Sunday, November 11, 2012

And so the planet is still standing:

So Barack Obama won re-election and I’m glad. He’s the guy I voted for and I’m glad that the country won’t retreat into the dark ages in an effort to reclaim some fabricated idea of “the good old days”. There are no “good old days,” there is the past, the present and the future. The good days have to be the ones ahead of us, if not then we should all just bite into our cyanide tablets now and call it a lifetime. 

I have had some rude awakenings this election cycle. I’ve learned that the perception of those who look like me is that we vote based on who looks like us. Now in some cases, absolutely, but with what was at stake this cycle I don’t understand how anyone, read: any woman or minority voter could take this election lightly.  Redefining rape, walking back equal pay, and the unraveling of reproductive rights for women were of real consequence to me and to the women who come after I am long gone.  That alone was a good reason for voting for President Obama this year. But then there was the issue of the economy. Now, listening to the noise about “class warfare” really spoke to me because when I think of what comes out of my check to pay for the world around me, its worth the price in broad terms. Certainly, there could be streamlining but I do not want to live in a world were the least of us bend and scrap until they die while the haves and have-a-lots gloat about their bootstraps and how “they built that” all by themselves (especially if they were born with platinum spoons in their mouths). 

Not all of us will be rich and that’s fine. I don’t think cops, firemen, nurses and teachers entered their professions looking for mountains of leprechaun gold and platters of unicorn meat. They want to basically to have a nice decent life while enhancing the lives of the people they serve. I think if you have more you have more obligation. I think if you have much less, expecting a little help has no shame in it. Certainly people abuse services just as the some abuse tax breaks and loopholes but this “rugged individualism” is antiquated in a civilized nation.  I found it very interesting that the Republican party constantly spoke about individual accomplishments but touted an “us” as a party motto. Are you a collective of people bent on living individually? How does this work? I don’t understand this message. This message excluded huge sections of the nation and marginalized others and then expressed a kind of confused outrage when those ignored and marginalized people voted against their message of exclusion and for a message of progression, a message of Forward movement.

Sigh. The racism is/was rampant and I find myself  exhausted by it all. I have been told to turn the other cheek, to make it a teachable moment, to try to understand racists and bigots. I find this idea that the offended should some how coddle and/or embrace or at the least entertain the most irrational, fear mongering, hateful people for the possibility of “fixing” them beyond insulting.  I don’t like finding out that friends of mine, people who have been in my home, have shared meals with me, think of me as a “n*gger,” “welfare monkey,” “baby machine,” or of a “lazy beggar class”. I am angered when other friends tell me that I’m the one with the issue because I could have used the opportunity to dig deeper with these individuals and perhaps change their thinking.


I will not protect the protected. I will not excuse the inexcusable. My feelings are as valid as anyone else’s. Those hateful people deserve to be isolated. They don’t deserve to share laughs with me, to break bread with me, to spend time with the people I love. They deserve each other and I will do my best to make sure they get it.

Be nice to one another, no one has to accept your ugliness. Recognize that and behave accordingly.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Wow! I havent blogged since May?

My first time seeing a science fiction movie I was maybe 7 or 8, the movie was called Food of the Gods and it came on television one morning on Houston’s channel 39.
I had seen my fair share of science fiction/fantasy/supernatural shows, as we were a house of Twilight Zone, Dark Shadows and Ripley’s Believe It or Not (the unbelievable elements in the show made it a favorite at casa de Snowden). 
I had seen some Godzilla and Mothra stuff too. 
My Big brother was a fan of 3 things when we were kids,1. monsters, 2. kung fu (he now has his black belt in some sort of “fu” and his belt test LITERALLY consisted of fighting a room full of other “fu” belted people and breaking a cement block with his hand) and 3. of course the last thing is  Elvis (don’t ask).   
Anyway, because he was older, my big brother Tracy typically chose the shows we watched and he wanted to see one of those three things I just mentioned.   
This explains my love of sci-fi, ninjas and of course badass costumes (although I only like movie Elvis not so much concert Elvis. Get this, Elvis had a thing for kung fu too so my big brother is in good company). 

Whatever, so one morning I was waiting for Kung Fu Theater to come on and it didnt. Some other baloney (bologna?) came on that was goona be so out of the box, my face was gonna liquify and my soul was gonna escape my body (It really sounded that terrifying when I was a kid and I of course couldnt freaking wait!) Suffice it to say the trailer was RIGHT! 
I watched Food of The Gods and my mind was BLOWN! I loved it! From that point on, Every creature that wasn’t human that I came across had the potential to lay waste to the world if somehow infected with some amazing agent cooked up by the government or aliens or even some kook in our apartment complex.  The world was wide open and there was room for EVERYTHING and nothing!
I was home in my knowledge of it all.  Here is a trailer for the movie and it has the nerve to be on Netflix right now so check it out! 

