Monday, September 22, 2008

If I were a Sovereign Nation

Would I re-elect me as President? Good Question. I was sitting and thinking in the wee hours of the morning about the direction the nation (we'll call it Femigogland) and I wondered how the current leadership has helped or hindered the growth of Femigogland.
Certainly there have been gains and losses, wins and setbacks but overall has there been real growth on all measurable fronts, i.e. economic, social and military?

By Economics I mean the nations purse. Has there been a good measure of fiscal growth?
Short answer, Yes with an if.
Yes if one means that the bills are paid on time and there are not overdraft fees incurred at the bank .
Long answer, No with a but.
No if one means that the disposable income is at least 20% higher than last term which it isn't (it ain't bad but...)
So I am gonna have to rate the current president a

'C' on Economic Responsibility. Know any other C students (hint: rhymes with Push).
So far-- not so good--let's move on to Homeland Security...
Now about a year and some change ago Femigogland allied itself with a failing nation in efforts to help that nation rebuild and to make democracy a mainstay in that government. Suffice it to say, foreign aid was well received but quickly dismissed, leaving the coffers of Femigogland in a strained state. To combat this, Femigogland held steady for a time in a situation that should have prompted action. Out of fear of the unknown the nation once again faced a time of strained alliances and less than stellar relations with a foreign republic. Instead moving on the offense, Femigogland was forced to react defensively further depleting its purse. The citizens of Femigogland had a reliance on foreign support when they should have thought ahead and made a way of their own on domestic soil.
Fortunately Femigogland was able to re-establish itself on solid foundation and has begun to rebuild itself financially (Hurricane Ike was a setback but resulted in a more stable homeland security program). Protecting the borders of Femigogland has become of paramount concern in the last few months and certainly most recently. I'm not going to say that no new alliances have not been made. In fact there are some allies who have gained strength in light of the recent developments. In short Homeland security is much better now that reliance on foreign oil--er, I mean aid has been terminated but it took far too long to get there. the Homeland Security council earns a C- on this front.
Now comes the biggie, the state of our citizens themselves, i.e. social responsibility. In short this one gets a D-/F+. Health care--most importantly preventative care is little more than a dream floating out in the ether rather than a forseable reality for anyone within the borders of Femigogland. Nutrition has taken a back seat to the fast food nightmare that is the new norm in this nation. The proletariat is unwell and frankly without a healthy working class the nation is doomed.
If I am to get re-elected I must make immediate and decisive changes to remedy the health care crisis in which we now find ourselves (here in Femigogland of course).
So I guess I have my answer, NO I would not and should not elect the last president to a new term, I should as a nation, steady and ready myself for a new norm that makes fiscal responsibility, social health and wealth and diplomacy the mainstay and rejects overspending, bullying and outsourcing to make a fast buck and a sickly, angry, overworked middle class.

I think it may be time for a new normal...Would you re-elect you?
Be safe be true and don't think Karma lost your number....

Friday, September 19, 2008

Seems like a mighty long time

Sup' yall! Well I made it through hurricane Ike with no damage to property and none to life and limb. I was without power for a full seven days and luckily I was able to get by with a little help from my friends.
I have lights and running water again so (I am pretty sure anyway) so I count myself quite well.
Not so many people were as lucky as me...
Later folks more to come (likely after I get my new computer next week since My old one is finally dead. the power surges really got the best of it I think).

be safe and be true and know that Karma is not random...