Sunday, September 23, 2012

Wow! I havent blogged since May?

My first time seeing a science fiction movie I was maybe 7 or 8, the movie was called Food of the Gods and it came on television one morning on Houston’s channel 39.
I had seen my fair share of science fiction/fantasy/supernatural shows, as we were a house of Twilight Zone, Dark Shadows and Ripley’s Believe It or Not (the unbelievable elements in the show made it a favorite at casa de Snowden). 
I had seen some Godzilla and Mothra stuff too. 
My Big brother was a fan of 3 things when we were kids,1. monsters, 2. kung fu (he now has his black belt in some sort of “fu” and his belt test LITERALLY consisted of fighting a room full of other “fu” belted people and breaking a cement block with his hand) and 3. of course the last thing is  Elvis (don’t ask).   
Anyway, because he was older, my big brother Tracy typically chose the shows we watched and he wanted to see one of those three things I just mentioned.   
This explains my love of sci-fi, ninjas and of course badass costumes (although I only like movie Elvis not so much concert Elvis. Get this, Elvis had a thing for kung fu too so my big brother is in good company). 

Whatever, so one morning I was waiting for Kung Fu Theater to come on and it didnt. Some other baloney (bologna?) came on that was goona be so out of the box, my face was gonna liquify and my soul was gonna escape my body (It really sounded that terrifying when I was a kid and I of course couldnt freaking wait!) Suffice it to say the trailer was RIGHT! 
I watched Food of The Gods and my mind was BLOWN! I loved it! From that point on, Every creature that wasn’t human that I came across had the potential to lay waste to the world if somehow infected with some amazing agent cooked up by the government or aliens or even some kook in our apartment complex.  The world was wide open and there was room for EVERYTHING and nothing!
I was home in my knowledge of it all.  Here is a trailer for the movie and it has the nerve to be on Netflix right now so check it out! 

This post was a little all over the place because I am rusty. I have to blog more!
Later Taters