Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Boys II Men makes a comeback

and I LOVE it! Charlie Wilson is on the cd and he and the group blend very well! I dont know why I started my post this way because I have no intention of yakking about music.  I want to yak about Renaissance Fair. I found the fur fabric I like and Myclette has no choice but to help me make the darn thing! You should see her freaking designs for her costume!!! In a word AWESOME. She has already finished the top and seriously it is way nice. Hopefull she can help me put mine together.  You know, someone recently told me I should grow up. Now I don't know what they think grow up is but I assured them that I am plenty grown. Apparently for most people, growing up means not watching The Cartoon Network and tossing out your comic books. For me it means living life on your own terms and transcending the bull-crap to get to the good stuff. Dude, I'm a nerd and my friends are nerds...and I have to say it, we Rock like a boat! ZING! Anyway, I have started getting annonymous comments again about really old crap. I deleted them but I really don't like them because it's like someone is trying to stir up hot garbage.  I blame myself becasue of the public way I reacted to something personal so now any number of people (who likely think they are being my friend in a weird way) could be trying to start junk. Look, whomever you are, please quit it. Just stop. No harm no foul but seriously. I'd rather you didnt start poking at people, especially me. That said, I am going to an event today about Breast Cancer awareness that I am really excited about. The event is THIS, which is pretty nice. Breast Cancer Awareness is near and dear to me as I lost one of the most beautiful people in my life to the disease this year and a Professor I had, Dr. Susan Ahern recently lost her battle with the disease this week. Sigh...
Oh yeah!!! I have ALL of my Halloween decorations up and let me tell you...pretty darned impressive! If you're my facebook bud you can see them so go check them out. The neighborhood kids are pretty stoked about the treats they may get from our spot so YAY Us! LOL!
On that note I think I'll get out in the world and spread some joy...see y'all out there.
Happy Karma!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Exhausted, But doing pretty well...

I'm so tired! Not because I'm old mind you, but I of course am pretty old but because I made the mistake of doing a bunch of crap all at the same time. Who does that? Me!
  • So I moved (to a much much bigger place with lots of space and a huge-ish kitchen)
  • got A TON of dental work done (shame on me for the state of my teeth!), which has really been tough on my old body! I got the impressions for my crowns done yesterday and was sick as a dog today! Sheesh. Maybe it was that goop you bite down on or the Shots to the mouth or my Anemia or all of the above!
  • Consolidated my jillions of dollars in school loans (if only I could play deadbeat like some people who will remain nameless), 
  • started looking for a new car (Dodge Charger please! Can I just say that the Charger looks like it could punch other cars in the face or grill or whatever! But I'll  probably get something far more economical and practical--I would love a hybrid!).
  • I finally started on my costume for Renaissance Faire (Barbarian Invasion!) 
  •  write my movie reviews AND maybe put them on youtube or maybe podcast them weekly in addition to submitted some to some really cool websites like the review I wrote for RevolutionSyFy which can be found right here
  • And to top it off I need a washer and dryer.
I have this idea that I want things to be squared away by my 40th birthday in December and I can just begin fresh and new ya know. I dont know, is there a fresh and new at 40? I think so or rather I hope so...well I have a friend who is a bit older and you wouldnt know it unless you asked her what age she was so I think that gives me hella hope for a fountain of youth sort of life in my years to come.
  • Oh I forgot, I want to go on some adventures. Not the hairbrained zany kind that end with carnivorous earwigs eating out your frontal lobe in South America but you know maybe some rafting or hang gliding or seeing the Louvre before I take the big dirt nap?
This post qualifies as a sci-fi post because I talked about my movie review on RevolutionSyFy and gave a link to it so there!
Happy Karma Folks!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Moving is just too much work!

So we moved into a new place. It is bigger and more aesthetically pleasing than our last place.  We still have a lot of stuff to clean out of the old place but we have until the 19th to get it done so no biggie. Whenever I move, I get this rush of excitement and anxiety all bundled into one mega-emotion. I don’t know if it is because I feel overwhelmed by the transition and responsibility of having to take care of a new place or what. I like the feeling because it means that I am not stagnant and comfortable. I also like the feeling if I know that I have the skills to conquer the new challenges or at least can acquire the skills in a decent span of time. My point is coming:
I fell asleep watch Terra Nova last night, NOT because it sucked but because I was really tired from the move. But on the show people were still getting to know the terrain and taking a survival skills class that included making fire for warmth, to keep unwanted predators at bay, for cooking and of course for setting fire to bell-towers lousy with hunchbacks.  There was a navigation class teaching folks how to find north using the moss of tree and what grubs make for good eatin’ when the rations run low. I was watching it while nodding off, thinking through a sleepy-eyed haze about how I might fair in such a situation. Can I make fire? Can I find North? Do I know an edible herb when I see one? The answer to all 3 questions is uhm NO! I use my phone’s GPS when traveling on FOOT and driving in my car. I don’t know what plant will keep me breathing, give me a killer rash or close my windpipe; essentially suffocating me with my own stupidity, laziness and apathy. That being said I think I’ll check with leisure learning for a survivalist class or at the very least I’ll watch more episodes of that show with Bear Grylls…yeah, that’s probably enough!