Friday, December 24, 2010

The Pagan in Me

loves this episode of Seinfeld because I would love a holiday that was openly all about the person worshiping rather than the fake platitudes of whats really available....

Happy Karma

Sunday, December 5, 2010

What's With

with all the crazy weather around here lately. I like to think that it has to do with the changes of the people affected, hopefully for the better. I wonder about where we might be going socially and politically in the Dirty South. I have a lot to keep me thinking we wont ever cease being a region run by fear, oil and good ole boys but the optimist in me wont let me go completely over the edge.

In other news, The Guthries will be here for New Years which is awesome. I miss my progressive, forward thinking friends. To be fair I have plenty progressive, forward thinking friends around me but they don't really share my spiritual point of view as well as the Guthries, Queen Guthrie in particular. So I can't wait. I still wanna visit Suzy-Q in California but I was just too busy and bogged down to orchestrate it this year. Between getting promoted at work (which came with a nice increase to say the least, not having to worry about money all the time eases a lot of stress), getting school straight for next semester, trying for a part time teaching gig at the local community college (I turned down that position with University of Phoenix after doing a bit of research on them. Yeah, no thanks!), travel took a huge back seat after my trip to Atlanta in September for Dragon-Con.
I need to get my annual trip to the Grand Canyon together for February and then there is the trip to Italy and of course Next year's Dragon Con to think about.
My finals are next week and then I will be free and clear until the middle of January. The private Catholic University I attend has a ton of activities planned for the holiday season and even though Christmas doesn't speak to me spiritually, I do love the decorations, the food, the symbology and of course the historical elements of the faith.
I'm happy and I deserve to be. So do you.
I'm still dealing in Karma of course and I try to keep it positive and only invite positivity into my space and let me tell you, I can't believe that it's only been 3 years since my life took a turn for the BETTER and I don't even remember the bitter, broken-hearted soul I was.
I remember when I said that my heart had been broken 3 years ago and I got laughter from the offending party and the partner in residence at the time for my trouble. Oh how I wished some heavy stuff on them and was miserable everyday thinking about how I wanted their lives to fail. I hate the person I was when I wished them ill. I can't even begin to think about how pathetic you have to be to wish someone bad because you feel bad. I really hope they are well and not just because I am. I hope they are well because we all deserve happiness, contentment and respect.
Although I have to say that I still have a hard time respecting women who pursue men in relationships even if they aren't married; I still find it desperate and despicable and if a women believes that a man she shares space with is fair game until a ring is on the finger is a different creature from me wholly. I mean I was living with him and supporting their conversations and instant messages at the time and getting over reading them messages about ME was hard to do but I did. I learned from that that women should practice more solidarity and respect for one another even if it means being alone until the relationship changes organically. I have to appreciate them for that because I really believe women owe one another something and I make it a point to practice this belief completely. Thanks for that folks, sincerely.
That ugly stuff is for sure water under the bridge and I am much better for the lessons learned from my sister females in pursuit of men.
Be kind, respect the space of others and above all, pay your debts.

Happy Karma

Friday, December 3, 2010

I'm Inspired to Write by

Reading authors who know and love their audience. When I was a kid, I was emotional, and quiet, Oh I was pretty funny when I chose to open my mouth but mostly I was a shy, crybaby book worm. One day I was sitting in the living room reading Iggy's House by Judy Blume circa 1970. That book made me feel so grown up because it was a young adult book and I was not even close to being a young adult, and it dealt with friends moving and interestingly enough, race. I recommend the book to any kid who just wants to read about something that is not saccharine and doesn't have a multitude of sexual context like a number of the young adult books going around right now.
Anyway, the main character Winnie wasn't a carbon copy of the people around her, she was a kid and she was important enough to write about. I found this so inspiring because I felt, tiny, sad and insignificant with my oddities, gap-tooth grin which I constantly tried to hide, kinky hair and dark skin. That book made me feel important. The writer didnt know me but she me made me feel important. she made me think about life beyond my pre-pubescent melodramatic angsty existence and on the day I finished that book, I began to write myself into being. I placed myself in interesting places and vowed to visit New York since that was where Iggy moved to in the book. I am inspired by writers who know their audience and everything I write is written with my audience in mind and I have Judy Blume to thank for that initially and a multitude of others to thank subsequently.
I am inspired to write by female writers who write about females in ways that matter to females.
I know it's kinda sappy but hey, it's true and it's me.
Happy Karma