Friday, December 24, 2010

The Pagan in Me

loves this episode of Seinfeld because I would love a holiday that was openly all about the person worshiping rather than the fake platitudes of whats really available....

Happy Karma

Sunday, December 5, 2010

What's With

with all the crazy weather around here lately. I like to think that it has to do with the changes of the people affected, hopefully for the better. I wonder about where we might be going socially and politically in the Dirty South. I have a lot to keep me thinking we wont ever cease being a region run by fear, oil and good ole boys but the optimist in me wont let me go completely over the edge.

In other news, The Guthries will be here for New Years which is awesome. I miss my progressive, forward thinking friends. To be fair I have plenty progressive, forward thinking friends around me but they don't really share my spiritual point of view as well as the Guthries, Queen Guthrie in particular. So I can't wait. I still wanna visit Suzy-Q in California but I was just too busy and bogged down to orchestrate it this year. Between getting promoted at work (which came with a nice increase to say the least, not having to worry about money all the time eases a lot of stress), getting school straight for next semester, trying for a part time teaching gig at the local community college (I turned down that position with University of Phoenix after doing a bit of research on them. Yeah, no thanks!), travel took a huge back seat after my trip to Atlanta in September for Dragon-Con.
I need to get my annual trip to the Grand Canyon together for February and then there is the trip to Italy and of course Next year's Dragon Con to think about.
My finals are next week and then I will be free and clear until the middle of January. The private Catholic University I attend has a ton of activities planned for the holiday season and even though Christmas doesn't speak to me spiritually, I do love the decorations, the food, the symbology and of course the historical elements of the faith.
I'm happy and I deserve to be. So do you.
I'm still dealing in Karma of course and I try to keep it positive and only invite positivity into my space and let me tell you, I can't believe that it's only been 3 years since my life took a turn for the BETTER and I don't even remember the bitter, broken-hearted soul I was.
I remember when I said that my heart had been broken 3 years ago and I got laughter from the offending party and the partner in residence at the time for my trouble. Oh how I wished some heavy stuff on them and was miserable everyday thinking about how I wanted their lives to fail. I hate the person I was when I wished them ill. I can't even begin to think about how pathetic you have to be to wish someone bad because you feel bad. I really hope they are well and not just because I am. I hope they are well because we all deserve happiness, contentment and respect.
Although I have to say that I still have a hard time respecting women who pursue men in relationships even if they aren't married; I still find it desperate and despicable and if a women believes that a man she shares space with is fair game until a ring is on the finger is a different creature from me wholly. I mean I was living with him and supporting their conversations and instant messages at the time and getting over reading them messages about ME was hard to do but I did. I learned from that that women should practice more solidarity and respect for one another even if it means being alone until the relationship changes organically. I have to appreciate them for that because I really believe women owe one another something and I make it a point to practice this belief completely. Thanks for that folks, sincerely.
That ugly stuff is for sure water under the bridge and I am much better for the lessons learned from my sister females in pursuit of men.
Be kind, respect the space of others and above all, pay your debts.

Happy Karma

Friday, December 3, 2010

I'm Inspired to Write by

Reading authors who know and love their audience. When I was a kid, I was emotional, and quiet, Oh I was pretty funny when I chose to open my mouth but mostly I was a shy, crybaby book worm. One day I was sitting in the living room reading Iggy's House by Judy Blume circa 1970. That book made me feel so grown up because it was a young adult book and I was not even close to being a young adult, and it dealt with friends moving and interestingly enough, race. I recommend the book to any kid who just wants to read about something that is not saccharine and doesn't have a multitude of sexual context like a number of the young adult books going around right now.
Anyway, the main character Winnie wasn't a carbon copy of the people around her, she was a kid and she was important enough to write about. I found this so inspiring because I felt, tiny, sad and insignificant with my oddities, gap-tooth grin which I constantly tried to hide, kinky hair and dark skin. That book made me feel important. The writer didnt know me but she me made me feel important. she made me think about life beyond my pre-pubescent melodramatic angsty existence and on the day I finished that book, I began to write myself into being. I placed myself in interesting places and vowed to visit New York since that was where Iggy moved to in the book. I am inspired by writers who know their audience and everything I write is written with my audience in mind and I have Judy Blume to thank for that initially and a multitude of others to thank subsequently.
I am inspired to write by female writers who write about females in ways that matter to females.
I know it's kinda sappy but hey, it's true and it's me.
Happy Karma

Thursday, November 11, 2010

To The Veteran's in My Life and Your's--Happy Veteran's Day

I'm off today, another perk of working for the Federal Government, a good number of days off outside of major holidays. Nothing at all like the special hell of retail, what with the one day off for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Yuck. Oh, and since I have that Alternative Work Schedule, I get every other Monday off, and guess what that means for this Weekend? You guessed it, I am working Friday but then Saturday, Sunday and Monday belong to me! I am also off the Monday after Thanksgiving also...and I dont even celebrate Thanks-taking day (too many Native American and Pagan friends)
I am so busy this weekend though so I don't know how much me time I'll actually get. My friends Chuck and J are having their Houston Wedding Reception on Saturday (they got married in Oklahoma over Halloween weekend. How cool is that?), I have to get my pedicure, massage and the other 2 tires I haven't had time to get during the week. We absolutely have to get new curtains or I am gonna lose it! I hate the bamboo blinds we have and oddly enough, the Artist is sick of them now too! Hopefully I can talk him into a new dining table. He doesn't think its a good use of space because it is the perfect place for painting and writing and sticking a bistro table there sends everyone to the den to create and that room is just so small compared to the openness of every other room in the house. No one gets anything done in the living room because of that television and PS3 that seduces you, LOL! Friday I am gonna try to get the dreads maintained after work. Oh crap, tomorrow I have to finish registration for next semester. I really need to start writing this crap in a planner. The Artist tries to keep track of everything but it doesn't help when I forget. Now the plan is for me to make little notes on a post it which I have to carry with me all the time and then give them to him daily. Much better system!
OMG! Ava's Christening is Sunday for the Christian folks in her life and then there is her sage smudging that is gonna be done by none other than yours truly. My little sweet potato wants to walk so bad she can taste it! LOL! I also need to see my God-Big-Girl, Jaoinna Bear. She is getting so big and her vocabulary is growing pretty steady.

