Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Yeah, Yeah I know!

Hey, Hey Hey!

Okay, there are changes coming here soon. In the meantime I have a short story featured in Laurels Literary Magazine, hot off the presses right now. I am deeply ensconced in my new gig, dealing with the Artsy Fartsy crowd is by no means easy. Although it has done wonders for my wardrobe. This blog has to become a sort of resume of my work. Which means big changes for the place. I have been regularly contributing to other sources but I am told by my colleagues and contemporaries that my own website is a good way to drum up extra freelance work and so...
I would like to thank the great folks over at BloggersDelight2Write for including my poem in their next edition! If you haven't been over there please go and check it out! There is some brilliant talent contributing daily to the site.

Unfortunately I am pretty swamped, I have 3 trips to plan for, my yearly January trek to the Grand Canyon, My year rendezvous with my girls, one of which has just launched her own site dedicated to reviews of vintage scary movies. This is of course in addition to her new gig as budding movie mogul and her joint venture with the hubbie AqueaDesign.com.
Okay I gotta get moving, I have yet to complete a short story that is quite due on Thursday and there is the matter of my Portfolio, business cards (which still need to be designed and printed), and actually cleaning my file cabinets of old story ideas for development.

Stay Peace friends and respect Karma---pay your debts.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ordinary People

I was sitting and thinking in preparation for tackling a short story and John Legend's "Ordinary People" took its turn in the music rotation. I dig the words to this song mostly because of the bridge...

"I hang up you call
We rise and we fall
And we feel like just walking away
As our love advances
We take second chances
Though it's not a fantasy
I Still want you to stay

I can relate that to a number of things but what makes The most since is writing. When I think of writing, I think nearly exclusively about my relationship to the craft. This is to say that a lot of times I don't always know how to think of myself outside of writing. Wait, I am not being completely honest. The truth is that I am less than ordinary in large part when I am not properly situated in a writing life. I am outside myself in these times and it is at these time that I am a liar, and fraud and a coward. Without writing I am most without myself and it is evident with every word I say to myself (defeating language) and every glance in the mirror (my features strike me as harsh and angry).
Writing and I have always been important to one another, we take long walks, we chat until late in the night and we always whisper love words to one another in the throws of passion and in the still vastness of solitude. We both love movies of all kinds, but music is a serious passion for us as well, in short we work and without one another we make no sense.
Without me writing has no actor, no plot, no motive and without writing I am quite less than ordinary with no expression and am woefully inept at constructing a soul after a particularly heinous demolition.
To writing I would say this-- Our relationship is not always an easy one but it is a true and necessary one and for that I am grateful. I will always take chance after chance to hold our connection because I know you always will. To whom do we belong if not to one another.

So to "writing" I dedicate the aforementioned bridge from the John Legend song. No matter what we are always one because separate and singulary we are little more than pieces scattered.
While I still believe much in Karma I am going to start ending my posts a bit differently from now on.
I wish you love, I wish you heaven--Prince

Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Art of Fear--Heart of Darkness

Sup Y'all! Long time no see--Before anyone snaps off, let me just offer an explanation for my absence.

I have been having some difficulty lately with my craft. Pretty big-time issues although in no way do the hindrances keep me from gainful employment or threaten my physical well being. Nope, physically there is little issue with my life, but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually-- in short the places where I truly live are experiencing a great and terrible drought.
Abject poverty and famine plague these very important city-states within my physical nation. Certainly remedies abound, but what of that?
Am I capable of employing these remedies?
Are they (the remedies) available to me readily or is there some sort of quest in order for their acquisition necessary?
Or perhaps its the most fear numbing possibility of all, which can be summed up in a quote from a book I recently acquired.
The discussion was on the notion that as far as any artistry goes
"you either have it or ya dont".
The fatalism in this quote was one that I have been clinging to with bloody fingernails lately, hoping against hope that this in some way proves my inability to write anything of worth stems from my tenuous grasp of literature and all of its dreamy forms.
To the contrary, I discovered that this fatalism was one of many cop-outs employed by the terrified and lazy to dodge themselves and binge on self pity, Blue-Bell Fudge-sicles and Little Debbie Snack Cakes.
Then there was this little gem peaking from just beyond that fatalistic phrase...

"--the fear that your fate is in your own hands, but that your hands are weak" from Art and Fear by David Bayles and Ted Orland.
This my friends is much more like it...I believe my abilities to be weak?
I believe my motivations for creating MY kind of art to be weak.
I stop creating for the audience in me and saw my work as this mass-produced, required-reading sort of affair, sucked soul-less by media attention and countless literary criticism students. I had taken the audience of me out of the equation completely which in turn removed the bloody beauty of a new birth from what was once and is now again a fertile body. forgive the melodrama but I wanted my realization to be vivid and clear.
I worry about how important I am to my own journey as an artist and as my own one-woman show. Were I to be forced to give an exhibit of my work (my life as it were) I wonder how well received I might be to my toughest audience...that audience of one being myself of course. I think we both know how that exhibition might go...

