Thursday, July 9, 2009

About that Pound of Flesh

I was sitting and thinking about a character who lives by the book and by the numbers. she keeps her head down and follows the rules, always.
Now this is the perfect way to perform for the law of the land but what about the human factor?
How do you get what you need for you when the law or the powers that be demand their due?
You do what we all do from time to time---you rob Peter not to pay Paul but to get a little something for yourself under the table.
You know you think that you can just work the numbers a little to the left to get over just a bit and then, after a while the Debt collector comes calling and they will get their pound of flesh.

Now in a science fiction/fantasy setting this situation can lend itself to numerous outcomes ranging from the mundane to the truly fantastical. Of course in real life the very same thing can be the case. You think that you have made out like a bandit only to find out that a much better thief has his hand in your coffers. Every action has a reaction (cliche yes but no less true).

My character will take what is not hers and she will balance the scales in the end either voluntary or otherwise.
What do you owe?
Maybe the better question is ---
Can you afford to lose that pound of flesh.

Karma--charges interest.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A tiny update before I plug back into the grid...

Well again it has been forever since I spent any time on here whatsoever, but that is only because life got so eventful and things kept happening for the better and I kept feeling better and life kept getting better. I finished my Master's degree in English and believe it or not I have actually decided on a workable career while I become the next big thing in Sci-Fi/Fantasy Literature. I have been published twice in a literary magazine "Laurels", it's very small and no monetary gains came with the publication but exposure is worth much more for upstarts like myself. I sent short stories to 3 publications in the last 7 days and hope to get a nibble while I work on the next 3 queries.

Oh about that workable career, I will teach high school Literature and Language Arts after I take the content portion of the teacher certification exam at the end of August. Now I am currently seeking a job at a private school since no certification is required and they tend to love to hire people with Master's Degrees. Since I have a well working motor vehicle I can travel with little issue which makes me ecstatic in this wretched Texas heat.

About that teaching stint, wouldn't you know that the certification program I chose leaves the successful participant with a Master's degree in Education. How about that, I will have FOUR degrees, 2 undergrad and 2 grad and don't forget the PhD that will follow in a few years. What can I say, I love school and I love learning, hell I've learned so much in the last five years that I am hardly recognizable to some people anymore and let me tell you, it ain't a bad look friends.

About my newest character and in the time I have been away there are quite a few new characters--
she has found a secret through her job as a number cruncher in a local financial concern, she moves away from the chaos of said job to a quiet slow-paced hometown (I know, a little contrived at first but things open up quite nicely).
she is in her mid-to late thirties, is a sister, is middle management, and is over educated (ooohhh the similarities are eerie right???)

Anyway she is a delight and a disaster much like the Frost Poem actually---again another little parallel---LOL.

Okay kids, that's all for now,
Don't forget that Karma always collects what's due---no way to welsh on that bet friends.