I talked to an old professor and she agreed to let me enroll in her graduate poetry class for next semester which is fantastic! So now I have my Education course handled and my elective handled. Oh to get into her class you have to have her permission, and I figured she'd say yes since she published 3 of my shorts in Laurels.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Path to Enlightement is Within cuz it sure aint at no Mega Church

Howdy Howdy!

I haven't had the time to come here lately but it's for reasons that are nice and easy breezy for the most part. Today the Artist and I went to the Chung Mei Buddhist Temple  (click the link for info). A wonderful experience to say the least. I have a bunch of photos of my time there (you can only see them as my pal on facebook though). The inside of the Colombarium (burial chamber for urns) was off limits today as a health symposium was under way at the main temple. The people were very nice and inviting. I never felt that level of welcome at any church save the one I grew up in back in Mississippi. The structure of prayer and mediation really spoke to the Agnostic in the Artist and the Pagan in me. The grounds at the temple proper are even more impressive. I spied the temple a while ago when taking Mom shopping and told myself that at some point I would come back and speak to someone. So After seeing "For Colored Girls" alone, the Artist has to read the play first, I headed home, grabbed the Artist and headed to the temple. The Monks were wonderful. And invited us to English Buddhist class on Sunday at 1:30 pm. One Monk in particular took us into the main temple and talked to us about the shrines and the sculptures of the Buddha and the Bodhisattvas that graced the walls.  I explained that I am a believer in Karma and wanted to really learn the foundations of the Buddhist faith and I would really like a bit of structure to my worship of nature without all the self righteousness and the nastiness I always found in the Christian Church. Rather than just "praying on it" the practice of Buddhism stresses the solving of ones problems and the accepting of responsibility over the choices we make in our lives rather than blaming the so-called Devil.  I haven't practiced Christianity in more than 15 years maybe and let me say, I'm no worse for wear, hell if anything I all the better for it. I just dont subscribe to a faith that keeps women in the role of servant and keeps some people from living a truly free existence. Oh but dont worry, Christians usually dont mind if you die for them in war, they just dont want you declaring your love for people they dont approve of...yeah, no thanks.
Now I aint saying that I plan on becoming a Buddhist but I will say any faith that starts with the insistence that we sit daily and work out the problems in our lives, on paper if you have to, but most certainly the major philosophy of the religion is self responsibility and my personal favorite, SELF IMPROVEMENT. Anyway, my salmon and spinach is getting cold and I kinda wanna play a bit of Fallout 3 before hitting the hay.

Peace love and of course Karma!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Early Voting!

Off to pick up mom and head to the early voting station nearest the house! The Artist will go this evening, he stayed up late to work or either play Fallout 3, LOL. At any rate get out and vote!

more later my Karmic Cuties!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Happy Happy Joy Joy

I know, I know, a lame title but what can I say? I'm Happy and Joyful! My time of year is here and I am in the zone!!! I am doing well at work, learning a lot daily! I love the challenge and the money for sure but it is indeed a good challenge. I really want to do well and excel in service to our veterans. I find myself extremely passionate about my roll in caring for the women and men who protect our freedoms and risk life, limb, and family in their commitment to our safety and the safety of people around the world. I have decided to get involved in more projects that aid and attend to the needs of America's veterans.

Anyway, I was supposed to go to the Renaissance Fest today but me and my friends decided that October 31 would be a better day since that will be the weekend that they do their All Hallows Eve celebrations and of course I love all things Pagan in nature! Oh! There is a Buddhist Temple that I am gonna visit and maybe chat with some of the people about the practice of Buddhism and the lifestyle that accompanies a life in pursuit of balance. Its truly a beautiful way of life. Peaceful and purposefully giving to the world and to other people what is deserved; kindness and most of all, Respect. Good stuff!

OH! I went to the farmers market yesterday and OMG! Great haul! Got some really interest things to try!

farmers market

I am cooking the collard greens and smoked turkey wings for dinner today!

Love and Light my friends!
Karma loves balance...tip the scales in her honor

Sunday, October 10, 2010


this is a test


As I mentioned in my last post, I love a good Do-Over. I mean the total tear-down, build-up sorta Do-Over. It is hard and almost always grueling and painful but the rewards are always worth the trouble. Three years ago I had a Do-Over moment. I was pretty unhappy, a job I didn't care for that was thankless for the most part and there were people in my life that I most certainly would not welcome into my life today---and that really had a lot to do with what I thought I deserved at the time and at THAT time I didn't feel as if I deserved much and so I accepted a normal that was well below what I deserved---well there were a lot of components missing from my life at the time. I was really down for a time and then I decided that I had been given a chance at a Do-Over and I took it and ran. Have not looked back since.
1. I have amazing friends in my life who help me realize my worth and recognize when I squander my potential (a kick in the pants every so often keeps you on task).
2. I have beautiful children in my life to adore and spoil!
3. I have a job that I actually enjoy that helps people and has the added bonus of upgrading my lifestyle drastically! Not that I need to acquire a ton of "things" but having the "option" changes things for the better!!
4. I am back in touch with my spirituality and my Pagan lifestyle. Refreshing is the only way to describe it! Zen!
I firmly believe that every downturn or setback, no matter how devastating and painful is the Universe giving us a chance to learn and start again with knew, knowledge and new circumstances. Honestly, when you lose something you should really take a good look at what you lost and what you gained from the loss will be the new jump off point. Just let go of the loss and jump...let that dead weight eat your dust. Sure life ain't rainbows and butterflies all the time but hell compared to the life I had 3 years ago...I am in a lovely living dream.
Oh SNAP! I almost forgot, years and years ago, my poetry along with the work of many other fine writers and poets was performed by a group called Urban Aphrodite and now the troupe is performing some of my poetry again in AMSTERDAM!!! How freaking awesome is that!? Ann James, the founder of Urban Aphrodite is a wonderful artist and producer!

