Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Muppets Fell Short but

Arthur Christmas was a HUGE triumph! Talk about an adorable feel good movie people! Arthur Christmas was heartwarming and sweet and it really made my day. The Muppets movie COULD have been that good but the guy who wrote decided that HE should play the lead role and what an abomination that mess was!!! Dont get me wrong, the Muppets were EXCELLENT in every single scene! That dude however was so freaking dull and boring that he massacred every single scene he was in! it was ridiculous!  The movie is still worth it to see even though that guy sucked!  LOL!  Anyway it is FINALLY cold here! Finally! Two days ago we were still having rain forest type weather. Muggy, Hot and bleh! Now it is wintery and cold and much more palatable!  I've been thinking about biscuits for some reason lately. I mean, literally thinking about fresh baked biscuits. I had a dream about some too a couple of nights ago. Why? I want to say it has to do with missing my Grandmother (her homemade biscuits and yeast rolls made me feel so good). I hope its about her because all my memories of her are wonderful!  She loved children and you could literally tell when she looked at you! Yeah, there are worse things to think about. I'll keep thinking of biscuits Granny and I love you!
Happy Karma

Saturday, November 26, 2011

So I basically just bought Video Games

for all the Black Friday Shopping there was to be had!  I hate shopping, especially for clothes which is why my closet is full of jeans, concert t-shirts and of course costumes.  I know, I know, I should be better at being a girl by now but who the hell knew there was no internal switch in your body that automatically set their phasers to CHICK when you got your boobs during puberty (no matter how late puberty decided to show itself). anyway, I got some stuff I'd been wanting and it was a decent haul. Gamestop had buy 2 pre-owned games get one free so I got Fallout New Vegas and the re-mastered TombRaider Trilogy and Afro Samurai was free! I also bought all three of the Uncharted games and they are just ridiculously cool. Not as cool as say a 39 year old black woman who dresses in costumes for Renaissance Festivals, saves all year for a sci-fi convention and of course plays video games where she is an explorer who hunts relics in Boliva but cool enough!  I'm not really big on the whole religious aspect of the holidays but I am a fan of people finding the time to be together at least once a year to eat, laugh, play and hug-it-out.  I can't imagine  how hard it is for soldiers to be apart from their loved ones all year only to have to watch others bitch and moan about other people being thankful.  You don't feel grateful, fine! You don't feel thankful for anything, ever, fine! But guess what, you get to feel that way and act on because someone you don't know is holding a rifle in a country you have never heard of because they have the idea that fighting for SOMETHING no matter what it is or means to you personally is a far cry better than working your damnedest to shit on any and everyone else's cheer. Please get the hell over yourself!  I got an idea, you could be thankful that you get to sit on your but in a classroom yakking about the arts or whatever and not sitting under an overpass or ass to elbow in a soup kitchen. I know that is extreme but REALLY?  whatever! be a dick, and know that somewhere, you actually matter to someone else you douche! Yeah, someone is actually thankful for your cynical ass! ugh...I'm going to play video games!
Happy Karma

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Today is Family day and I

want to jump on the bandwagon and note that I am thankful for my family, my friends new and old, my job and any of the changes it may bring that make me better at serving my country in my small civilian capacity, people who give the gift of life be it through organ donation, or through their service in the military, police department, hospitals (nurses and teachers have a very special place in my heart because they mold all those other service people and keep them healthy) and of course I am ultimately thankful that I get to get up everyday, comfortable in my own skin, confident enough to be exactly who I am everywhere I go, complete with loc'ed hair, sci-fi references, comic book fetishes, Absolute LOVE of COSTUMES and Classic rock/Barry Manilow obsession. If you know me then you should know that I appreciate you for tolerating my awkward interests and silly disposition. All I want is the chance to keep being myself and embracing others who only want a chance to be themselves everyday as well. Everyday work to Be a little bit better than you were yesterday and ultimately, we'll all be doing a service for our humanity without notice of effort...
 That being said I hope that everyone gets to a place where they can see the necessity and opportunity of change in their everyday lives. I just recently had the chance to reassess my wants and needs as they relate to the changes that are coming at my job.  I went through a range of emotions from nervous fear to anxiousness and ultimately calm resignation that change is my God and always has been. I am happy, healthy and so very fulfilled by the many opportunities life constantly hands me even when I work my hardest to see obstacles in everything that happens.  
You dont have to count your blessings but you do have an obligation to see yourself for who/what you are and see the world for the wide landscape of chances it is and to BEHAVE accordingly. I work to do that every single day and I hope that you all do the same.  Enjoy a good meal and good company and tomorrow, find one tiny little thing to see differently, and if can be a new kind of black beans in the organic section of the damn grocery store, but you embrace that can of beans, go home open it up, mash it into dip and enjoy every bite. The next day, you will find another little thing and YOU will get better every single day.

