Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Happy New Year...15 days in of course!

So I’m back on the blogging trail for 2013 and let me tell you it isn’t going to be easy by a long shot. I finally got everything moved to the new place, cleaned the old place, threw and New year’s Party for Dorkus Emeritus members *that’s our sci-fi fantasy, comic book, movie group on Facebook*  then entertained some friends on New year’s day and then we celebrated Watson’s womb evacuation day! Needless to say my diet suffered as did my normal workout schedule! But it doesn’t matter because I’m back in the swing of things full force. I have a lot changes I want to make but they all started at the end of 2011 when I turned 40 so I guess my resolution is to continue on my journey through my 40s (I’m 41 now by the way). I can’t believe how much life has improved in the last couple of years and I am certain that I can keep the train moving forward. Now, as for writing… I know, I know, I need to be more diligent and honestly, I have absolutely no excuse for my lack of productivity except maybe space before I moved. But now I have tons of space, support and ideas so there is absolutely no excuse for my lack of inactivity. That being said I have decided to build a little garden on my oversized patio (*oh stop it! It is NOT an excuse to put off getting words on to paper*). Well, maybe I can work the garden into my routine along with writing (Yeah, that’s the ticket). So…what else? Oh clean eating is the new black I’m told. Everyone is all over it right now and I got a book of Clean Eating Recipes that I will certainly use at some point. The problem is that I just got the new 10 Dollar dinners cookbook and It has my full attention (*yeah another thing to distract me from facing a blank page*).

Enough about me, what are y’all doing? I think I’ll hit the interwebs and have a look around (*I know, I know! I’m gonna start writing RIGHT after that*)!

Have a great day