Aficionado: Interesting piece, seems familiar somehow.
Artist: Yes, you're very astute. As a matter of fact I call it "A work in Progress" a few of the newer items are on loan from the "Procrastinator" collection.
Aficionado: Hmm, the "Procrastinator" Collection. Is that a sub-collection of the "Buffy the Vampire Slayer Re-run" Showing from about 2 seasons ago?
Artist: Well, if you look closely you'll also see nuances of "Writers Block" or as it is commonly known "Hackneyed and Stilted Bullshit Cop-out Writing, So Just Put Your Fucking Pen Down and Stop Embarrassing Yourself and Every English Teacher you have ever had since the 6th Grade" Period.
Aficionado: Ahhh, I see it now. I think I'll just wait for your next showing if you don't mind. Oh and the Hor d'oeuvres aren't exactly fresh Either...and you might stop referencing the "McCormick Apple Vodka and Pizza" body of work for inspiration. Clearly you remain uninspired...
Artist: Clearly.
Ugh, brutal.
Now about that quote.
I have been known to be heavy handed with the artist within. I find my outer critic Constantly running down the list of foibles and shortcomings with the precision of a Singer sewing machine (the country-girl domestic in me will not be silenced even in the wake of all my fancy book-learning) as personal inventory for my inner artist.
Counter-productive? Sure.
An easy fix since the problem has been identified? Uhm....Not so fast.
What about those weak hands? I mean maybe the capacity for creation is just lacking. No harm in that right? Wrong. That quote isn't about the ability to create Picasso-esque works of art, it is about the ability to create YOU-esque works of art. Your art is just that, yours or rather, my art is mine. I have my target audience all wrong--is what I was getting at in a long-winded sort of way. The task here is to work on my work, period. My fear isn't about weak hands it is about a weak heart, a weak spirit and in short a weak work ethic as a result of it all. What will I find as I sojourn into my own heart of darkness and size up and ultimately face down that art that lives at my core. What of That hidden patch of artistry that has been worked and reworked in the abstract darkness of fear and in some cases loathing at the ultimate point of origin within me? My great fear is That fear. Was that Fear.
Artist: Grab a flash light.
Aficionado: Why?
Artist: We're going in.

Be safe and be true and know that you cant outrun your debt or yourself.

Monday, September 22, 2008

If I were a Sovereign Nation

Would I re-elect me as President? Good Question. I was sitting and thinking in the wee hours of the morning about the direction the nation (we'll call it Femigogland) and I wondered how the current leadership has helped or hindered the growth of Femigogland.
Certainly there have been gains and losses, wins and setbacks but overall has there been real growth on all measurable fronts, i.e. economic, social and military?

By Economics I mean the nations purse. Has there been a good measure of fiscal growth?
Short answer, Yes with an if.
Yes if one means that the bills are paid on time and there are not overdraft fees incurred at the bank .
Long answer, No with a but.
No if one means that the disposable income is at least 20% higher than last term which it isn't (it ain't bad but...)
So I am gonna have to rate the current president a

'C' on Economic Responsibility. Know any other C students (hint: rhymes with Push).
So far-- not so good--let's move on to Homeland Security...
Now about a year and some change ago Femigogland allied itself with a failing nation in efforts to help that nation rebuild and to make democracy a mainstay in that government. Suffice it to say, foreign aid was well received but quickly dismissed, leaving the coffers of Femigogland in a strained state. To combat this, Femigogland held steady for a time in a situation that should have prompted action. Out of fear of the unknown the nation once again faced a time of strained alliances and less than stellar relations with a foreign republic. Instead moving on the offense, Femigogland was forced to react defensively further depleting its purse. The citizens of Femigogland had a reliance on foreign support when they should have thought ahead and made a way of their own on domestic soil.
Fortunately Femigogland was able to re-establish itself on solid foundation and has begun to rebuild itself financially (Hurricane Ike was a setback but resulted in a more stable homeland security program). Protecting the borders of Femigogland has become of paramount concern in the last few months and certainly most recently. I'm not going to say that no new alliances have not been made. In fact there are some allies who have gained strength in light of the recent developments. In short Homeland security is much better now that reliance on foreign oil--er, I mean aid has been terminated but it took far too long to get there. the Homeland Security council earns a C- on this front.
Now comes the biggie, the state of our citizens themselves, i.e. social responsibility. In short this one gets a D-/F+. Health care--most importantly preventative care is little more than a dream floating out in the ether rather than a forseable reality for anyone within the borders of Femigogland. Nutrition has taken a back seat to the fast food nightmare that is the new norm in this nation. The proletariat is unwell and frankly without a healthy working class the nation is doomed.
If I am to get re-elected I must make immediate and decisive changes to remedy the health care crisis in which we now find ourselves (here in Femigogland of course).
So I guess I have my answer, NO I would not and should not elect the last president to a new term, I should as a nation, steady and ready myself for a new norm that makes fiscal responsibility, social health and wealth and diplomacy the mainstay and rejects overspending, bullying and outsourcing to make a fast buck and a sickly, angry, overworked middle class.

I think it may be time for a new normal...Would you re-elect you?
Be safe be true and don't think Karma lost your number....

Friday, September 19, 2008

Seems like a mighty long time

Sup' yall! Well I made it through hurricane Ike with no damage to property and none to life and limb. I was without power for a full seven days and luckily I was able to get by with a little help from my friends.
I have lights and running water again so (I am pretty sure anyway) so I count myself quite well.
Not so many people were as lucky as me...
Later folks more to come (likely after I get my new computer next week since My old one is finally dead. the power surges really got the best of it I think).

be safe and be true and know that Karma is not random...

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Auto Buying!

okay, it has come to this. I am in need of a car. As I have gotten more interested in photography and have wanted to photo different locales and scenes, I have found it tough to do so via the bus. Now if our bus system was a good one like most major metropolitan cities this would be of no consequence. But this is Bush country (No Jamie, not the GOOD kind), the home of big oil and so any attempt to improve mass transit to the point of cutting down on the Two-Ton Pick-Ups meets with no small amount of dissension. That being said, I need a motor vehicle. one that is small enough to battle the economy and just large enough to feel safe and haul my junk and $5,000.00 or less. Yeah, I am going frugal.

Also I am moving towns after I graduate next May and I would like to have wheels just so that navigating in a new city might be easier at first. I am hoping that I have the fortitude to drive only when absolutely necessary (crossing fingers).
anyway, any advice you all have I am all ears!
I have never owned a car so this is gonna be interesting.