happy Karma

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Renaissance Festival was

AWESOME!!! We attended Barbarian Weekend this year and our costumes were GREAT! People constantly stopped us for pics and complimented us on our costumes. Here is my favorite picture of myself

Admit it...we look fierce! and we totally just took your village and tread over your crops and sold all of your fair maidens and of course, took your men as our slaves! LOL! Myclette the one with the scorpion breastplate made my costume for me and Jo, the made her own of course! I did my own face paint and let me tell you, that stuff itches! I should have used the kind that is made to last during hot weather because It would have ran less when I started to sweat a bit on the brow.  All in all we had a wonderful time and have to start planning now for next years All Hallows Eve at the Ren Faire! Since it is Halloween I think I might try to cosplay and choose a costume from sci-fi genre. If the costume isnt too cumbersome I might even try to cosplay at Dragon*Con next year. Oh here is my favorite pic of all of us at the Ren Faire this year, 

Oh and our other friends also attended but only Brandy dress in costume with us, she was a saucy wench but I dont have permission to post her pic so I won't. T didnt do a costume but got her face painted and Watson of course didnt wear a costume. He dressed really nice, sweater vest and all and I joked that he came as the Barbarian Horde's Accountant lest they be unfairly taxed for their acquired Plunder! LOL
That is all for now! Have a great day and be careful what you wish may get and then a barbarian horde may come to your town and steal your stuff! LOL
Happy Karma

Sunday, November 13, 2011

I've always wanted to...

1. To create my own superhero! When I was a kid I would create comic strips with stick figures and I sometimes had to borrow paper to do it, because I drew and wrote on EVERYTHING. I always said to myself that one day I would create by own comic hero and she would be eat magic and keep balance in the world...I started on it finally this year.
2. Have my own podcast. I listen to some and they are entertaining for listeners and the podcasters. My friends and I like to talk movies, books, comics, and all things nerdy/geeky and I would love to record and cast those conversations. My favorite podcast is on NPR and is called Science Friday. I love that show because its just people talking about their favorite subject and so everyone is entertained. I actually started working on having my own podcast this year. I am still doing research though... I was on a podcast during Dragon*Con and it was a lot of fun! Of course the podcasters were really nice and funny and interested in their subject matter!
3. I have always wanted to write movie reviews for those syfy monster movies. Well I've always written them for fun but I have always wanted a forum to present them in. this year I actually got the chance to share my reviews with others on RevolutionSciFi and now that I have more time I can actually start submitting them more often to that site and others.
4. Hang glide! A friend of mine went skydiving a few years back and the video was amazing! I want to hang glide because frankly, I want to feel like I'm flying...and maybe sass-talk a bird or two while I'm up there.
5. seriously invest or play the stock market or something. I've been building up my emergency savings and getting my finances in line and I have invested in a few things. All related  to my job and relatively safe. I have a friend who is doing etrade stuff and while I may not be brave enough to really get down in there I would like to try my hand at the market...I think you have to initially do like 500 bucks with etrade which is not a crazy sum of money but its the deductible amount for any kind of care repair requiring insurance (when did I become such a grown up).

Well that is all for now. Be kind to yourself and others. You get what you give so be generous!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Bestie!