Happy Karma Folks....Happiness is the ultimate Aphrodisiac!  Oh and congratulations to my dear sweet potato Amy who is getting married to day! I cant wait to see her walk down the isle and get hitched to a wonderful man!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

zSHARE video - QFN-CLNY102.flv

This show (The Colony) is actually on its second season but trust me, if you watch this episode of Season 1 episode 1 you will be hooked. Well if you like apocalypse scenarios which I'm quite partial to. It airs on the discovery channel. As anyone can tell you, I like sci-fi but my particular sci-fi niche is Apocalypse or Doomsday scenarios. I love a good Do-Over! Just Check it out if you get the chance!

Karma's watching, look busy

zSHARE video - QFN-CLNY102.flv

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Autumnal Equinox!

For the first time since 1991, there will be (or rather was)a full moon on the autumnal equinox. I plane to go outside and commune with the Universe (from the safety of my patio of course). I plan to light some candles and reflect on this change of the season and think about how I can move into a new season of my own life. We always have opportunities to transform ourselves and make changes for the better, especially during setbacks. When things take a downturn we can use that opportunity to sharpen our bounce back skills. Believe me, I know...anyway,
I am taking this time of year to do some fall cleaning and to get ready for my favorite seasons--fall and winter. All Hallows Eve is coming up quick and I really need to get my gourds out and prepare for the Solstice. Nature does her best to give us the chance to change and transform with her. Maybe we should all take the hint.
The cool air here in the Lone Star State is a welcome change! I plan to spend an entire day enjoying the weather and the Museum Day Open House that is all day on Saturday. Free admission for all of the museums in the district and a shuttle to take you from place to place! Can't Wait! My little sweet potato love her vamplet baby that I got her from Dragon Con. It came with a wee baby bottle of blood and Ava can be seen turning the bottle up in an effort to drink the contents...LOL, yep she is apart of the right village!

Karma Kalls!
Don't make her shout...

Monday, September 13, 2010

Hope you had a Happy Harvest Moon!

Bah! I am editing a story that I had published in my University's Literary Journal a couple of years ago but I can't tell what is wrong with it even though I know for a fact that there is much wrong with the thing!
It feels awkward at the end and the pacing is off as well. Plus the death of one of the characters is just a cop out, seriously. Hmmmm, I was up at 4 am this morning writing, editing and tweaking things with various writing projects but this is the one I really want to fix and submit. Raspberries!
Anyway, I did manage to get in some SyFy(Sci-Fi) channel viewing and let me tell you it was really inspiring. Well, in a weird sort of way. I write sci-fi, speculative and fantasy when I am not writing non-fiction on the topic of women's studies.
Now that I work for the government I have a bit of a boost from a certain technical point of view that I want to now explore.
Wait, I was talking about a movie I saw on SyFy.
Yeah, it was called "Goblin" and it wasnt half bad in that the origins of the Goblin was pagan in nature. Now I of course don't really appreciate the idea of moving everything pagan into some so-called Satanist category because frankly, pagans don't believe in the devil, or Satan or whatever you wanna call him/her/it, but if you were writing for the average monster movie watcher then hey, Goblin=Pagan=Satanic. Anyway the actors were woeful of course and there was the gratuitous death of the young loose blonde girl and the safety of the pretty young and of course virginal bestfriend.
The production values were hilarious! At one point a black blanket flying through the air, pulled by an obvious string could be seen quite clearly. Still, I kinda dug it all, but then I like bad monster movie cinema.
I capped off the night with The Guild ( and latest episode of The Colony (If you love tales of the Apocalypse like I do then this reality show is for you). The show is shown on the Discovery Channel. It is a social experiment and it can get very graphic and violent in nature. The current season has the 10 volunteers who get NO MONEY for being on the show, living as survivors of a biological extinction level event in a decimated area of the Gulf Coast in an area that was hit by Hurricane Katrina. They sign a waiver stating that they understand the strenous nature of the experiment and that they will not be compensated monitarily. They have to scavenge for food, shelter and components to create a decent existence (Power is a big issue). They do receive off screen help from a liscenced psychologist, engineer, and physician and all must get physicals before being accepted into the experiment. They are chosen from all walks of life and it is amazing to see the kind of skills that are a necessity when the proverbial shit hits the fan. Whew! it is really an amazing study and it gives insights into the human psyche once we are submerged in a certain reality.
Well that is all for now...Kiss Karma like you mean it, she certainly does!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dragon Con

was AWESOME! I had the best time. I took a ton of pictures and video and really enjoyed some panels that I didn't think that I would have. I loved the panel that the American Sci-Fi Media track hosts that is all about fans discussing old sci-fi shows and trends in contrast to the new stuff that is going on right now. Now we talked about the new SyFy channel line up that features what hearkens back to the old "creature feature" Saturday night drive in movies of the past. You know, stuff like Dino-Shark, Croco-saurus and of course Mega-Squid vs. Mega-Shark, one of them had Debbie Gibson in which for me, was actually a draw. Now SyFy (which is their new name since NBC bought the name "sci-fi" for their own use) contrasts their B movie line up with really good series programming like Haven and of course Eureka! which I now have a new respect and love for.
I love the contrast of trash and treasure and honestly with science fiction I think there really is room for both coal and diamond.
whatever, I lived Dragon-Con, just as I did last year and I already have my ticket for next year. I'll have a better review a little later, I'm kind of under the weather and I havent uploaded all of my pics and vids yet.