Be safe and be true cuz I dont have to tell you about Karma

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

All Right Already! I'll listen to the Promos

Hey all!First of all I have GOT to update my photo! I no longer have an afro, as a matter of fact I havent had an afro for nearly 7 months I think...anyway. Oh and forgive the typos!
Well I got a boat load of promos from the old salt mines and I have yet to listen to more than half of them. Now I have my stand by tunes that I listen to faithfully throughout the week. You know the ones that really compliment your moods depending on what those moods are. For instance in the shower I like a little something that I can sing along to. For a while it was Charlie Wilson's CD "Charlie, Last Name Wilson", now I love this CD! The whole CD y'all and I proved it every morning by crooning until I was a prune. Then I went back to Erykah Badu's "WorldWide Underground" until I came upon a worthy joint. And what do you know, in walked Al Green's new one "Lay It Down"! Oh my word! This CD is out of control with everything you love about old school Al and what you love about the neo-soul crowd. Anthony Hamilton sings the hook on Lay It Down and I wanted to do just that! Then there was the John Legend song and the Corrine Bailey Rae piece! I just wore that poor CD out. Well what do you think happened next? Well I'll tell you what happened next, a little lady with a big voice entered the scene and what can I say-- I was hooked. Duffy's "Rockferry" is in the process of rounding out my week for Bathroom tunes in addition to some standbys of course. Now when I am blogging or doing any emailing I like the world tunes. You know, a little Putamayo-Israel or even Putamayo-Cubano, of course Zap Mama's "SuperMoon" blew my mind when it hit as well!
Okay now when I listen to a CD I listen to it constantly to get at all the nooks and crannies, unfortunatly, that means it takes me forever to get to my other CDs which means I cant write reviews for them, which I try to do in a timely fashion for a few e-zines and the company newsletter. Anyway I am just gonna post the song I am listening to right now and hope you all dig it too.
Be safe and be true and invite Karma in for tea, she's already at the door anyway.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Weekend UpDate

Okay so I saw The Dark Knight and I will not, I repeat will not spoil it for anyone! It was fantastic! Heath Ledger was phenomenal and Aaron Eckhart was wonderful as Harvey Dent/Two Face! I love Christian Bale but I would have liked to see someone else in the title role. Not that he didnt do a stand up job, I just think that there was probably someone better. Now as for Maggie Gyllenhaal as the love interest, no thanks. I just didnt buy it but I do love her work as a whole.
Anyway I rented a car this weekend and so I have been on the open road just seeing the sights and clearing my head. I will chat with you on Tomorrow evening after work when I have a chance to upload some pics and really get into the details of a few things.
Be Safe be true and be sure to get out of your own way. You're not gonna block your Karma no matter how much you try....

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Getting Back Into the Groove

Well, since my readership has dwindled due to my own absentia I suppose I am more free to just write without constraint.
It was not my intention to take such a long hiatus but life outside of these cyber-walls beckoned and I had no choice but to answer the call.
My dream of living the writing life is being realized and I have been spending countless hours of my life submerged in that reality.
The good news is that with all of the work and research and sweat that comes with that life I still know unequivocally and without a doubt that it is the life I want.
Better news is that the shell I wore for so long has dissolved under the solvent of my new existence.
Contentment is a hard word for me to use in connection with my life sometimes. Not only because it seems so elusive sometimes (what with me feeling as though I never have enough of what I want) but because it signals the apex or phoenix of good things, good times and good people to come. So no I wont say that I am content in the sense that I have all that I want or need. I will say that swimming through my own psyche and acknowledging who I am has brought me a measure of spiritual and emotional contentment. For that I have to be eternally grateful to the world around me that has allowed me to slow down and find myself in the great big show that is ME.
I know this may seem like a bunch of mumbo-jumbo to some but to others it will be a mirror of their own thoughts and emotions.
So here I am, a published writer (short stories in small magazines right now but keep your eyes peeled for the Sovereign Chronicles), a good person with big heart and honest nature; a flawed individual, unafraid to admit the wrongs I have done and the people I have hurt. In turn I have forgiven a number of people who have hurt me. I can honestly say that I have let it all go.
Dont get me wrong I committed some acts of revenge in the beginning and oh how those acts will affect those people! I am not proud of my behavior and I wont even say that I wish I had not done it. I will say that I wish I had been a better person then and better equipped to deal with what had been dealt to me, but at the time I most assuredly wasn't. So I took a break and looked completely at who I used to be and who I had become and here I am.
But ultimately I didn't compromise my morals, I stayed true to those I committed myself to and most importantly I did not Settle for what I thought was the best I could do--thinking back now I cant even remotely believe that I was going to stop where I was now that I am here...whew! Talk about dodging bullets!
Anyway I am going to be back to writing my Sci-Fi/Fantasy works or rather throwing out ideas for development over here at the Sable Eklektik and giving my 2 cents on the ways of the world and for anyone who stumbles over here I would like to say that you are welcome and if you say howdy I will most certainly say howdy back!
Be safe be true and honor your commitments, Karma will let you know what they are!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Okay Okay So I have been away for a while

