Monday, February 27, 2012

Dear, tastebuds:

What is your damage Heather!! I can't taste things the same since giving up animal fats and I , blame YOU! I now taste EVERY SINGLE thing I eat which in turn makes me think about every single thing I eat before inhaling it without chewing as in those beautiful days of yore...How about you back up off my palate--palatte? Whatevs! you know what I'm talking about! (don't gimme that jazz about how you MADE my palate and how my palate was NOTHING before you came along because clearly the speciman before you wasn't created by actually TASTING my food as I ate it). One might go so far as to say you arent even necessary!!! So why don't we just recognize the fact that you have overstepped your boundaries and give me BACK the yum yum taste of Dr Pepper 10 that you have replace with the taste of what is ACTUALLY in the damn bottle! (yeah, I can actually TASTE the
1. Carbonated Water
2. High Fructose Corn Syrup,
3. Caramel Color,
4. Phosphoric Acid,
5. Aspartame,
6. Sodium Benzoate,
7. Acesulfam Potassium,
8. Sodium Phosphate and of course the oh so refreshing taste of
9. Phenylketonurics!

So Now instead of rewarding myself with the sweet sweet taste of utter DESTRUCTION I'm gonna go by myself a damn Bicycle!!! Which I am starting to think is precisely what you wanted! Stupid Tastebuds!!!!

Well that was just a bit of a vent that I needed to unload...and now I'm fine...mostly! LOL
I hope everyone is well
Happy Karma