Wednesday, May 30, 2012

BAH!!!! Phoenix comic Con pics are...

forthcomming! I have a ton of pics from the convention and from the Lowell Observatory to share! But I just got back last night and I have to work today so it will be later tonight and possibly tomorrow when I get all the pics up for all to see. Oh and you likely will have to check them out on Facebook rather than here since really, I dont get to much traffic here.  I could start linking my Facebook, twitter and blog page together but do people really wanna read me rambling about the tiny details of my I  try to ramble over here to myself and post the big fun stuff on Twitter and Facebook.  Anyhoo!!! I had an amazing time, I sat within arms length of some fantastic celebs (at dinner and breakfast) and got turned on to some shows I am definietly gonna check out! did I mention that Levar Burton sang READING RAINBOW theme song?!?!?! yeah, I died! it was fantastic!

Happy Karma

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Here there and everywhere

So I have had good month so far. Phoenix Comic-con is next weekend and I can’t wait. I have never been to a straight up Comic convention; I usually go to Dragon-Con which encompasses a number of genres and mediums for fantasy, science fiction and comic books.  Usually I take a trip to Phoenix to visit the Guthrie’s and the Grand Canyon, this year, I pushed the trip back to a hotter time apparently and also for a longer stretch of time (5 days) so that we can all do both.  Watson isn’t coming to this one because of projects he has to complete but he is attending Dragon Con. 
Oh, my weight loss is going much, much smoother now that I have gotten into a routine of heating 90 percent veggie and 10 percent other along with no less than one hour of exercise per day. I can’t see the difference but other can and I can really feel the difference which is far more important. 
Anyway, my baby cousin got married yesterday and it was really lovely. He and his wife are so happy together and it was beyond wonderful to see.

Battleship was uhm FUN! Not deep or anything but that’s not really a big deal when you’re checking out a genre movie because its genre. And big ups to Rhianna for being in a sci-fi movie as a hero…all the heroes of my life have been black women so I dig seeing them on the big screen and in a genre I love. Huge kudos to the casting director for the diversity represented in the film. It looked like a real representation of America and it was beautiful.
Well that’s all for now,
Happy Karma!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Todays post is brought to you by
  1. My Wilson-Phillips/Olivia Newton Jon/ABBA music mix
  2. The Avengers opening today in a theater near you
  3. the tablespoon of finely ground flaxseed in my breakfast juice mix
  4. the inch and 2 pounds I lost in the last week by adding 80 really busted looking crunches to my day (I really look like I have NEVER actually Met my limbs—awkward)
  5. starting my second 27 ounce bottle of water with lemon
  6. a slight back fat shift that makes me look taller (look, I’m not gonna explain it to you so don’t ask. I’m TALLER damn-it)
  7. Getting off work an hour early
And last but not least, this status update is brought to you by FRIDAY Jive Turkeys!!!

Have a Karmically delicious day!