It doesnt mean that I dont love you! Not at all. You see I have been busy and of course lazy as well. There have been a lot of new developments though. For one I finally got a drivers license. I know, I know, I'm a little long in the tooth to be calling this a milestone but hey, I've never had one and I want to rent a car for a road trip I am taking with a best friend of mine Hopefully in September, and hopefully they will say yes. I love the open road and I really want to take in some inspiring sights and sounds.
I spent about 7 days in Portland and of course loved every minute of it. I went to this crazy joint that sells every kind of cupcake imaginable, even red velvet cake ones! I devoured them to say the least. I will try to load the pics if the lazy wears off soon...
I also spent some time cleaning out my closets in anticipation of a move in August. I know, I know, you wonder why I would move into a new place when my goal is to relocate entirely once this degree is done but trust me there are a plethora of reasons one of which is my creative wings need a bit more room to ride the skies.
My Sovereign Chronicles are really taking shape. The biggest issue is that the project is now far larger than I had anticipated going from a possible 3 books to likely 12! I know! 4 volumes at 3 books per volume and 12 chapters per book at least. The research for the whole thing has been so exciting that I spend far too much time just marveling over locations and ancient wars both mythic and real. The poetry had been stifled a bit but then a shift happened and my creativity was right back on point, I cant seem to turn off the font now!
My fancy God Daughter celebrated her first full year on the planet last week and what a lovely addition to the world she is!
Classes begin Next Month and I have a million things to do between now and then so I best get to it! I will be by to say howdy to all my long lost blog family!
Be safe Be True and know that to pay what we owe is the least we owe ourselves and others, ask Karma, she'll tell ya!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Some Random Stuff

oh snaps! (Yes I stole that from That's So Raven but it is still fitting). Okay so I mentioned how at my job we get all sorts of book, movie and music promotional items. Were it not for these perks I would never have known how truly slamming the Zap Mama cd was not to mention getting my ears on the first Amy Winehouse cd "Frank" for free. By the way both cds are fantastic or "fantasmal" as the young lady who is assigned to me as an assistant says (sup' Ames!).
Okay, I got The Roots newest joint "Rising Down" as a promo all I can say is Oh Snaps! That shit is off the chain yo! Okay, Okay so my slang shouldnt be slung but honestly, if I catch Amir "?estlove" Thompson on the street slipping that brother will indeed be gaining a baby mama, ya heard?!
Okay it came out in April and I got the promo a minute ago but never had the time to molest it as necessary because of my final exam schedule. But NOW? Oh Sweet little baby Jesus (to once again quote my part time assistant, who I call sweet potato). I have combed all up in throught nethers of this cd and I have to say that satisfaction is an understatement. If I smoked I would be fondling a cigarette right about now...
I dont know how to even begin to tell you how these fellas manage to maintain a consistent level of competency, timeliness and freshness. This is how longevity should be done! Now I aint gonna say that I didnt expect this from The Roots but I will say that as far as evolutions go, they do the damn thang! Oops I forgot, no more slang.
My favorite track, although save the opening skit they all move me, is titled "I Will Not Apologize". It is just a happening ass CD!

Anyway I am off to Portland later today for 6 days. I am visiting one of my closest friends who just happens to work for Wilhemina Modeling Agency as a PR rep and a scout so I know we are gonna have a blast just like last time.

I need to finish an article for Cush Magazine before I leave tonight so check y'all later friends!
Be Safe and be true and know that Karma loves us like a mother and will scold us like one as well.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Okay, so NOW I'm back!

Hey folks!
Well it is summer here in Houston, although technically it is still Spring but uhm the heat tells a totally different story! I finished the semester in good order and my 3.84 is still in full effect, No worries it will be a 4.0 by the end of next semester. I am shopping around for a Doctoral Program in women's studies and the school that is ideal is in Georgia. Although the place I would most like to live in is Portland, Or but there are no programs there that I truly dig. So it looks as if I will go to Georgia, complete the degree and then think about heading to Portland.
The freelance writing is going kind of slow because I am getting the hang of getting a regular writing routine down now that I have all this free-time. It seems that all I wanna do is watch rhythm gymnastics on youtube (yes, rhythm gymnastics is one of my many guilty pleasures! But those athletes are amazing!)
Anyway My goal is to be completely dependent upon a freelance income by the time classes begin again in September because this 40 hour work week is for the birds. Plus I am starting to feel the need for less tethers to this place and more freedom to roam.
My health is another issue I need to tackle full force. My neice and I have embarked on our quest to have a healthy diet/lifestyle and man it has been a chore. I have been cheating quite a bit lately but that will slowly change as the days drag on (or at least I hope).
Oh I almost forgot about the Greek Festival! Check it out--

Okay where to begin...

Torridgirl and I went to the Greek Festival as we do every year and let me tell you that the vittles (yes I said vittles) were scrumptious! She had the spanakopita and I say she had it but to be truthful I ate part of it. Neither of us would do the stuffed grape leaves but only because the texture is just to uncomfortable for us. There was a delicious Greek salad with feta of course and then there was the lamb kabob with pita that I ordered and man! Whew! They also had this crazy all natural slushy drink that was intense!


and I cant forget about the fried dough covered with honey and powdered sugar that should be outlawed!
Now food wast the only highlight there was an art show and of course the dancers. These little ladies danced their hearts out for nearly 30 minutes, complete with costume changes!

Now wasn't that fun? I know,it felt you went to the festival yourself. Well I plan to post more regularly from now on, Although I will be in Oregon from the 5 of June until the 11th and so then the posts will stop on the 4th and resume on the 12th.
Be safe, be true and uhm dont forget about your old true friend Karma. She'll be there when you think you are all alone...

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Oh Snap and She's Back!

Alright alright
so it has been a minute but school is out and I am back in the world! A few developments have taken place but I wont get into them right now. Mainly because I slept until an hour before I have to be at work (hey! its summer and I needed some R&R.)
I went to the Greek Festival and had a blast (pics to come). The douche bag who owes me money is getting his Karmic Rewards ( he thought that as long as he ignored it then it would go away...no dice Captain Flaccid). I know we shouldn't revel in the misfortunes of others but believe me, I am not the author of his misfortunes by a long shot.