I'll check you later

Be good to Karma, she knows where the bodies are buried
Peace and Love

Monday, August 23, 2010

A while ago I mentioned something about settling

for less than you deserve in life. I wanted to clarify what exactly I was referring to. You can call it a mid-life crisis I suppose (I do) or you don't have to classify it as anything in particular. Whatever, I'm rambling...I turn 39 this year and honestly I'm okay with it for the most part. Now I'm not thrilled to death to approaching the big 4-0 but hey at least I still approaching things, if you get my meaning.
The thing is, I'm getting on in years and I still have a bunch of things I want to get done, ya know. Not necessarily a bucket list, more like a list of deeds accomplished by the Tammie Snowden Foundation (that's what I sometimes call my collective years of life). I like to think of myself as a company that was established in December of 1971 to enhance the life of the young upstart and founder whom I refer to as Mom. Now since the foundation's inception, there have been many goals and accomplishments, there was the Shoe-tying of 1974, the momentous reading of picture books of 1975 a full year and a half ahead of schedule,
likewise there have been some setbacks such as the great squandering of talent back in 1990 that lasted roughly until about the spring of 1993 when I finally enrolled in college (I had graduated high school in 1991 and took some time to uhm "find myself"). To the foundation's surprise, I wasn't lost I was actually just lazy.
Later milestones included the first House Party of 1984 (thanks Bridget) and of course the First Real Boyfriend of Highschool (that would be you Roderick--you were cool then and you're cool now). Now that the Foundation has matured (well, to a degree) there are some more serious milestones that have been realized like the First Apartment alone of ...can't remember and First car of...get this...2009 (yeah, to be fair I moved around a lot and I didnt know if I would be good for motoring, well that and the crazy debt from that whole first line of credit fiasco of 1994 and the subsequent Paying off a ton of dumb debt conclusion of 2008--this really set the foundation back a few years. Moving along there was the first trip out of the country of 2002 (Jamaica) followed by the Are you Crazy you cant travel overseas after what happened to the Towers of 2003 (English Countryside and London).
The foundation has been busy sure, what with the Published Work in a Literary Journal of 2004 and the Head shaving and dreadlock growing of 2002-Present.
The Foundation has only scratched the surface of the all the things it needs/wants to accomplish. this is how I (the Foundation) ended up with whole settling epiphany.
I have always been a bit of a free spirit and I've always been pretty careful about not getting stuck in a rut, but now I feel like I need to move a little faster. I got no real beefs with work, frankly I like what I do, I got no beef with school, I like that too.
I just have so much on my list that I wondered if I should just scrap the list and cruise since everything's going good and I got my health. Well I took it to the Board of Directors and frankly I was laughed out of the meeting. I think I'll keep having my adventures and grab what can from the Universe. The Foundation was pleased and agreed to fund the turning forty trip of 2012 a full year early in 2011.
At any rate, dont settle, and neither will the Foundation
Happy Karma!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Alienation of Affection

I was reading about Fantasia Barino of American Idol fame and apparently she is facing some tough times due to some choices she made regarding the husband of a woman in North Carolina. Reports indicate that the scorned wife could file an alienation of affection lawsuit against Fantasia. The woman claims that she has a tape of her husband and Ms Barino in a compromising position during their marriage.

There a few states left that still allow alienation of affection lawsuits: Hawaii, Illinois, Mississippi, New Mexico, North Carolina, South Dakota, and Utah. It seems pretty plausible to me that southern states and Utah would have these laws but Illinois seemed a bit less conservative to me, of course it was an assumption based on what I know of Illinois which is honestly not much.
Anyway, the lawsuit would pretty much hinge on whether or not the married couple were legally separated before or after Antwuan Cook and Fantasia became involved.

There have been successful lawsuits against "home-wreckers" in the past so, I can see how Fantasia might feel overwhelmed by the idea of going broke behind something she may not have been privy to.

I referenced this topic because I wanna know what people think about "alienation of affection" and if anyone thinks this nothing more than a chance to get legal revenge against a woman or man who crossed over into someone else's yard.
 I've got my ideas about men and women who cheat. I think dudes who cheat and the chicks who get with them pretty much deserve one another for a couple of reasons,
1. You get what you pay for, and when you get a person who will literally betray someone they claimed to love to their faces, well, you end up paying for it big time.
2. Sometimes, people are meant to be together. I mean, hey, sometimes people really arent meant for one another, and the heart just wants what the heart wants (of course they should let one another know before they set out to betray and lie and such).
3. There's something to be said for a person who chooses to make the mistake that the cuckoled (sp) spouse has no idea they are making. Seriously, you set out to win over someone who obviously doesnt value the committments they make? That's pretty ballsy and certainly ill-advised but yeah, it takes a bullet proof soul and massive cajones.

What about relationships that are not recognized by a court of law? I mean some people believe that cheating is only cheating if one is married. I think that is a big ass cop-out.
  • Not everyone believes that a piece of paper makes a relationship, I'm one of those people.
  • Not everyone is allowed to get married in our great United States and they certainly consider their relationships to be quite important and most certainly valid.
If two people make a clear commitment to one another, profess love for one another then fidelity is certainly implied, yeah but nice try.
Think of relaitonships you had as a young person in highschool even. You werent married but the pain of the breakup didnt recognize the fact that you hadnt flown in relatives and made them RSVP for chicken or fish.
People who use this line of reasoning are a bit suspect to me, for reasons I won't mention.

At any rate, can one really steal affection if a significant other is out there handing out the supposed exclusive love and attention they claimed was all for you? What say you?

Happy Karma

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mama's Got A Brand New Prompt.

