Thursday, November 29, 2007

SPECIAL ED and FLOW FACTORY Tonight At the Engine Room!

Special Ed is performing tonight at the Engine Room and my friends will be one of the fabulous opening acts! If you are in Houston Tonight come and check out
Double F (Flow Factory)
as they lay down some conscious lyrics! I'll be there representing and hustling the marvelous female-exalting artwork of the locally renown Jamila John! Come get an Eyeful and Earful of real talk and entertainment! Oh and I will be posting some pics from the Hip-Hop Conference and Panel that was held at the University of Houston earlier this month. Quanell X, M1 from Dead Prez, Slim Thug, LaToya Luckett, Wicked Cricket were all in attendance! It was interesting to say the least! I was there promoting (I am her actual PR point-person now) the art work of Miss Jamila John whose website will launch soon.....Peruse this wont you?

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This is how it works. Get your hustle on but ALWAYS be conscious of YOU who hurt in the process. Otherwise Karma will tear you a new one....Ask around, I aint lyin'

Monday, November 26, 2007

The Sovereign Chronicles--Gretchen finishes at the Club

Now if yall remember Gretchen the newly labeled Reaper Sovereign was taking apart the club she once danced at and was violently harvesting souls for the Cause (which I cant really discuss yet). Here is the rest of it and for the first part of it go HERE

Please. C.C. I need to go to the hospital. I wont tell nobody you did it." He gagged on spit and vomit before wailing in pain again.

(10) Ten let the countdown begin
(9) I was born in the mind
(8) Take the head of a snake
(7) Behold Armaggedeon
(6) Ain't no love for the rich
(5) Only strong will survive
(4) Cause we live by the sword
(3) Plus sixty degrees
(2) For the black and the blue
(1) For the sun.. step into millennium
The name of this one is Judgement Day
No more BS, can't come out and play
Method Man--Judgment Day

"I dont give a fuck who you tell. Member all them times you shook me for my money? Making me blow you for protection and shit?! I wish you would tell somebody!" She stomped his knee and he shit himself from the pain. "Member all the times you called yourself the paper-chaser? Well I'm the Damn Bill Collector Mutha Fucka and Yo rent is Due!" She leaned in close to his face and slapped his forehead back to look into his eyes. Panic rose in him as she shot images of ancient tortures into his brain. He saw men castrated with crude and primitive weapons, raped with all manner of objects and skins being peeled from living bodies of Prisoners of Ancient Wars, Holy Wars fought in a Universe far removed from the present one. "You just became my fucking lap dog. Do you hear me?" She thumped his head with a force so hard that it caused a fracture in his skull and set him to drooling. He nodded emphatically as his eyes crossed involuntarily. She blinked and he slumped over into unconsciousness. Gretchen looked up just in time to duck a bottle of Patron that was flung at her head by another bouncer. "Carlos", she whispered to no one in particular. She let him advance on her to within a few steps and blew two puffs of air at his feet. He looked down to find his feet immobilized in blocks of ice. She stood and walked over to him.
"You know Carlos, I always liked you. I really did, but you got some debts due too know dontcha?" She continued to walk toward him, the cannon in her left hand changed shape to form a larger than life mace. The spiked edges of the medieval weapon glinted in the twinkling lights of the club. She smiled as she watch the horror on his face shift and transmogrify as he realized what was to come next. "I got a few questions to ask you Los! And for every answer you give me that I don't like, I am gonna free your feet the hard way." This was mania. To be controlled in destruction. To enjoy the wriggling unknown of your own capabilities. This was Sovereignty. He crossed himself and kissed the crucifix around his neck as tears streamed his cheeks.
"I dont know nothing I swear Cane! I dont! What are you doing? You're a nice girl. Remember? I always said you were nice!" He tripped over his words and infused them with a mixture of Spanish and English. Madre de Dios! Please! You are the Devil! La Diabla! Mother Mary in Heaven!"
His flood of religious words made her laugh. Suddenly he found God and Mary. How pathetic he was to her now.
His arms flailed and he screamed in agony as the feeling in his lower limbs began to numb from hypothermia.
"Now, for some Q&A," Gretchen replied as she playfully swung her weapon and the Mob she unleashed took grown men apart with rabid glee in the background."
Don't blame me, blame society
Type of chemistry for a live MC
Hands in the air like you just don't care
You all get a share, there's a party over here
Year two-thousand, keep bouncin
T-Minus, thirty seconds and countin
New York's finest, still wildin, Shaolin
At the full moon howlin
Get Til It's Gone, killa bee kills
Only time will reveal like the words in the song
Cause love's what I feel for my crew, bust steel
Method Man-- Judgment Day