I am trying to kick or re-kick the refined sugar habit. Man the headaches aint no joke son! but no worries, I got green tea and essential oils to work me through it. More to come to you folks after classes but right now my veggie juice and veggie eggrolls are calling my name.

Oh yeah, vacation is coming up and I will be in Portland for a week, but before that I will be getting my Gordon Parks on during a road trip through Texas...dont worry, pics to come!

I love you all and remember that uhm sometimes Karma is working behind the scenes to ready you for the big debut.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

A little Poem until I return which will be soon

Sup Fam!
The semester is winding down and then I will be back! Here is a poem to tide you over...

I am calm azul

sometimes-murky indigo.

And beneath my glossy surface
I teem with life-
logical, practical, monstrous, necessary.

At times I am rapturous and
I leap in a hot, wet spout to touch Lady Luna,
or to embrace our dear Sir, Ra.

In the throws of my raging, jealousy
I release my anger and quilt the shores with my vicious men-of-war
in a transparent and amorphous torrent of truth.

Safe and be true and tell Karma I said I'm minding my Ps and Qs in anticipation for when we meet again and again...

I love you all dearly

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Decade (Or Ten Years of Knowing)

The thin skin of your passion
is at times impenetrable.
The pricks and prods become
me and are now my fashion.

And in the closet of your thoughts
bruises and burns leave you wild and spent.
I sit and wait for you to see
what your being for me has wrought.

You think and deconstruct your “us”
while I live and breathe it quietly, out loud.
If you think “us” away then all will be well,
save the shredded souls running with puss.

What then when I know what you do (will) not?
That the links that bind us will tighten and cut.
That the taste and scent will sharpen and beckon.
That all this time you have needed what you have fought.


be safe and be true and know that karma sometimes carries with her a pleasant gift in return for all the wonderful things you have given...
Not YOU though, you're still a deadbeat and you still owe me money, you can keep the impotent explanation.
I love you all dearly.....

Friday, March 21, 2008

Wow! Long Time No See!

Hey fam!
I am so sorry that I have not been around as of late but I have been getting run over at school and work. I took a small vacation to the Pacific Northwest to see a friend who is newly removed there and I loved it so much that I am going to take my week long vacation to see her again in June after classes release me from their wretched hold of course. Portland is beautiful! I took a jillion pics and helped a friend scout models for Wilhelmina modeling Agency. I know, how pretentious right but it was still pretty fun.

I only have four classes left before I am a Master of Women's Studies...ooooohhhhh, aaaahhhhh isnt that grand. Okay, well that is all for now friends, back to the business of business.

I love you all and I will leave a real post very soon.
be real and be true and if you owe someone some money dont go on and on about all the new shit you bought before you start to work on that debt...it's just classless!

Dont forget about Karma, when you least expect it, Expect it!

Monday, February 25, 2008

For Real...Grad School is Serious around this Camp

Sup blog fam! Sorry for the MIA status but school and midterms are wearing your girl out for real!
I managed to write some new poetry though...check me out!

Never Enough

What did you think would be the case?
When rough hands caressed angry tips.

How could one ever have enough?
When one has tasted all but angry lips.

How do you think there will ever be peace?
When memories of your rough rhythm never cease.

What do you think will become of this dance?
When one’s whole life rests on an off chance.

What will happen when all is revealed?
When friend and foe sink rabid teeth into this meal.

How would you taste under the burning light of day?
When the moon bewitches lovers in a maddening ray.

How would it feel to freely feast on insanity?
When none involved care for base vanity.

What oh what did you think would be the case?
When rough hands caressed angry tips.

How could think there would ever be enough?
When one has learned the violent roll of your hips.


Be safe and be true and know that aint nothing going on but the rent and Karma is the landlord!

Friday, February 15, 2008

I know, I know, but the Muse is in residence and I am a slave.

sup y'all!
I promise to get back to my blog fam soon!
in the meantime check this out y'all!


You realize I gots to be in the house for that right? Yes, Yes Y'all and you dont stop!

Be safe and be true and
When you feel like you are all alone in the world look over your shoulder and give a shout out to Karma!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Where Oh Where Has the Femigog Been

Hey friends!
I am so sorry that I have been out of pocket as of late. My courses are going well but that is just the half of it all!
I have been writing nonstop and the drain is taxing but Beautiful.
There is also my foray into photography. It has taken off in ways I didnt expect and so I am having to create balance between my creative life and the life that pays for the creative life.

Suffice it to say I am doing swimmingly!

I miss you all!
How about a little poetry from yours truly?

Touch me
I wont know without that tactile motion.
Touch me
Knead this flesh; create a commotion.

Touch me
None will know of your charity
Touch me
Just this once, this one rarity

Touch me
My teeth grind and my insides quake
Touch me
The earth will move; our souls will shake

Touch me
Just a taste of blackberry tips
Touch me
Angry digits dig into too full hips

Touch me
Coat this soul with victory’s toast
Touch me
Strike me; I crave discipline most

Touch me
Hold too tightly; force your will
Touch me
Pick me clean; eat your fill

Touch me
Every inch of you a discovery
Touch me
Your taste alone negates recovery

Touch me
Tear out my throat, gnash at my thighs
Touch me
Barrel right through me; ignore my cries

Touch me
Empty the vessel, strip flesh from bone
Touch me
Left as I was, as I am, rightly, alone

T.S. Snowden

It's actually a love note to a muse of mine....
Anyway be safe and be true and remember that Karma your most honest and steadfast friend.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

More Vacation stuff!

