Saturday, January 23, 2010

I Think the Secret May very well be in the sauce

My new favorite place to find smiles has to be on the SITS site! Seriously, with all the serious stuff going on that can turn you sour there are some ladies out there offering sunshine through the eyes of their little ones and for that I am thankful. Sometimes you just gotta see a child's face and just like that, you know it wont end with you. Most importantly you know that Hope, cant and wont abandon you because there are children in the world, counting on us to keep it all together just long enough for them to grow into the people who will carry us when we need a shoulder.
Thanks Moms and Dads! and Thanks ever so Mommy Bloggers I have discovered on SITS!

Now for my List!

  • Cleveland of all places for 3 weeks starting Tuesday! I am told snow is in the forecast, I need new boots.
  • The Artist is still cooking up a storm thank goodness. I haven't had to lift a finger in forever.
  • Classes have begun and I already love my Classroom Management Course. 
  • Everyone thinks I am insane for wanting to teach highschool but I know that is where I belong.
  • Finally got the third degree framed and it looks awesome, now to get it on the wall (that goes for the two undergrad ones that are also custom framed and still resting on the floor near my completely out of order filing cabinet.
  • Finally the dreadlocks will get maintained, I'll post a pic, maybe a before and after. Wait, no way, they look far too ratty right now.
  • It may be time to start seriously thinking about foster parenting in preparation for adopting in the future. I want pre-pubescents but no children younger than 4 or 5 years of age. I am fully prepared to foster siblings in danger of being split up. I couldnt imagine losing parents and then brothers or sisters also. Yeah, I'll definitely take siblings.
  • Still happy, despite Cleveland trip, there is something to be said for positive outlooks and decisive action for personal happiness and satisfaction.
  • Could someone please tell me why I got the message that His (the deadbeat,cheating,fake from up North of course) Doctor's appointment is on the 28th of January on my voicemail? He is sucking the life and youth out of someone else now (seriously, I know feel sorry for her. She ended up with a serious piece of work), shouldnt she be getting the calls?
  • I cant wait to see the Wolfman with Benicio Del Toro!
  • Turns out union employees get a discount with my cell phone carrier so woo hoo for me!
That's all, stay true, pay your debts and keep your word!
Karmically yours '

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Laundry List Of...

  • I have been following the race in Massachusetts, and it looks like Brown's in and Cockley's out. I can't even begin to discuss this. I have a myriad of beefs with the whole Filibuster Business and the Health Care Reform issue. I just can't get started or I may not stop.
  • I watched the MSNBC special with Chris Mathews, Tom Joyner and Jeff Johnson among many others and while it was interesting and entertaining I think the idea that we can discuss relevant black issues once a year, during what Jeff Johnson calls "Black Season" is rather naive and down right absurd.
  • I agree with Johnson, trying to cram in all of the relelvant topics and issues into a little over a month (From MLK day through February) is silly. We need to be talking about black issues and most certainly we all need to be constantly dialoguing(sp) about race far more frequently. It has gotten to the point where we (The Collective Nation) knows that different races exist but that is as far as our understanding of one another goes. People of other races are worried that they will offend someone if they even say the word black and WE (Blacks) can't let go of the damn "N-word" long enough for our kids to recognize it for the demoralizer that is and always will be.
  • Are people still having unprotected sex in this day and age in a country with awareness coming out of its freaking ears? YEP! I spoke to a friend today who found that she had an STD (not HIV but hell, rolling the dice is rolling the damn dice)! This mental giant told me that they met in an upscale night spot and that he, get this..."LOOKED CLEAN". Well dress me in pigtails and call it the 70s! Are you kidding? I can't even....I just can't.
  • I am not crazy about traveling to Cleveland for 2 1/2 weeks but at least it's a place I have never been and I can get a little bit of exploring done.
  • I am crazy about the fact that I get to see the Grand Canyon once again with my homies "The Guthries" Ryan would love to read that sentence, he fancies himself quite the hipster.
  • Last night's pot roast was divine if I do say so myself! The potatoes were too salty though (Yeah I admit it).
  • Despite my moaning about the world I am still on top of it! I need meditate more often (still trying to get into a routine of organized living, especially since we want to move out of state by 2012). The thing is that I am so disorganized because I am so happy! Go Figure!
It aint too late to live that life you've been meaning to live so get to it!
Drop that coward (you know who you are)
Karmically yours

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

And Still, Happy New Year!