That is all for now folks... I gotta get a paper done that I am presenting at a conference on the 9th of next month.
Love hard, love true and know that if you don't Karma is the cure.....

Thursday, November 22, 2007

I Dont Really Do Thanksgiving but---

I dont really do Thanksgiving, Christmas or Easter (I am a pagan or heathen as some others might say). I do have many things to be thankful for and I express that daily in my interactions and in my endeavor to be a good person who is trustworthy and TRUE to themselves. When I say I dont do holiday's I aint just trying to sound Eclectic.....I am alot of things but I aint a fake or false revolutionary in the least. I do respect the holiday season and do enjoy many of the pagan traditions that have been usurped by the Christian church (you know like Easter eggs--which are an ancient Pagan practice which translates into fertility, the Christmas Tree which is also an ancient Pagan practice which is an homage to the earth mother) Now thanksgiving is different. Native Americans do not celebrate this Holiday and lemme tell you, after living on a reservation for a minute in my youth I totally understand their reasoning.....that being said lemme share a little bit of La Femigog with y'all This Glass Bead and Malaria infested blanket Day----

Hello all, I am feeling a little nostalgic and decided to post some ramblings about my family's home-town. Gloster, Mississippi is quaint and quiet and decidedly southern. I visited during Hurricane Rita in an attempt to leave Texas and the storm behind but unfortunately Rita followed to a degree. No heavy damage and the family was able to spend some quality time together. I took the opportunity to visit some of our old stomping grounds and some of my late relatives haunting grounds.

This is the fireplace that stood in my grandparents bedroom. Its weird because I could smell the wood burning like it did when I was 10 years old! (More than 20 years ago)

Image hosted by

It would get very cold in the old house at night even though it was southern Mississippi. I am told that my grandfather (Paw Paw) built the 9 bedroom/1 bathroom house himself over a time. The house was wood and had a tin roof. My grandfather died a few years ago during the Thanksgiving holiday and we buried my grandmother (Granny) on New Years Day of this year. At any given time during the summer there would be nearly 20 grandchildren in the house who had to share that 1 bathroom. These days that would be unheard of (and it should be! LOL) but we had quite a time at that old house. Standing in line for the bathroom every morning with my cousins was actually a lot of fun. We had to be quiet and look straight ahead (Paw Paw was in WWII) and be "ready" for our turn which needed to be as swift as possible as others needed to use the facilities.

The fireplace seems so small now but as a kid it seemed like it would swallow the whole house when it was lit. The smell of pine chased us through the entire house. I miss those hot summers, the foot-tubs filled with fried fish, the Stageplank cookies and being young, being with cousins who doubled as bestfriends, and swimming in an actual creek every single day, and oh the sound of rain on that tin roof.

I remember nature everywhere, raw and obliging all at once. We saw snakes that never bit us, wasps, bees, yellow jackets and walking sticks (the insect) that went along their way, never giving us a second thought. We let them be and they let us share their space peacefully and not so peacefully when we became too aggressive in our curiosity of them. I miss this life as I type on my laptop at a Wi-Fi cafe in "civilization". I want both the "middle of nowhere" and freshly prepared sushi. I think in the end I will give up the latter for the former, if I wake up and smell the noxious fumes.