First and foremost I want to say that I am finally starting to catch up on blog reading so I will be by everyone's spot soon to give my two cents.
Secondly I am here to bore you once again with vacation photos and videos!
Good Goddess am I happy. Even the my down days are high as hell!
Dont stop loving y'all, dont stop loving.

Tha L made and interesting comment on my last post. I have to say I rather dig it in a big way. You look at the view from this place and feel the earth speaking and you just want to greet her and enter the door into your next incarnation through her womb....that shit is so poetic it is beautiful...

Well here are more photos and hijinks from the Grand Canyon Getaway! Next time I am staying longer and I am going to actually plan something of substance with JosieJunk and Myclette and Torridgirl will definitely be in the house along with the roomies! We are gonna have an all out Grand experience if I have to drag everyone kicking and screaming! LOL!

Okay here we go!

And what would this post be without a crappy video shot by yours truly? LOL

That's all for now!

Ya know, you can live your life as you like but uhm Karma will remind you to live as you should...
Be safe and be true and know that not all debts are written off, ask Karma, she'll tell ya!
I love you all sincerely

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A grand old time! A first of many boring vacation entries

well I had a uhm well, Grand time at the Grand Canyon over the weekend and then had to get right back to the grind on Monday so this post is a bit late. Anyway, the flight there was a bit rough to say the least. I riding in a bus with wings and about a crew of 50 including the flight crew! Sure it was a nonstop express flight and sure Continental at least assigns your seat and feeds you but good Gouda! Every time someone sneezed or shifted in their seat we experienced turbulent type conditions in that time horse and carriage affair.

Anyway I racked up some tasty sky miles and had a great trip to boot.

I dont plan. I dont. I am terrible about just living life by the seat of my pants and my poor friends indulge me on a level you wouldnt believe. Thanks ya'll!

I finally caught up with josiejunk after a game of phone tag. We met at Dave and Busters where we had food and laughs for miles!

okay now Josie is so hilarious which more than made up for the fact that I was a bit off my game (I had not slept for about 28 hours by the time we met her for dinner---what can I say I was so excited about my trip I couldnt sleep).

Okay so we order our food and dessert comes around. I decide to order the POWDERED SUGAR DOUGH-NUT HOLES. Josie leans over and asks me:

"hey, did you order the powdered sugar holes?"

as you can imagine, shenanigans ensued! Culminating in the promise that Me, Ryan and Nancy would shout the phrase from at the Grand Canyon in an effort to echo and appease the Dessert Gods....

Here is a slide show

Followed by the fantastic video!

That is all for now. Post number 2 will follow shortly!

Dont forget, be safe and be true and remember that while you're on vacation Karma is still on the job and clocking some serious overtime pay in some cases.
I love you all sincerely

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Oh My Damn! See Y'all Next Monday

Hey All!
Well guess who is coming to town this month?!

Yes, Yes y'all and you dont stop....of course this is gonna be another stellar concert and I can't wait. Anyway I hope that everyone is having a good 2008 so far and that you get everything you need to be happy.
I am gonna be out of town until Monday and will of course take a jillion pics of my weekend. I love the Grand Canyon and more importantly Sedona (total hippie town, LOL).

My semester has started off swimmingly and I already adore my Environmental Ethics and Sustainability course! I love anything that has to do with the preservation of our Earth Mother.

I have been crazy busy lately and so I dont get to post as often but soon (YES INDEED) I will have so fabulous news to share with my few cool readers!
Anyway I gotta get myself together for school and work tomorrow so I will say goodnight and Namaste.
Be Safe and be true and know that ignoring it wont make it go away---Yes I mean Karma.
I love you all sincerely.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Jesuit Encounters The Pixie During his Morning Constitutional

Bare to the waist and covered in sweat from his capoeira practice the Jesuit did one last stretch as he prepared himself for the last phase of his morning constitutional. He left the church gardens in a slow rolling stride before bouncing up the stone steps from the garden and out into the wildness of the overgrown area behind the building. There was a slight chill in the air that exhilarated him and urged him to increase the speed of his steady trot. He moved with ease through the dense landscape, intermittently hurdling or treading over branches and overgrowth. He had a destination clear in his mind as he rounded a large and ancient oak tree far from the sight of the church. The sun had still not begun its ascent and the moon that peeked at him through the tall trees offered small flashes of unnecessary illumination and sought to guide his footfalls safely through nature’s obstacle course. The smell of the earth coupled with the scents of the area’s flora and fauna filled his nostrils and helped in his meditations as his heart pumped casually and steadily with the rhythm of his pulse. His thoughts left this plain and floated into his past lives and home realms. He remembered anguish, betrayal, and reckless violence and smiled slightly. He missed his bad old days sometimes and wished that he could stand in those long abandoned spaces for just a moment. Vicious queens demanding his attentions and loyalty, young maids begging for favors, and Gods swearing their fealty to a young warrior general, a holy man at that, made him long more than ever for the old rules of order.

He darted between trees and noticed that he had picked up speed. He seemed to be hovering above the ground as the trees and brush rushed past him in a deep green blur. The natural rythm of his heart and footfalls had kept him blissfully unaware of an interloper but his internal reflexes were "on point" as the young brown heathens say. He brought his mind into focus and noticed a pair of deep brown doe eyes blink through the camoflage of the leaves. At first he believed that he was being chased and picked up is pace until he noticed that the figure galloped beyond him. He was in a race and judging by the decidely female scent, to lose would be an affront to his virility. Priest or Not gender rules always trump the man-made order of so-called civilized society.
I know it is short my friends but the Jesuit is really complex and this encounter is so important to me and to parties involved that I have to get it just right.