I haven't been able to write as freely as I once could for some reason and a friend suggested that I leave the idea part of writing to someone else. So she sent me over to for some inspiration...So Here it goes.

Lou Holtz (don’t ask me who that is) once said, “life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you respond to it.” Do you believe this? Describe a time when you feel like you could have responded a different way and produced a different outcome.

I agree with Lou Holtz's statement.
Life is about choices and decisions based on those choiceless, sometimes random things that float into our lives and threaten to decide a course for us. Now if we do nothing and just let what happens to us, well, "happen" then we are not living our lives and that, to me, is the biggest offense to the whoevers and the whatevers that put you on this big blue marble.
That being said, how about a story?
Some years ago I was in a relationship (or rather I thought I was, he on the other hand, thought different). Well the relationship went south in a big way.
He left and three months later he was married to someone else.
It hurt, BAD.
The way I dealt with the emotions associated with the breakup are indicative of the amount of control I felt that I had over my life at the time and the amount of worth I placed on the person I was at the time.
I was angry and my way of dealing with it was not all productive and it really added undue drama and trauma to my life.
The truth is that what happened was pretty minor in the grand scheme of things (the dude wasn't the man for me by any stretch of the imagination and I was certainly not the woman for him) but my reaction to it amplified it beyond reason.
I would have healed faster and would have been more open to genuinely good people sooner had I reacted from a place of reason rather than emotion. I should have assessed why I would want such an individual in my life and recognized that focusing on such a train wreck of a relationship only trapped me in place, a bad place. In my case a 10% incident received a 90% reaction and caused 100% stagnation.
 I'd say Lou Holtz nailed it!
Happy Karma!

Friday, July 30, 2010

If you really think that...

being unemployed is fun or a vacation I'm gonna ask you go straight to ...
The idea that extending unemployment benefits after this whole bank/wall street debacle is creating a hand out system is ill informed at best.

When I was layed off I didnt get the chance to lounge on the couch or anything but I did need the help that unemployment (money that they had taken out of my check when I was working as a conting...ency should one become layed off) gave me. I didnt qualify for any of those 100 grand a year jobs or anything so I had to look for a job that I was qualified for. Since the pool of people looking for those jobs was larger than those in the 100 grand a year range, my search was pretty difficult. I was terrified as anyone who suddenly becomes unemployed can likely attest to, so I never got the chance to weigh the pros and cons of either laying on the couch or earning an honest day's wage.

None of the people I met at the Texas Employment Commission at the time seemed excited about the prospect of getting a third of what they were making as employed citizens from the government and what used to be their tax dollars. You only get unemployment if you were employed and then were let go because of the company could no longer use you or afford you, so you are getting your own money back essentially. You only get a fraction of what you once earned and that is not enough to lay about on.

I didnt qualify for food stamps while I was unemployed, many don't (I'll try and find the numbers on this, I used to know them when I was unemployed).

I was only unemployed for about 6 weeks and I bit my effing nails everyday that no one called me back. I had 2 degrees at the time and took a pay cut (which is tough in retail management) to get back to work. I luckily didnt have kids to feed.

That was a while ago and I dont have these issues any more but that doesnt mean that the issues dont exist for anyone else. The presumption that we know someone else's life is a narrow view and completely irrelevant one.
I say help people who had jobs and lost them because of big business and fancy math that is indecipherable until millions find themselves out of work and summarily demonized because of it.

I've lived around good people who felt desparate and it is dangerous. You dont want desparate people living around you.

That's the last thing we need in the country right now.
Karma--blame it on you, not Me!

Monday, July 26, 2010


I've been thinking about Freedom and what it means to me lately...I know that financial stability is very freeing. I can make plans in a way I couldn't before and that really feels free!
I know that mental freedom means the ability to process feelings in a way that encourages you to rejoice in your victories and learn/grow from your setbacks (I refuse to say defeats).

My meditations (typically done while on the floormats for stretching at the gym these days) help me see how I have freed myself from self-imposed prisons and how I can break free of boundaries that inhibit my success. It's difficult to do because the bottom line is always the Self. How I feel depends on Me, how I behave depends on me and how think depends on me and only me.
I'm free because everything in my little life depends solely on little ole me. While it's freeing it also a little terrifying, because rejoicing in the ups means taking responsibilty for the downs. That is hard but its the truth and living the truth is the ultimate freedom in my book.

Just a little reflection.
Have a Karmically Charmed day!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Curry was the Case that They Gave Me

Today I made curry. You know, mortar and pestle to crush the herbs, the coconut milk and jasmine rice. Everyone was please if I do say so myself. It was nice to be back in the kitchen after so long. cover your chicken with the herbs and spices and pan sear briefly in olive oil.

 Get the aromatics going. I kept it simple with just onions and bell pepper.
Drain off the oil from your chicken, and add 8oz of either water or in my case, chicken broth, add the aromatics and add 1/2 to 3/4 cup of coconut milk.
 Start your rice...cook according to package instructions....This fragrant and taste rice adds another level of flavor to the dish.

Simmer your chicken for about 30 minutes. I didn't add cornstarch because it's summer and it seemed too heavy, so I thought a nice light curry broth would be best.

That's all for tonight.
Watch that Karma so you dont have to watch your back.
Love and Light


Friday, July 23, 2010

This is what happens when no one fact checks

So everyone knows about the whole Sherrod debacle by now and my only question is for the left. WTH? No one is in charge of fact checking? Why would you even attempt to take anything these days at face value without giving it at least a preliminary scan if you're just not interested in some long-drawn out in depth probe? I expect what I expect from the Right. Period. They haven't surprised me yet unfortunately. But come on know better than to hop-to based on anything out of the jowls of the Right.
Now I'm no Lefty nor am I on the Right but I'm certainly a liberal and even I don't take everything I read in my favorite liberal rags and podcasts at face value.
Heads have already rolled, so now what? Unreal!