If You get the chance please read my last post on the Sovereigns and gimme your feedback

Share a story from your past with me, Stay true and know that the next time you see Karma you may not be ready so get right with Her now!

I love you all!

Monday, November 19, 2007

I Crave Your Mouth--The Sovereign Chronicles

I crave your mouth, your voice, your hair.
Silent and starving, I prowl through the streets.
Bread does not nourish me, dawn disrupts me, all day
I hunt for the liquid measure of your steps.

I hunger for your sleek laugh,
your hands the color of a savage harvest,
hunger for the pale stones of your fingernails,
I want to eat your skin like a whole almond.

I want to eat the sunbeam flaring in your lovely body,
the sovereign nose of your arrogant face,
I want to eat the fleeting shade of your lashes,

and I pace around hungry, sniffing the twilight,
hunting for you, for your hot heart,
like a puma in the barrens of Quitratue...Pablo Neruda


I sat sipping tea with the Sovereign and listened as one of her servants (when did she get a hand maiden?) arranged her crown of daisies and confessed to her that I loved this poem....always have. Recently I learned why exactly.
"Oh, and why mortal is it that you love this fantasy above all others?"
ell not above All others but it is one of my favorites. Don't you like it? (A sleek black panther slid up beside her and nuzzled her right thigh in an attempt to be petted. It worked. She stroked the beasts massive head and reclined on her fur couch before starting again)".
"Please, bore me with the particulars of this new conqueror of yours." She smirked but I didnt care.
"Yep. He's new and he may not have conquered but he definitely staked a claim in frontier soil. It has been a minute since I allowed myself to be pursued or since I even really thought I should be pursued know...." Her maid came to my side with tea and cake. I looked down to notice that she had a small blade strapped to her thigh and that she wore a black leather whip at the small of her back. (huh, curious. Who the hell serves tea while armed to the teeth?)
"So, what of this man? Is he strong? Is he a warrior?"
"Well not exactly. But he is a hard worker and he teaches little league. He loves kids and wants to have kids someday"
"And this pleases you?"
She turned up her nose as if she smelled something distasteful and continued. "Are you to produce children with this man?"
I sputtered a bit and spit out my tea. (Did the handmaid just grip her weapon?)
"No! I am not having kids with this man. At least not anytime soon, thank you very much! Hey Sable, what's up with this server and all her weapons and stuff? Something going down I need to know about?"
Sable smiled and leveled a gaze at me.
"You have been practicing your medieval weapons have you not Novice Sovereign?"
Oh shit I thought to myself. Something is about to pop the fuck off.
"Uhm yeah but I just started and Genesis was gonna do some time with the Reaper and Brutes before she got around to really giving me in depth lessons!" I moved to stand and the maid gripped my wrist and forearm slinging me effortlessly into the wall of a crystal cave. I bounced off the wall and landed with a thud on my hands and knees. A foot connected with my ribs, flipping me onto my back. A handspring to the standing position. I locate my opponent and my double edged scythe. My eyes darted about the cave in search of a way out and also on the lookout for other opponents. Maybe this wasn't real and I will wake any minute now to find Sable Genny and Cane chilling at the table having tea and laughing at my slow ass. The maid circled and the music began. My musing ceased and muscles tensed. Fuck! I'm at the damn show! The curtain is coming up and I missed a lot of rehearsals screaming at my ceiling in the last week. Damn that man! Fucking distractions got me about to get my ass beat!
"Look sis, I aint ready for this right now."
She circled me and I kept my gaze on her at all times. I thought about what might be her attack move and wondered how in the hell I was gonna counter attack the muscular fighter.
"Look I'm serious! I aint ready. I havent trained enough, I am not too good with this damn weapon and I really dont think that this is the best way to train someone to fight". The woman straightened her back and spoke one line.
"I came to bring the pain."
The music flooded in and I knew that the time had come.

