Sunday, March 10, 2013

Running is Hard...

you know, because of all the running. So I started running. Now, let me start at the beginning, I was working out diligently and eating clean and what have you and it was going first. Here's the thing about diet and exercise, you have to do something that can be consistent and sustainable for your lifestyle. Yeah so I fizzled out pretty hard for about a month and a half if I'm being honest. It all started with the sweet delicious holidays.
See we moved to this awesome new townhouse right around the middle of December. The thing is, we always throw a little holiday shindig on new years eve for all of our fellow nerd friends. I mean, now we have this annual awesome party that is ONLY for nerds! Where we eat, drink, and run our faces off about nerd stuff. It is wonderful and the people we have as friends are unbelievably fantastic!

So...wait! I skipped a part. We found the apartment in September and paid the deposit and everything to put it on hold for us when it became available. Then we started boxing everything. Since the kitchen was boxed we ate out for like 80% of all meals and at first it was fine. I had a multitude of salads but then I just got sick of salad and started to have a chicken sandwich here and there until I was just going balls to the wall on junk, all the while swearing to get back on the wagon the DAY we moved in. Of course then there was prep for the holidays and of course the party and then it was February and I had gained back 20 of the 50 pounds I lost which brings me to today. I'm eating better and jogging 3 times a week and doing other physical crap the rest of the time, (the other 4 days).
 I know, I know, I made promises about blogging diligently but this time I mean it. Especially since I am now on a better schedule and following a lifestyle change that fits me far better than the last one.  So for anyone who ever comes here, I promise (for reals this time) I'll do better.

Have a great day!