On another topic :
New effort to benefit homeless prevention programs near five military bases.
Under the new Veterans Homelessness Prevention Demonstration Program (VHPD), existing HUD grantees or 'Continuums of Care' located near the following military installations will each receive $2 million: MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida; Camp Pendleton in San Diego, California; Fort Hood in Killeen, Texas; Fort Drum in Watertown, New York; and Joint Base Lewis-McChord near Tacoma, Washington. In addition, VA medical centers in the following areas will each receive $1 million: Tampa, San Diego, Dallas, Syracuse, New York; and American Lake in Washington.

Excellent! I am behind any program that helps citizens who are without adequate resources. I know some awesome veterans (and some LESS than awesome ones) and have more than a few vets in my family. I like knowing that we (as a Nation) are constantly working to get it right for our soldiers and their families.
I tell my conservative friends that the one thing you dont want is a bunch of impoverished and desparate people living around you (especially ones with combat training). Rather than running them off, why not help? You never know when someone is going to have to pick you, dust you off and give you back some basic dignities. Everyone is worth something (even if all they do to brighten your life is get their toxic behinds out of your life each person is worth at least a little something).

Anyway, it's Friday so it's Happy Hour night with some friends from my bookstore days (damn I loved that job--before all the crazy changes). No gym today which may change if I can get in a 15 minute sprint directly after work, of course I could always go later since it's 24Hour Fitness, meh, we'll see. I'm trying to get into tip top shape for my annual trip to the Grand Canyon and this time I really wanna get down and back up Bright Angel Trail.
Bah! For Ren Faire I am gonna be a Barbarian Fairy. I know it sounds kinda crazy and really silly but I like Barbarians and Fairies so...why not a marriage?
I know, lame, but I dont mind lame if you have a good time and no one gets hurt.

Love and Light
Good Karma to all

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Other Stuff I Dig

I use my iPhone at the gym because I can listen to Pandora radio. If you don't know what this is then let me tell you, its only the best internet radio (for free) that I have come across in the hot minute that I have been all tech savvy. You can create a radio station around a song you like by simply pressing the create station tab and typing in the name of the song! Pandora then opens up a world of like music for you (get how I got all box-like). Anyway, I was listening to an old hip-hop group that my friend Troy put me on to called Blood of Abraham and they are awesome. Through Pandora I was able to find more groups like them that I had never even heard of and a number of them that I did, like Del the Funkehomosapien. I love that darn station.

In other news, I'm a little concerned about getting involved in Mayor Bill White's campaign for Governor. That is I was until I read all the stats on the current Governor Rick Perry. I can't believe the stuff Perry has pulled and I just want him out. So I guess I'm gonna be helping out Mayor White who may be too honest for politics (Jimmy Carter). We'll see.

all for now
Wishing you love and light and good karma

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Oh Just a Bunch of Nerd Stuff

Sigh...I'm concerned about someone who is not even close to being a friend but I think we likely could have been had things been different in our lives. I cant believe I feel any level of empathy for the person but I do. I truly do. I really hope it all works out well for them, and I wish I could do something to help. I cant of course but I would if I could. My spiritual beliefs teach me that the way to enlightenment is to lead another out of the dark, and the way to realizing richness in our lives is to aid another out of poverty (in whatever form, literal or figurative). The way to heal a broken heart (for those who are not obliviously clueless as to what one is--lucky them I reckon) is to love openly through the pain. Man does it hurt though, I mean it is a real S.O.B. but you learn more about love and life during the loss of both. That being said, I hope anyone with Karmic debts gets the chance to make good on them with the universe, with a minimum of collateral damage. Peace. Now on a lighter note-----

Well, today was a busy day at work, I like it but it is challenging, especially for the lowly trainee, who, by the way, becomes a regular cubicle drone as of September. That means my grade changes, which means my pay changes, Yippee! I know, yippee is pretty lame but, yippee. I change tax brackets but I also get to change lifestyles. It's been a long road out of the mud for sure but mud is good for the skin so, I'm gonna guess it was worth it.

I noticed that the chubby chasers were in full force today at the gym. What's that about? When I was in the market for someone who digs the fluff, I dont remember no buff dudes hounding me on the streets, and believe me, I woulda remembered for sure. Now it's all "oh do you need a hand with those weights" and "Here, let me help you set the machine, you sit down and I'll adjust" with my giant manly muscles (okay I added that bit). Still...what gives?

Oh oops, Dragon-Con is in September not in August, I jumped the gun because I'm so freaking excited. I am gonna be in primo, star-gazing/chasing shape. Last year I shook hands with the legendary skin job Saul Tigh from Battlestar Gallactica! I just stood there with my mouth open while he shook my hand. LOL. and Yes he has a real name but it just doesn't seem relevant. If the Dr. Who crowd from this season is there then I am gonna lose it for sure! God, Sci-Fi is fun!

Oh snap, Adrian and I went to see the Eagles last month at the Toyota Center! Awesome seats and the concert was Wonderful! I mean we went to last year's "Hell Freezes Over Tour" and it was sublime but this year's "Long Road Out Of Eden Tour" was even better! Those old dudes still got it! We missed the Doobie Brothers, although I can't imagine how. I watch the concert sites like a hawk for my favs, like Tom Petty, Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Knicks, Sting (who is actually coming to Houston's Cynthia Mitchel Woods Pavillion this year) and a myriad of others I dig. Anyway they got by us, con-sarn-it! LOL.

I know, you're checking out my playlist and wondering how you too can be this Cool! hahahaha
Love and light
Good Karma to all,

Sunday, July 18, 2010

What a difference self Reflection Makes

Well, I haven't been here in a while because frankly, I've become a FaceBook junkie and everyone I wanna talk to is there. It's an instant gratification kinda thing I suppose. This isn't to say that I don't have a ton stuff to yak endlessly about, its just a matter of dragging myself over here to talk about it.