Plus I am packing for my trip and planning 3 others (italy, Africa, Portland(to visit friends and hike of course and to talk to an artist about some work---gosh dont I feel important)
2008 is already the shit.
I start planning events in my store this year and I already know that I want an art show that features the work of My homie Miss Jamila John! Her Hibiscus series is freaking inspired! We went to a gallery show tonight and saw the most overdone and pretentious showing of Asian inspired art! Of course it was all Chop Mark series so it was just a bunch of "Peace" "Tranquility" and "Love" characters on different canvases using different mediums. Blech. It was so commercial, surface and pedestrian that I actually felt bad for some of them (even though I only recently started sketching and using charcoal just to add dimension to my writing). I know that sounds bad but sometimes artists dont even realize that they have usurped someone else's voice as their own. I understand that trends come and go but for an artist to be a slave to trend makes them creatively impotent in my opinion. I know it sounds mean but that is what being an artist means. People can sit back and take an armchair approach to your writing and you just have to take your medicine, BELIEVE ME! I KNOW!
Of course I want to host an art mixer and most definitely a whole gang of poetry nights! I am so freaking excited.
I sent more work into two separate literary journals last night and am finishing a piece right now to be sent next Monday (I send out work every Monday).
Okay well that is all for now.
Be safe and be true and know that Karma sometimes works a heck of lot more efficiently than you would have or could have imagined so be real with yourself and straight with others.
I love you all sincerely and I love life madly and Karma damn near exclusively!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Speaking of Expanding Horizons

Okay one of the perks of my job is that I get tons and I do mean tons of music Promos! I mean I have the best time going through the gang of cds and books and grabbing anything that my taste might claim for the perfect price of free!
My new favorite right now is Zap Mama's newest release called Supermoon and the title track is just gorgeous. It is so affirming that you cant help but get up and feel good about being you!
here is a short youtube medley of her newest joint. It is gorgeous!

I also just wanted to say that I have once again claimed my Zen.
Please forgive my unseemly behavior. It was beneath me and I can truly admit that to you few readers and myself. Hell, how can I claim growth if I dont own my shortfalls right? I reacted to something that was utterly beneath me and of no consequence at all. I am not a small mind nor am I a big fish in a little pond. I am true to myself and that is all that anyone can ask for on this plain or the next. I am so used to venting through my art that when I get riled I just let loose through words without analyzing the source of my ire and most importantly the source of the animosity. In this case the source was even beneath me and I STILL engaged on that base and foreign level. I dont live on that level and when I see elements of that level trying to engage me I must take a step back consider the source and behave well for all involved. Miz gave me my perspective back with a few short words. Thanks sis!
Anyway, I'm here to build a bridge to the universe as designed by the great Deity. Lets embrace art and love and life and above all else---truth.

The arts are where we intersect friends. One of the best ways to connect is through creativity. Our old ways are not the way and it is time for some new understandings.
There is an artist that is being featured at the Houston Museum of Fine Arts whose work is so stellar and striking that you have to experience it to believe it. Her name is Kara Walker and she is a fierce sister/artist. She superimposes images of black silhouettes and caricatures onto sketch and painted works (of her own rendering) or sometimes presents them alone. Her exhibit is on display until March I believe and I am going back this Friday to experience it again. I bought one of her books for a friend's birthday titled "After the Deluge" which has to do with the post apocalyptic nature of great floods. The biblical flood and more pointedly Hurricane Katrina are both depicted and explicated. I am going to buy "Narratives of a Negress" for myself on Friday and I can hardly wait to get back to that exhibit.
My favorite piece of her work is called "Burn" and oh my Goddess! It is just striking....to me at least.

The piece that I am talking about is to your left and at the front is the highly talented Miss Walker!
Museums are so inspiring in some aspects. I love to see so many different perspectives on light, dark, day, night, love and indifference that are showcased. I wrote and wrote and wrote after my last sojourn there and I am ready once again for the chance to expand my thinking and writing once again.

The check for Italy finally posted and let me just say...OUCH! LOL! It is so worth it though, now what is really gonna hurt is that deposit for Africa when they finally post it. Double Ouch! But also so so worth it. I am so tense about going but on the flip side so freaking thrilled. Next weekend I go for my hike down Bright Angel Trail at the Grand Canyon and I cant wait for that either. I have some manuscripts to send out on Monday and classes begin on Monday as well. I can't believe how busy I have become and subsequently how much more organized I am forced to be as a result. I actually have to use my damn planner this year instead of just letting that thing collect dust. HA! who would have thought that?
I must be doing something right I guess.....
That's all for now. I have a new piece of writing I want to expose to the light of day and I will share it next time. It is of course science fiction and delves into the human condition when humanity itself has become undefinable. It is a little dense in parts but not a complete quagmire yet (fingers crossed).
Be safe and be true and now that no one escapes their destiny or their Karma and sometimes they are one in the same.
Peace, Namaste and I love you all sincerely.


I am actually nearly finished with the first of my series books (The Sovereign Chronicles) and had the nerve to actually do some editing on another finished book. The other one is also in the science fiction/fantasy genre but is vastly different from my warrior Goddesses. I am feeling pretty pleased with myself since I checked my grades for the semester and wouldn't you know it I am STILL 4.0 in this piece! Only 6 classes until I have that Masters and begin work on my Doctorate! I plan to have my PhD by my 38th birthday. But then there is my writing which will enjoy a tunnel vision approach from now until infinity.

So I watched the New Hampshire debates and I have to admit, it was really interesting. I still dont know who has my vote. This whole race is so exciting because everything is so up in the air. I think that this might have been what the founding fathers envisioned when they usurped this nation and defected from England to construct the USA. LOL!