First we gonna ROCK, Then we gonna ROLL
Then we let it POP, DON'T LET IT GO
X gon give it to ya
He gon give it to ya
X gon give it to ya
He gon give it to ya
DMX-X Gonna Give it to ya
I was nameless, and my power was infinite. I was the variable. The Great Unknown. I am X
"Solve for ME!" We lunged for one another and locked bodies in the air. I felt my body bulk to absurd proportions. Wings ripped from my shoulder blades and great claws presented forcing my weapon from my free hand. She howled as talons tore at her flesh. I rejoiced at her short lived misery. She gained a vantage point and spun away from me. Her flesh healed in an instant once she left my reach. She morphed into a winged creature and her shriek was one of a piercing squall and great burst of blue flame. The brilliance of the fire seared my cornea and I was momentarily stunned. I dropped to the floor and my wings retreated into my body. I squeezed my eyes shut and opened them to see with perfect clarity. Saber fangs ripped through my gums and fell forward onto my front legs to race toward the body of the great dragon no opposite me. I connected with her torso and ripped at the thick hide of her body. I sank my teeth in and the metallic taste of her soothed my blood-lust. She howled and swiped at me a great claw. The contact forced my nearly shredded body away from her instantly. I was angry now....
So I face the world like it's Earl in the bullpen
You against me, me against you
Whatever, whenever
What the fuck you gon do?
I'm a wolf in sheep clothing
Only nigga that you know that can chill
Come back and get the streets open
I've been doing this for nineteen years
Niggas wanna fight me? Fight these tears
DMX-X Gonna Give it to ya
Hey folks. I am practicing writing fight sequences and thought I would flex a little on here. Hope ya dont mind to much.... Sorry for the typos and I promise more character depth next time....
So this Sovereign is the unknown One, the great variable, Queen X. What y'all feel about that? Lemme know what ya think....all constructive criticism is encouraged....My writing partner is up on the male counterparts for all my Sovereigns and it is about to get so good in my Chronicle!
Shit, all this from a Pablo Neruda poem---aint that something?
Ya'll be good and stop ducking and dodging Karma, she can bob and weave with the best of them...

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Gretchen Remembers Everything---The Pixie Chronicles

Alright, so the the consensus says that the Pixie stays. Gretchen just woke up and here we go....forgive the typos, I dont edit on the first draft...
Gretchen sat before the two women and wrung her hands even though she wasnt particularly nervous. The Sable One stood and moved from behind the great desk fasioned from the stump of an ancient oak tree. She strode towards Gretchen and spoke...

"Novice Sovereign, you are looking quite well these days. Are you feeling well also?"

"Oh, uhm yes ma'am. I talked to the other lady a little and she says that I have been here for months, that cant be right because I remember meeting her at the club last night." Gretchen stretched a feeble finger towards the Pixie to indicate to the Sable one who she meant.

"Really? So it is the Genesis who inspired you to behave like a maniac in that whorehouse!?" Sable was upon Gretchen now. She had Fury blazing in her eyes and firm lock on Gretchen's memory in order to finally get at the truth of the novice's liberation from her former life. The Pixie was nonchalant and almost bored in spite Sable's anger. She hummed the hook of a new favorite song while the Sable One probed Gretchen's mind for the truth of club blood bath and the origins of the seven blurry eyed and confused women whowere so prone to violence that they bordered on homicidal lunacy.

"You know I really have to agree with the words to that song, Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gansta, by the Geto Boys," Said Genesis. Sable didn't appreciate this remark in the least and slammed her staff into the floor producing a broad crack in the foundation. Gretchen just stared and wondered why she wasn't as afraid as she should be. When Gretchen blinked a bloody reaper's scythe appeared in her hand.
"Now things are about to get interesting," offered Genesis.
This was why Gretchen was not afraid. The knowledge of her true self flowed from her staff into her mind. Her head ached and swam with this violent and new knowledge. She took lives, harvested souls from the Great Cause and she was not about to let fear take this new purpose from her now that she had it. She gripped her destiny and spoke to the Sable Sovereign.