This post was a little all over the place because I am rusty. I have to blog more!
Later Taters

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

BAH!!!! Phoenix comic Con pics are...

forthcomming! I have a ton of pics from the convention and from the Lowell Observatory to share! But I just got back last night and I have to work today so it will be later tonight and possibly tomorrow when I get all the pics up for all to see. Oh and you likely will have to check them out on Facebook rather than here since really, I dont get to much traffic here.  I could start linking my Facebook, twitter and blog page together but do people really wanna read me rambling about the tiny details of my I  try to ramble over here to myself and post the big fun stuff on Twitter and Facebook.  Anyhoo!!! I had an amazing time, I sat within arms length of some fantastic celebs (at dinner and breakfast) and got turned on to some shows I am definietly gonna check out! did I mention that Levar Burton sang READING RAINBOW theme song?!?!?! yeah, I died! it was fantastic!

Happy Karma

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Here there and everywhere

So I have had good month so far. Phoenix Comic-con is next weekend and I can’t wait. I have never been to a straight up Comic convention; I usually go to Dragon-Con which encompasses a number of genres and mediums for fantasy, science fiction and comic books.  Usually I take a trip to Phoenix to visit the Guthrie’s and the Grand Canyon, this year, I pushed the trip back to a hotter time apparently and also for a longer stretch of time (5 days) so that we can all do both.  Watson isn’t coming to this one because of projects he has to complete but he is attending Dragon Con. 
Oh, my weight loss is going much, much smoother now that I have gotten into a routine of heating 90 percent veggie and 10 percent other along with no less than one hour of exercise per day. I can’t see the difference but other can and I can really feel the difference which is far more important. 
Anyway, my baby cousin got married yesterday and it was really lovely. He and his wife are so happy together and it was beyond wonderful to see.

Battleship was uhm FUN! Not deep or anything but that’s not really a big deal when you’re checking out a genre movie because its genre. And big ups to Rhianna for being in a sci-fi movie as a hero…all the heroes of my life have been black women so I dig seeing them on the big screen and in a genre I love. Huge kudos to the casting director for the diversity represented in the film. It looked like a real representation of America and it was beautiful.
Well that’s all for now,
Happy Karma!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Todays post is brought to you by
  1. My Wilson-Phillips/Olivia Newton Jon/ABBA music mix
  2. The Avengers opening today in a theater near you
  3. the tablespoon of finely ground flaxseed in my breakfast juice mix
  4. the inch and 2 pounds I lost in the last week by adding 80 really busted looking crunches to my day (I really look like I have NEVER actually Met my limbs—awkward)
  5. starting my second 27 ounce bottle of water with lemon
  6. a slight back fat shift that makes me look taller (look, I’m not gonna explain it to you so don’t ask. I’m TALLER damn-it)
  7. Getting off work an hour early
And last but not least, this status update is brought to you by FRIDAY Jive Turkeys!!!

Have a Karmically delicious day!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Cabin In The Woods---A Review and oh yeah, SPOILER ALERT

“Yeah, I had to dismember that zombie with a trowel. So what’s new with you?”

What can you put in a movie script that has to have everything? Well for starters, you can add Freddie from Angel, Andrew from Buffy, throw in some Joss-isms and call that mofo  a Movie my friends. 

How do you feel about blood sacrifices? I know, me too! That was purposely vague and I won’t clarify it later because, trust me when I say this, you don’t know what you don’t wanna know. Give it a minute, it’s a bit of a thinker.

I’m not gonna lie to you, this movie had me at the title.  If you know anything about horror movies you know that calling something “Cabin In The Woods” means you’re getting young foxy kids in a remote setting, gratuitous breast shots, gyrating blondes, tough guy jocks, a stoner (are they still called that?) and of course bikini romping. But wait there’s more!

What the viewers know that the Foxy kids don’t is that for all of their youth and “my-whole-life-is- ahead-of-me” type attitude, the setting is ripe for a little hack and slash action. Who do these kids think they are anyway? Sure you’re beautiful and strong and you don’t have those wing things under your arms or that turkey waddle thing under your neck but I’ll tell you what else you don’t have, a reliable car that doesn’t stall when a zombie with one arm and bear trap on steel chain comes a-calling!

This movie gives you everything you need  to be lulled into a false sense of safety only to be slapped back into reality with a spike to the throat, or a demented clown or a phantasm or that “thing” you know pushed your closet door open a crack right after your Mom hit the lights and closed your bedroom door.

There is a part in this movie that literally left mouths agape with utter terror, disbelief and hysterical laughter. Yes the Joss Whedon trifecta! Again, I wont tell you more about it but when you see it you’ll know. And once you know, you’ll have that uncomfortable laughter you get when something is not just heinous, but true and also seriously funny.

