Sunday, March 30, 2008

Decade (Or Ten Years of Knowing)

The thin skin of your passion
is at times impenetrable.
The pricks and prods become
me and are now my fashion.

And in the closet of your thoughts
bruises and burns leave you wild and spent.
I sit and wait for you to see
what your being for me has wrought.

You think and deconstruct your “us”
while I live and breathe it quietly, out loud.
If you think “us” away then all will be well,
save the shredded souls running with puss.

What then when I know what you do (will) not?
That the links that bind us will tighten and cut.
That the taste and scent will sharpen and beckon.
That all this time you have needed what you have fought.


be safe and be true and know that karma sometimes carries with her a pleasant gift in return for all the wonderful things you have given...
Not YOU though, you're still a deadbeat and you still owe me money, you can keep the impotent explanation.
I love you all dearly.....

Friday, March 21, 2008

Wow! Long Time No See!

Hey fam!
I am so sorry that I have not been around as of late but I have been getting run over at school and work. I took a small vacation to the Pacific Northwest to see a friend who is newly removed there and I loved it so much that I am going to take my week long vacation to see her again in June after classes release me from their wretched hold of course. Portland is beautiful! I took a jillion pics and helped a friend scout models for Wilhelmina modeling Agency. I know, how pretentious right but it was still pretty fun.

I only have four classes left before I am a Master of Women's Studies...ooooohhhhh, aaaahhhhh isnt that grand. Okay, well that is all for now friends, back to the business of business.

I love you all and I will leave a real post very soon.
be real and be true and if you owe someone some money dont go on and on about all the new shit you bought before you start to work on that's just classless!

Dont forget about Karma, when you least expect it, Expect it!