"Look, I dont want to fight. I dont want to keep anything from you. I dont know what is going on but I do remember that night. It's in this Scythe and this Scythe is mine so this knowledge is mine. I will tell you but you have to understand that this is new for me. You have had the benefit of eons to get used to your destiny. I have had about five minutes. I want to learn. I will always provide full disclosure but I want to be taught. Do we have a deal?"
The Sable one moved away from Gretchen to look at her fully.

"We have a deal. What is your name?"
Gretchen closed her eyes and griped the shaft of the Scythe and spoke.

"I am the former Gretchen Thomas and the novice Cane of the Harvest, I am the Reaper Sovereign."
The Pixie smiled her pleasure.

"Wonderful! The clean up crew is homicidal! Hot Damn this shit gets better and better! Hey Sable ask about the others! They crazy as hell too?

"And the others? What of them Reaper?"

"They are the Beautiful Brutes. They Kill-at-will. MY will. On this world we are the embodiment of the elements. We are the vicious and beautiful Storms, The Fury of the Flame, the Raging winds and deathly silence of the waters of life. We are the havoc that leaves the lands fertile. We are the tillers of this wretched soil. We are the seasons of life and change And we will not be stopped.

"Damn! That is the shit right there! I think I am gonna fucking love this place!"

"Quiet Pix! Do you think this is a game? They have natural powers that must be molded and shaped so that they do not leave a conspicuous and bloody mess everywhere they tread! You couldnt even clean up the body count they left at that cat-house!"

"I know but it wont always be like that. She was just trying things on for size that's all. And you heard her, the Brutes obey her. Training, that's all we need. Training Sable. Chill! Damn!"

"Stop speaking to me in that manner and dont lecture me child! I know that training will help but the variables are numerous.

"Just ask about the club. I can't remember everything yet but I know that shit was off the chain!"

"Reaper, what of the club that night?"

Gretchen's eyes flew open and she grinned.

"Mmmm, that night was the best night of my life Queen Sable!"

Gretchen looked up from the table and smiled as she gripped in gloved hands her newly acquired ceramic glocks. The looked small and unassuming but they launched a bullet with the impact of a cruise missile. The music rattled her teeth and made her wet. She entered the her wrong mind and Chaos ensued!
As I walk in the shadow of death
Sixteen men on a dead man's chest
Your host this evening for H-O-T
N-I-X, you get splashed with the Tec
Nobody go, til the God say so
You got a second or mo', to run for the do'
Method Man--Judgment Day
This was her element.
The Sovereign of the Harvest,
The Goddess Reaper took her place next to her mentor and began her work.
The club lit up with the blasts from her hand cannons. The kick was like penetration, rough and brutal, just violent enough to be torture but just this side of torture to be ecstasy.
They came out of the wood work these vermin. She had cheese enough for all the rats tonight.
Mr. Big Mouth, the gat be trout
You need to douche out your style no doubt
Johnny struck through the Shaolin slum
PRUM PRUM PRUM on my Shaolin drum
Niggaz don't dare, to step in the square
Kids ain't playin over here, PLAYA
Only one way, and that's my way
Grim Reaper callin, Judgment Day
Method Man, Judgment Day

The dancers kept at their tasks. Laughing the whole while. The rip of the Pixie's sword cut through flesh with the fury of lightening. The dancers wound their serpentine brown bodies to the song that flooded their minds from the vault of the Sovereign warriors. With every body that fell so too did the shackles of their courtesan existence. The blast of the glock was freedom, every swipe from the Genesis blades empowered them. They screamed their liberation and bounced in time to the music as armor replaced their scant G-Strings.