This movie is so much “win” because once the heads start rolling and the sorta-virgin sacrifices get under way, they never ever stop and THAT my friends is not only how movies are made but also, precisely how the world will end.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Still no Bike but I dont think it matters

since I dont think I can even ride one anymore. I was in the store and there was a serious bike sale going down.  Great! I'll just pick a bike and ride that puppy into the sunset, right? WRONG! Apparently you gotta like pick the right bike or as the dude helping annouced proudly, "the right bike will choose the perfect rider".  WTF? Dude, just gimme your cheapest bike with the Widest seat, because, let's face it, I havent ridden a bike in a hundred years and my posterior is indicative of that very fact.

After climbing on and off a dozen discount bikes I realize that just getting on the things requires a level of skill an feats of balance that are certainly beyond my capacity. Another interesting fact I found is, the size of the seat is determined by the price of the bike.  The pricier bikes had seats you could mistake for a park bench in the right setting. The bikes I was interested in had the rider playing a dangerous game of balance your dominant cheek on a pole with the point of pen or a childhood favorite of just stand for the entirety of any ride you plan to take on the irregular, scratch and dent monster your parents found in at a yard sale on their way home from work.

Sigh...I think maybe I should dust off my skates (not the inline kind...old school 4 wheels),

Happy Karma!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bicycle, Bicycle, I want to ride my...

I'm getting a bicycle today...dont ask! I have been working out in new and torturous ways and came to understand that I dont wobble and fall down near enough during the day...I sat and pondered what exactly could get me to point where I was screaming bloody murder for fear of being made mincemeat as I hurled threw the air fully padded at the elbows, knees and crown so that contact with the unyielding and of course, giddy earth wouldn't call for life flight to a local hospital? Why, how about a bicycle!?  So I am getting a Fat lady Schwinn today at the local bicycle shop (thats what ya call them right?).  Watson is over the moon with excitement, I'm not altogether NOT excited, I'm just cautiously terrified at the prospect of hoisting all of my jiggly madness on to a seat the size of a tostada ( is on my mind most of the time and since I changed my eating habits I notice that I throw in a few reminders of my favs from time to time in conversation...I know, pretty pathetic). On the upside I have lost more weight doing this that I thought possible in this short amount of time and Monday, I will see my Doc again for a progress report...stay tuned.

Happy Karma

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Waste Not, Want Not

One day I was watching the Food Network (My favorite Network...yeah, duh) and there was a special on Waste in the food industry.  The challenge was for 4 chefs (Ann Burrell, Alex Guarneschelli, Bobby Flay and Michael Simon) to create gourmet food with discarded ingredients.  don’t panic, this food was anything but spoiled or ruined. The food they found came from restaurants and supermarkets that threw things out that were literally a day past their expiration dates.  It was a shocking revelation. There was so much food wasted simply because customers don’t want to see a SINGLE blemish on their produce. I know this is kinda muddled but it got me thinking about food and attitudes toward food, my own attitude in particular. Food is pretty important to me and not just because we need it to survive but because I care about food, how it is gathered, grown, and slaughtered. I used dream of being a world class chef and I remember watching the Frugal Gourmet on PBS before the wonderful world of cable television came to my humble little TV set.  His food was pretty simple regarding ingredients but was labor intensive.  If you wanted to cook his food, you had to put in the work. No store bought breads or canned foods went into his meals.  He presented you with a counter full of fresh fruits and veggies and whipped up a meal fit for peasant and king.  I was in love. I wanted to entertain and smile and clink glasses of sparkling water based drinks with a host of fabulous smiling friends. I wanted to be healthy  and happy (the Frugal Gourmet was a spy old fella with a happy voice and a sunny disposition). I wanted to feel cared about and to care about the wellness of others all through food and that is what I saw when I watched the Frugal Gourmet. No pretension, no waste and no unwanted health issues…

The point of this post?  Well, that show on food Waste made me start caring about food and myself again the way I did when I watched the Frugal Gourmet as a kid. 
And my journey began….

Happy Karma

Monday, February 27, 2012

Dear, tastebuds:

What is your damage Heather!! I can't taste things the same since giving up animal fats and I , blame YOU! I now taste EVERY SINGLE thing I eat which in turn makes me think about every single thing I eat before inhaling it without chewing as in those beautiful days of yore...How about you back up off my palate--palatte? Whatevs! you know what I'm talking about! (don't gimme that jazz about how you MADE my palate and how my palate was NOTHING before you came along because clearly the speciman before you wasn't created by actually TASTING my food as I ate it). One might go so far as to say you arent even necessary!!! So why don't we just recognize the fact that you have overstepped your boundaries and give me BACK the yum yum taste of Dr Pepper 10 that you have replace with the taste of what is ACTUALLY in the damn bottle! (yeah, I can actually TASTE the
1. Carbonated Water
2. High Fructose Corn Syrup,
3. Caramel Color,
4. Phosphoric Acid,
5. Aspartame,
6. Sodium Benzoate,
7. Acesulfam Potassium,
8. Sodium Phosphate and of course the oh so refreshing taste of
9. Phenylketonurics!