MOST IMPORTANTLY--(This is a note to a select few who think they are on some slick shit)

I got an email telling me that folks are discussing me and some are being so bold as to threaten me. Wow! It's nice to be noticed but I still didn't bother to go read any of the nonsense. I avoid chaos like the plague now and uhm that is for sure some silly ass chaos. Especially when I consider the source. I did talk to a friend of mine at H.P.D. (Houston Police Department) though about what to do about perceived threats. I told him that I didn't read any of the sources (just the email I got this morning) but I need for folks to know not to fuck with my Zen all the damn same. I mean for real....
what I unload here is MY shit! I own it and if I want to share it then I will, and I have.
Of course I still haven't talked to anyone of these people nor have I visited their space in the physical sense or their cyber worlds.
On the flip side, they keep visiting me it seems. Then they get someone to send me an email telling me to go read this or that (which I ALWAYS decline).

Look! Don't Fuck with my ZEN.

Especially if you dont have business with me in the first place. Which this other person actually doesnt. I think they even wished me a happy birthday last month, now that I think about it. I think I wished them one too....WTF?
Or hell, if you really want to get involved you could PAY off them damn DEBTS for a sister! That trip to Africa aint cheap by any means... and I would LOVE to recoup some of that monetary loss.
In short Please tell whomever it is you got sending me messages that I ain't interested, I ain't gonna go read up on what none of y'all out there doing and if I need to I will get a cease and desist order if I feel threatened. DAMN! For real.

If you think I am kidding about Karma just think about the folks who play at piety and how far they fall.
Dont fuck with people's Zen under the guise of friendship when what you are really dealing with is unrequited love (just put it out there and be real. It aint easy but at least the shit is genuine, just like my venom if I get one more note from that direction).

If you're happy just be happy and let me and everyone else do their thing.

There is a GREAT science fiction story coming y'all. I promise. I just wanted to get that stuff off my chest. I am done taking people's shit. That was last year, this year I defend myself with bloody swords and an acid tongue so let's stay civil and let's stay in our own fucking yards shall we?

Okay, that being said, it's back to sci-fi!

Damn! Done corrupted my chill ass vibe! Fuckers!
I'm off to meditate some of this mess away!
BE SAFE AND BE TRUE (BE TRUE if you never do another damn thing in your life, do that for yourself)
I still love you all sincerely and
I even love YOU clowns but please stop tripping okay? I'm biting my tongue but you are really starting to push it....

Saturday, January 5, 2008

So says Midas the King--and My Belated New Years Post

My name is...

Love, says he when my given name doesn't spring to mind.
Ire, when I am impatiently waiting for the chime in his voice
Sweetness, when the kisses flood my skin and make me dizzy with passion
Adorable, when he sees me from the corner of his eye day dreaming about us.

My Name is
Yemoja, when I emerge from the waters of Mother Earth cloaked only in this native skin.
Oshun, when I am heavy with the fruit of our love.
Minona, when I am shielding our sisters from the storms of this world and others.
Oya, when I bring the about the tempests of this land with a mere utterance.

My Name is
Please, because I alone hold the key to his heaven.
Yes, because to deny me is to deny himself.
More, because I am too much and never ever enough.
Blessing, because without me he might never know that a supreme being existed.

The above is something I am working on for The Sable Sovereign and King Midas. It isn't as fantastic as I want it to be yet but that is the skeleton for it so far. The Chronicles are going well y'all and the magazine is working me to the bone. The setbacks have been writing related so I cant even act like I am upset about them. EEk! I'm a freaking writer and I love you all so much!

Okay folks, sorry it took me a minute to get back with y'all but I have had to deal with retail hell dealing with all of the sales and returns. It has been taxing and there has been tons of overtime but I emerge from the commercial quagmire of the "Holidays" a new and improved Goddess. I hope that everyone is getting what they want out of the year so far and I hope that everyone reaches for that brass ring whatever it may be.

As for me I am STILL feeling Capital. I can't believe that I have been able to stay true to me from that time of unpleasantness to now. I still haven't taken any steps backward and while it was hard to maintain at the very beginning I now cant believe I ever even went there with the negativity. Out of sight out of mind is actually true in some cases. I let it go months ago and never even ventured a glance back. At first I couldnt make myself read what he was writing so I didnt and now I am shocked to find that I dont want to read it and so I still havent (not since October of last year).
I hope he is well and if YOU are reading this good luck in all you attempt (especially if it is Paying me back brother! I never expected you to be as good as your word and wonder even now why I was shocked when you weren't). Anyway, Live well brother, live well.
Damn! That's growth right? I mean I thought that I would never get over the pain and then meditation, a good diet and a few truths opened my eyes about me and what I was constantly settling for.
My Goddess! Hindsight is so freaking twenty/twenty.
I keep pushing forward and realize how many blessings the Great Deity bestows on us daily when we seek the good and reject the negative.
I am a writer. I'm Really a writer and will be writing for a living exclusively by the summer! The reality of it is almost too much to grasp. Not only that, I have made some amazing friendships (curse my damn writer's romanticism! and here I thought I was all out of love---oh well, so much for constant cynicism LOL).
Being with other creative people on a regular basis has been more than therapeutic.

And to top it all off I got back to organic living and am finally, FINALLY going GREEN! How fancy is being a HIPPIE? LOL! Someone actually called me that at work the other day.
Someone else calls me Tamerlane. This is a reference to the Poe poem about a Mongol leader who trades love for power. The main themes of the poem are Independence and Power juxtaposed with loss and exile. Hmmm. LOL! I like the idea that someone seems me as a focused conqueror (which is what I am). But I don't think I would trade love for power but I will trade refuse for treasure(not necessarily the spendable kind of treasure).

That is all for now friends. If you love yourself no one can take what is yours. Be safe and be true.
Know that Forever and always that Karma will scratch your back if you scratch hers.
I love you all so seriously it is insane.