The job is going well. I'm learning to be better at serving our veterans everyday and I actually enjoy what I do, I still belong in a classroom though and so I will be heading back to classes next month to keep plugging away at that certification and M.Ed in Secondary Education.

I start volunteer work soon, the plan is to do veteran services outreach so that I can really begin to be a force in politico-activism (if there is indeed such a thing).

DRAGON-CON is coming up in Atlanta next month and of course I bought my plane ticket over a month ago with points I earned throughout the year. Awesome. Who knew that managing your life rather than just pulling a day by day could be so fruitful. The Artist is doing well, he made some amazing progress in one of his young adult tales and honestly, from what I have read it is excellent. The artwork ain't too shabby either, but then I'm biased.

I am still sticking it to my fat cells and am like a gym junkie these days. Water aerobics twice a week break up the monotony of my regular daily workouts (I don't work out Friday nights--party night!).

My friends are wonderful as always and making dramatic changes in their lives for their betterment. I am well loved and I'm thankful to the point of mushy (but then, I've always been the sensitive type).

Positivity yields positivity, believe me. I was so negative a while ago and all it brought was sadness and misery. I had to make a conscious effort on the daily to just find a silver lining. I went nuts with pain for a long time but it got me nowhere. I had a retail management job that I didn't care for, even though to this day I LOVE retail as career. I was eating poorly. I wasn't working out and I was blaming myself for things that were the responsibility of others. I internalized the shortcomings of the people I had in my life at the time. I just felt trapped in my emotions all the time. Then I went into myself and really asked some difficult questions. I found that I constantly put others first (not in the way you think)--I worried about others finding me accessible and useful to them. I never thought about how I could be accessible and useful to me first.
Now, I look out for me. I make myself happy so that I can be a source of happiness for others. I let my friends know when they have hurt me and I apologize sincerely when I hurt them, because I care about them and I value them as a part of my life. I value ME so they value me.
I can't believe that something as simple as self acceptance can make one so abundantly happy but here I am.

Well I'm planning my 40th birthday trip to the Mediterranean with one of my best gal-pals (shout out to Adrian) for 2011 (when I actually turn 40).
This year for my 39th in December I plan to visit California (shout out to you Suzy-Que) and of course in January, I have my annual trip to Arizona for the trek to the Grand Canyon with one of my favorite couples and two of my favorite individuals The Guthries.

Love and Light and good Karma to all.


Monday, June 7, 2010

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dream a Little Dream...

It's the little things, like a smile in dreams.


Pay your debts, remember the rule of reciprocity--you get what you give.
I give you love,hugs, and peace!
Karmically Yours

Monday, March 22, 2010

Yes I'm One of those--BABY PICS!!! AVA

The time BEFORE mealtime! LOL
And Nap Time!!!! Whew!

That's all for now friends...
Lots of love and hugs and most importantly PEACE!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Meet Ava Karynn 2-22-10, 9lbs 4oz! Whew!!!!


Haven't been about in a while, haven't read any blogs in a while, wont be for a while.

I've got some living and spoiling to do, thank you very much.
Karma---(what does anyone do to deserve a blessing like this?)
Buckets of smiles and hugs and love!
Peace, if I don't see you in a while!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

I Think the Secret May very well be in the sauce

My new favorite place to find smiles has to be on the SITS site! Seriously, with all the serious stuff going on that can turn you sour there are some ladies out there offering sunshine through the eyes of their little ones and for that I am thankful. Sometimes you just gotta see a child's face and just like that, you know it wont end with you. Most importantly you know that Hope, cant and wont abandon you because there are children in the world, counting on us to keep it all together just long enough for them to grow into the people who will carry us when we need a shoulder.
Thanks Moms and Dads! and Thanks ever so Mommy Bloggers I have discovered on SITS!

Now for my List!

  • Cleveland of all places for 3 weeks starting Tuesday! I am told snow is in the forecast, I need new boots.
  • The Artist is still cooking up a storm thank goodness. I haven't had to lift a finger in forever.
  • Classes have begun and I already love my Classroom Management Course. 
  • Everyone thinks I am insane for wanting to teach highschool but I know that is where I belong.
  • Finally got the third degree framed and it looks awesome, now to get it on the wall (that goes for the two undergrad ones that are also custom framed and still resting on the floor near my completely out of order filing cabinet.
  • Finally the dreadlocks will get maintained, I'll post a pic, maybe a before and after. Wait, no way, they look far too ratty right now.
  • It may be time to start seriously thinking about foster parenting in preparation for adopting in the future. I want pre-pubescents but no children younger than 4 or 5 years of age. I am fully prepared to foster siblings in danger of being split up. I couldnt imagine losing parents and then brothers or sisters also. Yeah, I'll definitely take siblings.
  • Still happy, despite Cleveland trip, there is something to be said for positive outlooks and decisive action for personal happiness and satisfaction.
  • Could someone please tell me why I got the message that His (the deadbeat,cheating,fake from up North of course) Doctor's appointment is on the 28th of January on my voicemail? He is sucking the life and youth out of someone else now (seriously, I know feel sorry for her. She ended up with a serious piece of work), shouldnt she be getting the calls?
  • I cant wait to see the Wolfman with Benicio Del Toro!
  • Turns out union employees get a discount with my cell phone carrier so woo hoo for me!
That's all, stay true, pay your debts and keep your word!
Karmically yours '

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Laundry List Of...

