Thursday, February 5, 2009

Where is all the Change? It's Been 2 Weeks! Wasnt Bush Still on Vacation at this point in his first term?

Its been 2 weeks already!!!!!
I'm starting to wonder if we are in any way a United States....
If we don't get our heads out of our asses and ACT like we have a number of dire problems to solve we are more than sunk.

Do you really think that 2 weeks is enough time to cure a nation's illnesses?
Do you really think that all the issues facing our Country only happened in the last 2 weeks?
Do you think that execs should be getting millions in bonus dollars from the taxpayer cache?
Do you think it is fine that 1200 people camped out for 35 job openings in the fucking cold while some were standing around in their pricey suits telling me that damn tax breaks will do those people a favor come the first of the month????
Do you think that we can continue to give a damn about about bashing an individual (under the guise of Christianity) while whole families are wrecked because of economics and politics and sour fucking grapes?

STOP calling yourself a fucking Christian. Every time I see You (this is general) calling yourself that I wonder about all that love and kindness tempered with faith in your divine One is hiding, or rather rotting---if it ever even existed....
I am so angry that I can't be quiet anymore. Duck and cover...