Friday, September 13, 2013

This is not my Review of Riddick...

Well, although the weather would have us think otherwise, summer is over. Kids are back in school and parents are breathing a bit easier I suppose. I'm still shaking off the Con-crud I picked up from 4 days at Dragon Con but it was certainly worth the trouble for sure. I went to writing panel hosted by Michael Stackpole while I was there about writing serial novels and it was extremely enlightening. I bought the book, well I bought the writers career starter pack which included 21 days to a novel, rules for writing and how to write a serial novel. I only recently started going through the material and it has really gotten me moving which made that 10 dollar investment well worth the cash!

I think my biggest issue with writing is being too....I dont know a good word for it (and I call myself a writer). I like to write about world ending scenarios. Give me an apocalypse and I'm at home if I'm being completely honest. I also like to incorporate strong females of color (black, Asian, native-American). Further still I like to have other typically marginalized characters. What happens to disabled individuals during a post apocalyptic rebuild? People in wheelchairs? People with learning disabilities or otherwise mentally impaired or differently-able? Everytime I see a sci-fi type post apocalyptic type movie, ethnic minorites and the disabled seem to be conspicuosly absent, unless they need someone for us to sympathize with for 10 minutes before they kill them off and then get back to the business of the same old cast of characters saving the earth, saving themselves or putting civilization back to rights...(dont get me started on Riddick.  That's a rant for another time).

My point is that even though I see the omissions I have to fight against the urge to fall in line for the sake of gaining a guaranteed audience, which would honestly make my writing a lie if I did fall in line.

I'm not sure if this post landed where I wanted it or if I was even aiming at a landing pad but there it is. I guess I'll get back to that book, my writing isnt gonna write itself (is that anyway to construct a sentence? Probably not but there it is and I'm decidedly sleepy so...

Monday, September 9, 2013

September is moving right along

Well some jerk hit my parked car and kept going. Which of course sucked but on the bright side my insurance provider was pretty swift with helping me and filing the police report was not as much of a hassle as I thought it would be. All in all things went pretty smoothly in that regard. I suppose if I were more of a hot head things could have really soured really fast. Luckily I don’t deal with my problems in ways that aren’t ultimately productive and optimistic. 
 I usually conquer my problems in my head during my drive to work or home or some other long drive. I just turn off the music and start hammering out the issues. I know that other people have different ways of dealing with life’s little mishaps. Some people feel as though you are somehow doing it wrong if you don’t share all of your worries and fears with the people around you. Ugh, those people who do that are real downers. Those people are walking wounds. They are what many consider deep. They brood and look pensive. They furrow their brows and tent their fingers while intermittently sipping some stress relieving elixir while we alleged brutes quickly and methodically tackle our problems with a decisive hand and a stone-cold-sober head. And we are labeled detached and removed. We are accused of not feeling enough, not owning our feelings when the opposite is true. We take complete possession of our feelings ourselves. We don’t tell everyone every problem that arises; we fix most problems before many even realize there was a problem, if they ever realize it all. Six months in, we’re not juggling the same conundrum or feeling out a problem from a year ago. We aren’t punishing ourselves for past missteps. We are living with the consequences of every choice we have made prior and accept it on an empty stomach. I’m glad of that.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Dreaming of Dragon Con...

I know, I know,
Its been forever since I blogged....

So I went to Dragon Con this year and as always, it did not disappoint! I got to spend 5 blissful days geeking out at Nerdvana without having to bring it down a notch for the normal folks. Now of course I have a ton of pics and some hilarious videos to share which I have of course already uploaded to my facebook account. If you havent ever gone to a convention I highly reccommend it as soon as humanly possible. First you get to indulge your passions without people saying how childish you are or how these things are for kids. And more importantly you get to spend time with like minded people talking about thinkgs you all love and respect. It can be a real treat after a year of tucking your geekdom under your hat so as not to annoy the "cool kids". I know when I tell some people about my love of all things science fiction/fantasy and Cheesy B movies they either give me that smile Mom's give kids that says "awww that's cute" or those friends who straight up tell you how ridiculous you are with sentences like "wow, that's different," which means that's silly.
Of course if I were obsessing over Scandal, or Basketball Wives or a favorite sports team I'd be perfectly acceptable and even applauded.
That's cool. anyway you can see my pics on Facebook if we're facebook buds of course. Some of the cosplay galleries are public so check those out for sure.
Next year I plan to cosplay but it has to be a costume that is easy to travel with and comfortable enough to bustle about the Con in for at least the first 2 days...I'm thinking something video game related.
so what's everyone else been up to these days?