  • I have been following the race in Massachusetts, and it looks like Brown's in and Cockley's out. I can't even begin to discuss this. I have a myriad of beefs with the whole Filibuster Business and the Health Care Reform issue. I just can't get started or I may not stop.
  • I watched the MSNBC special with Chris Mathews, Tom Joyner and Jeff Johnson among many others and while it was interesting and entertaining I think the idea that we can discuss relevant black issues once a year, during what Jeff Johnson calls "Black Season" is rather naive and down right absurd.
  • I agree with Johnson, trying to cram in all of the relelvant topics and issues into a little over a month (From MLK day through February) is silly. We need to be talking about black issues and most certainly we all need to be constantly dialoguing(sp) about race far more frequently. It has gotten to the point where we (The Collective Nation) knows that different races exist but that is as far as our understanding of one another goes. People of other races are worried that they will offend someone if they even say the word black and WE (Blacks) can't let go of the damn "N-word" long enough for our kids to recognize it for the demoralizer that is and always will be.
  • Are people still having unprotected sex in this day and age in a country with awareness coming out of its freaking ears? YEP! I spoke to a friend today who found that she had an STD (not HIV but hell, rolling the dice is rolling the damn dice)! This mental giant told me that they met in an upscale night spot and that he, get this..."LOOKED CLEAN". Well dress me in pigtails and call it the 70s! Are you kidding? I can't even....I just can't.
  • I am not crazy about traveling to Cleveland for 2 1/2 weeks but at least it's a place I have never been and I can get a little bit of exploring done.
  • I am crazy about the fact that I get to see the Grand Canyon once again with my homies "The Guthries" Ryan would love to read that sentence, he fancies himself quite the hipster.
  • Last night's pot roast was divine if I do say so myself! The potatoes were too salty though (Yeah I admit it).
  • Despite my moaning about the world I am still on top of it! I need meditate more often (still trying to get into a routine of organized living, especially since we want to move out of state by 2012). The thing is that I am so disorganized because I am so happy! Go Figure!
It aint too late to live that life you've been meaning to live so get to it!
Drop that coward (you know who you are)
Karmically yours

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

And Still, Happy New Year!

Okay so, the year is humming along. It already feels like it is moving too fast. I can’t believe how busy I have gotten since I decided to change my attitude about life more than a year and a half ago. First of all, there is just too much to do in a day so I need to really try to organize and utilize some time management skills or rather develop some decent ones. I have the info on the training trip to Cleveland (of all places) and I am really excited about it. I plan to go hiking and most importantly I plan to trace the literary steps of Langston Hughes! Exciting. Have I said exciting enough yet? I’m getting really comfortable with the new job and the training so far. I am starting to feel more confident with veteran’s needs and I really feel good about what I can accomplish for our service men and women (yes even a certain loser in particular). Anyway, I received a response from Callalou Literary Magazine about a scholarly paper I submitted, they rejected it BUT, they actually read it and provided detailed feedback! I couldn’t believe it! They discussed specific points I made and offered suggestions on how to improve my assertions through specific research and idea development. So COOL!

My friends and I have started a book/writing group yet again and my goal is to be more consistent in posting and discussing the given book/topics. This will be quite a challenge on top of the fact that cooking is still on a front burner as well (even though The Artist has recently started cooking and is amazing at it due to his great attention to detail).

I wont be able to travel to Nevada until the end of February because my training isn’t over in time for the President’s day holiday so I have to use a day of annual leave at the end of the month to make the trip which is actually a better idea. That way I will have the opportunity to take a breather between travels!

This Friday we have an event with the Museum of Fine Arts after hours that I am looking forward to. We also have to get things ready for the now annual Atlanta trip for Dragon-Con which I still have not posted pictures of here but heck if you wanna see them go to my Facebook page as it is wide open for all to see. No worries there is nothing skanky (well some of the people at The Con were kinda grody) on my page so the kiddies can check it out also.

Then there is the HUGE possibility of moving to Portland. I have friends there already, the art/creativitiy scene is perfect for us as well as the all natural sorta lifestyle we wanna get ever closer too. It doesn’t help that our friends in AZ are planning to move there also so…

Man! Still happy. Is content a better word? Maybe? Either way, the way we view ourselves and our options is indicative of the kind of life that will present itself to us. But hey, I’m just a rogue Pagan, trying to worship Nature and promote peace so what the heck do I know?

Be decent, be true, be brave, dump the cowards and promote good Karma by giving what owe to the world.

Karmically Yours,


Thursday, January 7, 2010

So This Is What It's Like

to start the New year off right! Already off to a banging start! FORGIVE THE TYPOS PLEASE
I have to go to Cleveland of all places for 3 weeks at the end of this Month, then I am off to my annual Grand Canyon trek with the wonderful Guthries! The Artist will accompany me this year which will be a blast. The Artist got to celebrate his birthday (which happens to be the same Month and day of the year as the bloke who wrote The Lord of the Rings) with our friends for Breakfast/Brunch and he had a great time. He isnt really very hard to please so a small gathering with the funniest freaking people on the planet was right on the spot for him!
I have reconnected with the old roomies which I am exceedingly grateful for and started the New Year laughing and dancing with family and friends. Honestly I have yet to stop smiling, I am happy. Busy, but happy as all get out. I plan to spend this year with the people I care about, working towards the things that will bring us all closer together. That said, a big move is in the works and since a pair of my closest friends already live in desired city and more of my closest friends are moving there as well it is a no-brainer that we should pull up stakes and find a place to plant roots!
I am happy and I hope you are too.
Be decent, keep your word, be brave and be yourself!
Karmically Yours

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

I couldnt begin to talk about the New Year yet because I am still in the middle of celebrating with friends and family. I'll just say that I love my friends, I love my family and I love life. This year is already turning out to be the year of making life happen! If someone had told me in 2007 that 2010 would start this stellar I wouldnt have believed it! Options are the luxury of 2010 for me and mine! I'll get more in depth later but for now, HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Trust Nature, trust your gut, keep your word, be decent and DUMP the dead weight or you will surely sink!
Karmically yours