So Now instead of rewarding myself with the sweet sweet taste of utter DESTRUCTION I'm gonna go by myself a damn Bicycle!!! Which I am starting to think is precisely what you wanted! Stupid Tastebuds!!!!

Well that was just a bit of a vent that I needed to unload...and now I'm fine...mostly! LOL
I hope everyone is well
Happy Karma

Monday, January 9, 2012

Its Raining Cats and Dogs today

of course the rain was supposed to come two days ago and then it was only supposed to be a sprinkle. Well here it is and there are tornado warnings for the city until 10am I think.  Despite the rain, or rather because of it I think today will be a good one...I'm off today as part of my Alternative work schedule and I had planned to wash the car (of course) and get an oil change which I now plan to do next weekend.  So...yesterdays rant has been weighing on my mind...wait not yesterday, the day before...see, I'm so concerned about it I feel like it just happened.  What do I do to transcend this?  I don't feel the hurt that I felt then, not even by a long shot but the embarrassment is just massive for me.  That's the thing, I felt so damn embarrassed by the whole affair and I dont know how to shake the feeling.  It has nothing to do with the other parties involved, at all.  Its about my Ego.  I dont like to admit it but I'm a hot head...and usually hot heads have big Ego issues.  They get defensive and aggressive because they dont want the world to see them as weak or vulnerable and I can certainly attest to that!  But why should I care so much how I am seen? Because it can make you a target? Maybe...or it can make you seem laughable? Sure...but I owe myself better than that and I owe the people I am close to better as well.  I'm ashamed of my schadenfreude (shameful joy) over someone's misfortune.  I am degraded by my  rejoicing, however slight, in that regard and I will work daily to conquer this undesirable attitude.  My apologies to the universe for my inability to grow in this most important aspect.
Happy rainy day Monday and be decent...

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Wait..I havent been here since November???

that hardly seems possible!  Anyway, the new year is moving along nicely!  We had a New Years shindig at our place since the Guthries were coming into town and all. GREAT FUN!! Great food (if I do say so myself), great friends and so much fun...If you have a group of friends you hang with, get the game Taboo! It is Epic! What else? Oh work is going pretty well, I'm gonna take the Certification test this year in August close to my anniversary date for the job and if it goes as I plan I'll move on up the ladder at work.  I know that I pretty much write this blog for myself because all of my feedback comes via Facebook but I like having this little known space for my less humors thoughts.  I can come here and vent as I please for the most part and that is a good thing.  I'm not really in vent mode right now (well I kinda am) but I will say this...Karma is real...well to me anyway.  I havent done anyone a bad turn in a very long time because of how bad turns seemed to follow my ass everytime I made a move in the past and yeah that sounds like specious reasoning but hell, I only have to sell it to myself and I'm already buying so...grain of salt and what not. 
Anyway, someone who did me a bad turn is getting the turn of the century (yeah I know that isnt the way to really use that phrase but keep reading) and now, their life is a massive FAIL. and I mean freaking Apocalypse type fail.  The thing is, this person didnt just wrong me, they left a string of victims in their wake and of course demonized all of us as the authors of his own misfortune.  This person has insane delusions about their knowledge base, their capabilities and unfortunately their worth in the lives of others.  NOW, and only just now in their 40s are they beginning to see how much SUCK they truly are as individuals and Universe help me, a tiny piece of me, I mean the smallest sliver of me wanted to toast that fucking disaster.  How bad is that? Bad right? Sigh, I know its bad but man...they really hurt my feelings and my life with their bullshit (granted really its my fault for being so fucking pathetic and codependent at the time but still) and just knowing that they have to breath in bullshit from now until they cease to be physical mass just made me feel GOOD.
Ultimately of course, I feel bad for them. I pity them completely, but I honestly feel bad that their life is so much in disarray. Not enough to like, tell them that of course, from this day to my last I will live and die never contacting this person or anyone even remotely associated with them (Despite the fact that I'm told that she believes me to have contacted her in some way...and prattled on about me saying things to her. Are YOU fucking kidding me?  Why would I ever actually contact YOU? I dont even know what the hell...just...really? Anyway, some anonymous clown contacted me pretending to be someone else (I had the good sense to know better than to believe that mess---you're a real Mental Giant by the way). I'm enlightened but I'm still not up for getting chatty...Ah Vanity...nicely done.
Where the hell was I? Oh yeah, Life's teabagging this person and that sucks but also not on some tiny level and that really sucks...I still have a lot of work to do on myself...I better get to it...
Watch out for opportunities to be decent and for fuck's sake, don't be so oblivious to bullshit---gimme a break!