today is the 39th birthday of one of my oldest and closest friends! She looks amazing and I wish her every single happiness! In an effort to help fund the liver transplant that her baby nephew received this year, my bestie is asking that in lieu of gifts that people send 7 bucks to  COTA (Children's Organ Transplant Association) for little Audric Beaulieu (he is 14 months old and is just a beautiful ray of sunlight). This is an amazing organization that helps parents fund very necessary but very expensive  medical treatments for their little ones. Donating to this wonderful organization helps countless families pay for expenses that reach into the millions of dollars. please take a moment to got to the website and maybe donate to the organization even if you don't have a child benefiting from the organization directly.
I am truly moved by the stories represented there and the strength and courage of the children fighting for their lives. It really helps me to realize how precious life is and how time with the people you love trumps any monetary gift one can receive. I really wish I had been more helpful to people as a young person, because I see now that focusing on pettiness and past wrongs kept me blinded to the larger and far more important picture. We have to do whatever we can everyday to be a little bit better than we were yesterday.  I see these families and these kids doing that everyday.
I try to be a little better everyday and it isn't always easy but the current big picture tells me that admitting who I am, owning my part in the pain of others and doing something to ease the pain of someone else is the only path to a better big picture in the future.
These families helped me further see that bitterness has no depth of flavor, it spoils an entire dish...
Hey, Check out the COTA page for little Audric HERE and My Besties Video for COTA and her little nephew Audie T right HERE and the reminder right HERE.
Okay, that is all on that for now...
now some stuff I just wanna vent about a litte. For crying out loud people, be kind, be sincere and always, always tell yourself the truth. It's tough but you'll be better off in the end... I have actually witnessed the junk folks rant about bite them in the rear-end and frankly it isn't funny at all-- is pitiable. I can just imagine how much folks pitied me for all the pettiness and meanness I put out in the world over something that in the long and relatively short run was truly of no consequence. When I got it all back, I wanted to blame someone else but the truth of the matter was that it was ALL my fault. All of it. I was smarter than the situation I involved myself in and I will always be ashamed of myself for my behavior, always. I grew up for real and For me Karma is real. I got from the world what I put in, no more and no damn less. So when you get garbage from the universe you have to wonder if you've seen that trash it something you threw out there only to have to digest yourself later?  Probably. There are 7 important tenets  of Buddhism and one has to do with sincere remorse and it is a doozy! I have sincere remorse for so many things and to make sure I never fall into that mindset again I apologize to the universe if I can't apologize the wronged party (even if they see ulterior motive it has to be done>). I have done that and now the anger is theirs to muck through and sadly...anyway, let's be better to one another and better to ourselves
Happy Karma

Thursday, November 3, 2011

 This year is flying by, sheesh! I am nearly straight with my expenses and with saving, luckily I don't have to do all the gift buying that most others have to do during the Winter solstice. I started reading that Dave Ramsey book about personal saving, debt reduction and building wealth. So far it is pretty interesting stuff. Like off the top Ramsey suggests that we immediately implement the seven baby steps…

1.      Save $1,000 for emergencies. This is like a basic fund that just sits there and waits for trouble.
2.      Pay off all credit debt with the snowball effect. You pay off the smallest debt first. Once that small one is done you throw all of that amount at that the next debt and so on until all of your credit card debt is gone.
3.      Save 3-6 months of expenses in savings. Just in case you lose your job and need to stay afloat until the next opportunity comes along…I know some people who did this and are not quite as bad off as they would have been had they not had the initial life raft. One of them is finally employed after of 18 months of joblessness and the other one is STILL looking for employment. They worked at the same place unfortunately and both got hit during the big business layoffs.
4.      Invest 15% of household income into Roth IRAs and pre-tax retirement products..
5.      Start dumping cash into the college fund for the kiddos. Now this one is a GOOOOOOD one, especially since I am still and always will be paying on student loans from the 2 masters degrees I had to finance on my own…
6.      Pay off the home early. Now I don’t own a home but I figure I could just dump cash into paying off my vehicle since I just recently got a new one…
7.      Build wealth and give. This is the step I am most intrigued about! I want to really start setting up a comfortable life for my twilight years and for that I need some disposable income for investing and helping others.

I really want to accomplish this list and I am right now finishing up the second one and mid-way through the third. It really frees up a lot of time one would have spent on worrying…So give it a shot and tell me how it works for you and I’ll keep you up to date on my progress as well.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hurray for Sweet November! And you should always double check those addresses...

Okay, I meant to ban the annonymous jerk who has been posting things about people I have no interest in provoking NOT my friends who tend to post annonymously. So, if you're my homie then post away annonymously but if you are not my homie, be cool and don't be rude.

Okay, so Halloween was a ton of fun. We decorated the place and the kiddos came for candy in DROVES! The costumes were so adorable that you can’t even stand it! Tiny little princesses, firemen, and ballerinas! Of course I wore a costume as well, and so did my oldest Bestie! I was a gypsy and she was a Pirate! Ha! We went to a costume party at our favorite spot and did our rendition of Salt-n-Peppa’s “Push-It”. I think you know we murdered that hit!  So much fun and of course one of our friends captured the whole thing on VIDEO and it is now on YouTube! If you are one of my friends on facebook you can see the video.

Okay so it's national novel writing month and I am participating yet again. This year, Watson and I are doing it together and hopefully this will add motivation for me to actually finish a product quickly without worrying about getting everything just perfect right out of the gate. I took up a whole writing day (yesterday) coming up with a plausible plot which I finally did and while it sort of relates to set of books I want to write I think since I have written nothing on it nor developed any characters for it (except the heroine---loosely) there should be no big deal. I wrote like 200 words last night before my bedtime so you know, only 49,800 words to go LOL!!!!
Be kind to yourself, don't play the blame game and have a little fun...