Okay so, the year is humming along. It already feels like it is moving too fast. I can’t believe how busy I have gotten since I decided to change my attitude about life more than a year and a half ago. First of all, there is just too much to do in a day so I need to really try to organize and utilize some time management skills or rather develop some decent ones. I have the info on the training trip to Cleveland (of all places) and I am really excited about it. I plan to go hiking and most importantly I plan to trace the literary steps of Langston Hughes! Exciting. Have I said exciting enough yet? I’m getting really comfortable with the new job and the training so far. I am starting to feel more confident with veteran’s needs and I really feel good about what I can accomplish for our service men and women (yes even a certain loser in particular). Anyway, I received a response from Callalou Literary Magazine about a scholarly paper I submitted, they rejected it BUT, they actually read it and provided detailed feedback! I couldn’t believe it! They discussed specific points I made and offered suggestions on how to improve my assertions through specific research and idea development. So COOL!

My friends and I have started a book/writing group yet again and my goal is to be more consistent in posting and discussing the given book/topics. This will be quite a challenge on top of the fact that cooking is still on a front burner as well (even though The Artist has recently started cooking and is amazing at it due to his great attention to detail).

I wont be able to travel to Nevada until the end of February because my training isn’t over in time for the President’s day holiday so I have to use a day of annual leave at the end of the month to make the trip which is actually a better idea. That way I will have the opportunity to take a breather between travels!

This Friday we have an event with the Museum of Fine Arts after hours that I am looking forward to. We also have to get things ready for the now annual Atlanta trip for Dragon-Con which I still have not posted pictures of here but heck if you wanna see them go to my Facebook page as it is wide open for all to see. No worries there is nothing skanky (well some of the people at The Con were kinda grody) on my page so the kiddies can check it out also.

Then there is the HUGE possibility of moving to Portland. I have friends there already, the art/creativitiy scene is perfect for us as well as the all natural sorta lifestyle we wanna get ever closer too. It doesn’t help that our friends in AZ are planning to move there also so…

Man! Still happy. Is content a better word? Maybe? Either way, the way we view ourselves and our options is indicative of the kind of life that will present itself to us. But hey, I’m just a rogue Pagan, trying to worship Nature and promote peace so what the heck do I know?

Be decent, be true, be brave, dump the cowards and promote good Karma by giving what owe to the world.

Karmically Yours,


Thursday, January 7, 2010

So This Is What It's Like

to start the New year off right! Already off to a banging start! FORGIVE THE TYPOS PLEASE
I have to go to Cleveland of all places for 3 weeks at the end of this Month, then I am off to my annual Grand Canyon trek with the wonderful Guthries! The Artist will accompany me this year which will be a blast. The Artist got to celebrate his birthday (which happens to be the same Month and day of the year as the bloke who wrote The Lord of the Rings) with our friends for Breakfast/Brunch and he had a great time. He isnt really very hard to please so a small gathering with the funniest freaking people on the planet was right on the spot for him!
I have reconnected with the old roomies which I am exceedingly grateful for and started the New Year laughing and dancing with family and friends. Honestly I have yet to stop smiling, I am happy. Busy, but happy as all get out. I plan to spend this year with the people I care about, working towards the things that will bring us all closer together. That said, a big move is in the works and since a pair of my closest friends already live in desired city and more of my closest friends are moving there as well it is a no-brainer that we should pull up stakes and find a place to plant roots!
I am happy and I hope you are too.
Be decent, keep your word, be brave and be yourself!
Karmically Yours

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

I couldnt begin to talk about the New Year yet because I am still in the middle of celebrating with friends and family. I'll just say that I love my friends, I love my family and I love life. This year is already turning out to be the year of making life happen! If someone had told me in 2007 that 2010 would start this stellar I wouldnt have believed it! Options are the luxury of 2010 for me and mine! I'll get more in depth later but for now, HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Trust Nature, trust your gut, keep your word, be decent and DUMP the dead weight or you will surely sink!
Karmically yours