Monday, February 25, 2008

For Real...Grad School is Serious around this Camp

Sup blog fam! Sorry for the MIA status but school and midterms are wearing your girl out for real!
I managed to write some new poetry though...check me out!

Never Enough

What did you think would be the case?
When rough hands caressed angry tips.

How could one ever have enough?
When one has tasted all but angry lips.

How do you think there will ever be peace?
When memories of your rough rhythm never cease.

What do you think will become of this dance?
When one’s whole life rests on an off chance.

What will happen when all is revealed?
When friend and foe sink rabid teeth into this meal.

How would you taste under the burning light of day?
When the moon bewitches lovers in a maddening ray.

How would it feel to freely feast on insanity?
When none involved care for base vanity.

What oh what did you think would be the case?
When rough hands caressed angry tips.

How could think there would ever be enough?
When one has learned the violent roll of your hips.


Be safe and be true and know that aint nothing going on but the rent and Karma is the landlord!

Friday, February 15, 2008

I know, I know, but the Muse is in residence and I am a slave.

sup y'all!
I promise to get back to my blog fam soon!
in the meantime check this out y'all!


You realize I gots to be in the house for that right? Yes, Yes Y'all and you dont stop!

Be safe and be true and
When you feel like you are all alone in the world look over your shoulder and give a shout out to Karma!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Where Oh Where Has the Femigog Been

Hey friends!
I am so sorry that I have been out of pocket as of late. My courses are going well but that is just the half of it all!
I have been writing nonstop and the drain is taxing but Beautiful.
There is also my foray into photography. It has taken off in ways I didnt expect and so I am having to create balance between my creative life and the life that pays for the creative life.

Suffice it to say I am doing swimmingly!

I miss you all!
How about a little poetry from yours truly?

Touch me
I wont know without that tactile motion.
Touch me
Knead this flesh; create a commotion.

Touch me
None will know of your charity
Touch me
Just this once, this one rarity

Touch me
My teeth grind and my insides quake
Touch me
The earth will move; our souls will shake

Touch me
Just a taste of blackberry tips
Touch me
Angry digits dig into too full hips

Touch me
Coat this soul with victory’s toast
Touch me
Strike me; I crave discipline most

Touch me
Hold too tightly; force your will
Touch me
Pick me clean; eat your fill

Touch me
Every inch of you a discovery
Touch me
Your taste alone negates recovery

Touch me
Tear out my throat, gnash at my thighs
Touch me
Barrel right through me; ignore my cries

Touch me
Empty the vessel, strip flesh from bone
Touch me
Left as I was, as I am, rightly, alone

T.S. Snowden

It's actually a love note to a muse of mine....
Anyway be safe and be true and remember that Karma your most honest and steadfast friend.