oh so yummy meatballs made of lamb, sausage and ground sirloin. I will go back to doing red meat once per month and then only grain fed organic, period. Nothing too big going on today, kinda laying low and getting a million things done in anticipation for finding someone to accept my foxy, foxy book proposal...I can't believe how different my life is right was so very difficult for me to get here but, here I am. Thank goodness.

    oh well, live long and prosper.
    Choose well, wisely and for right reasons, you owe it to yourself and others Karmically
    Toodles Poodles

    Saturday, November 7, 2009

    Its a Beauty of a Day

    So I got get out there and enjoy life!
    Nothing to report to day but bliss....
    sigh, just be happy, choose it!

    Karma is....
    toodles poodles

    Friday, November 6, 2009

    Time to change it up a Bit

    I blog on 2 sites, this one (which gets more lurks than responses which is cool) and another which has a more active audience. This is likely true because I read and respond to more of the blogs on that site than I do on Blogger. Anyway, my other blog is about health and fitness, traveling and of course cooking. I post every dish I make on that blog and talk about vegetarian living and exercise (I have had to make some changes in light of my fitness level and blogging keeps me timely in taking care of myself). Anyway I looked at my blog roll and realized that I hardly ever visit the people on the list and so I need to change the list and engage with the blogs I dig on a more regular basis.
    Here goes Nothing...
    later taters!

    Peace, Love, understanding and above all Responsibility...we all need to do a better job Karmically speaking...

    Thursday, November 5, 2009

    Sending Love and Understanding--Forgive the typos

    I had a huge post set for today but the tragedy at Fort Hood, has prompted me to change my plans and just post a simple message of peace and love.

    We have to take better care of one another, perhaps this is doubly or triply (may not be a word) for the men and women who protect our freedoms at the risk of their lives and mental health.

    My sincerest wishes for peace, love, understanding and forgiveness for all of us...and all of them (whomever your particular "them" may be).

    Karma says that the things we neglect manifest themselves at some point whether we like it or not. We have to address the things that cause of fear, grief, regret and despair in healthier ways or the results could be tragic.
    Yeah, Karma isn't just a diatribe about getting your due for past errors, it is about addressing mis-steps so that there are no gaping lapses in peace for you and yours---(it is amazing how many people who claim so much clarity missed this glaring detail).

    Love without Limits folks...

    Wednesday, November 4, 2009

    The Audacity of the Lazy! Forgive the typos--I'm typing this before class...

    Okay, This morning I listened to the Tom Joyner Morning Show as is my custom during my morning commute. The focus was on the local elections held around the nation on Tuesday (yes I voted and no I did not vote for Gene Locke).

    Well Cybil (not sure how her name is spelled and too lazy to go and look it up) and Tom were/are of the mind that the Republicans gained so much control because Obama didn't engage black/minority voters in an effort to stress the importance of this election to his administration. They (Tom and Cybil) complained that the President has not been back to their show since January of this year (since the inauguration).
    Alright, I'll admit I was completely against their remarks at first. I have had time to reflect and now I agree with them to a small degree. Certainly and engaged President is the friend and champion of his constituents but in his defense, he is probably a little busy since taking office and along with that the blame for the economic disaster left by the last administration. Besides, have we really already forgotten how important it is to vote since last November? Come On TJMS! We should be making his administration a success through active service on our part, the VERY VERY least of which is getting off our buts to cast a ballot for the people who will have power over our lives whether in particular or in a more abstract way. It is absurd to suggest that because someone doesn't hold our hands during every election that person or group is responsible for US not giving a damn about how our city and state is run!
    I'm sorry, but I find this completely and utterly ridiculous!
    We didn't take care of our responsibilities and now we are going to have to live with what we bought with that bad check. You get what you give, period. We gave little this time around, we shouldn't be all too surprised with what we get as a result.

    Yep, you just had my note on Karma for the day...
    I'll just let that do for now
    toodles poodles

    Tuesday, November 3, 2009


    Well I cast my ballot for mayor. more tomorrow, way too busy with deadlines today...

    No Worries though, Karma will keep you company..
    toodles poodles!

    Monday, November 2, 2009

    Notes on the state of a Christian America, from a liberal, heathen's POV.

    That Shakespeare had it right. Those with rabid protestations show themselves in too much light. Feeling greatly affected by something is not a shameful thing, but to try and corrupt the message that plagues you so is cowardly and so then, are you.

    I had the misfortune or rather fortune of dealing with such a person recently. A mutual friend of ours made an observation about religion, belief and how dangerous group think can be if that thinking is fanatical and/or a hindrance to the rights and/or civil liberties of others. I know that sounds a bit technical but I just read a bunch of law books as part of my research on Germanic law codes (don't ask, it would likely bore you to pieces--it does most folks, save a handful of history nerds).
    Anywhoo, this one friend was angry because our mutual friend suggested that organized religion and its trappings should not be displayed/practiced in public areas, i.e. schools, government buildings and such. This is a topic of concern for us here in the lone star state because we recently had a case where a woman successfully lobbied for the removal of the bible from the city hall lobby here in Houston. Now our friend feels that the bible (Christianity) is/should be the religion of America. My problem with this idea is the colonizing aspect that is inherent in Christianity. I say be whatever religion you dig, just don't go off peddling it like so many girl scout cookies. And most certainly you can't or shouldn't go around trying to make everyone a carbon copy of you.
    Our xenophobia and religious snobbery is the reason our new Christian American President his attacked for being everything but exactly that, Christian and American. See he is not the right kind of Christian American, the kind that supposedly gave us our sprawling American civilization back in 1600s New England. Our Puritan forebears practiced the same kind of xenophobic, colonial zealotry that has a choke hold on us today. The idea that homogeneity is more important and substance, that mediocrity is safer and more palatable than forward change and progressive momentum is why I feel religion, Christian or otherwise, is completely out of place when setting down the laws of the land and the basic tenets of a livable, evolving and thriving society.

    And that is my soapbox tidbit for today.
    Oh and Anon, I think I know who you are and I apologize for my shortness, I though you were someone else.
    Forgive the typos and forgive yourself even if the one you have wronged will not. You make up for your mistakes by owning them and then correcting them without honestly and sincerely. Until then, you prove to all around you that your word is worthless and there for, their allegiance to you is faulty at best.
    Another little lesson I learned for myself in Karmic returns...
    toodles poodles

    Sunday, November 1, 2009

    Happy November!

    Here's to another month of love, truth and happiness. The best way to reach a place of true happiness is to spread what you want to the world around you.
    That being said, here's to getting back what you give, positivity and goodness.

    yeah, Karma...
    toodles poodles