All at once The Beautiful Brutes were born.

They leaped from the stages and rained hand to hand fury on patrons, and bouncers alike. Platinum knuckle rings dislocated the jaws of drug-dealers, athletes and businessmen. Liars and thieves and cheats who had a date with the Goddess Karma tasted the brutal boots of the blood lusting women.
From behind the bar, came the man all the dancers had referred to as Captain Rage...he pulled a puny piece from the waistband and aimed it at Gretchen who stood casually as he squeezed the trigger. The bullets cruised past her lazily with a seeming lethargy even.
"Bitch are you serious? You call THAT a heater?" She leveled one of the guns at his crotch and smirked. "Well this isnt fair is it? Mine is bigger than yours!" She lowered her weapon and released a bullet into his right knee. He fell to ground howling. "Oh what's wrong Rage? Did that hurt a big swole up brothah like you?" She strutted over and met his jaw with her boot. "Turn over bitch!" He was full on weeping, like a child. He sputtered blood as he tried to hold the shards of his knee in place with trembling hands.

Well that is all for now friends! I couldnt post some parts of it and had to delete some previous parts because it has indeed been getting some serious interest from a few sources. So hopefully this series will live outside of our humble little space in the very near future.Thanks so much for your interest and I will always share with you all some special little piece of The Soveriegn Chronicles before anyone else gets them! That I can promise.

Be Safe and be true, I think Karma has been asking about a few of us in passing.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Fathers Teach Us Even when they Dont.

Contemplation of parenthood... kinda of a journal entry I think....back to sci-fi on tomorrow! I promise.

I had only purposely looked at my birth certificate once in my life, I was about 18 I think. With this genealogy research I looked at it numerous times in order to fill in the particulars of that cool Texas morning that I came quietly into the world. I know why I never really looked at it before. There is a blank space where my father's name should be. I hate that space. I hate it because there is nothing there.

Not even the word unknown.

Am I a random occurrence?

Could I have been placed in a box on the side of the road that read "baby girls for free"?
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passersby could stop, examine me, coo and cuddle and then decide how worth it I am to be claimed. I know that this is not the case, I am being dramatic of course. But on some level I feel random when I think of the men I have had in my life. Please do not feel woeful, I am only pontificating for my own benefit. Plus I have a very permanent fellow attaching himself to me as I write this.
Mainly because of the man in my life right now...(I accepted the key by the way)
I have not been a constant for any of the men in my life in the past and it is not simply because they have not deemed me a constant, but in part I have not behaved in a way that said "I could be a mainstay". When they have said "I want love but not permanence" I have obliged simply because you cannot keep what will not be kept. I have grown to accept and embrace this truth. I can love and not possess, I am used to fleeting male attention and company as a way of life. It is no longer just coping, it is my way. How I live. (Or rather it was up until...I got this permanent smile)
Why this discussion you might ask? Is there some unrequited love?
Yes. My father. I love the idea that someone is tied to me even in their constant absence. I don't love him, even though I am quite apt at loving blank spaces.
Still, he is the one male who is connected to me in a kind of permanence, albeit biologically and not in attendance at the great show of my life.
I found my father (he wasn't lost actually). He is alive and he lives in South Carlina. His phone number is public record. He moved from my late and completely foreign grandmother's home in Houston where he lived for many years with my uncles Glenn and Lee (whom I have never met--I dont think). He has been there and has remained a blank space. I don't ask why, doesn't matter really at 35, he will be 66 next August. I owe him a thank you. Without his absence, without that space where he would be,
I would not know how to depend on me when the men in my life ask me for......SPACE.
Nor would I know what it means to have a man in place who refuses to be absent. A man who refuses to live on the fringes of my life. I am terrified and exhausted by the intensity of his affection and worried but oddly hopeful that our affections may have created ... ...(I'll keep you posted if I get up the nerve to take the test...)

Self discovery is joyful and necessary. but to be discovered by one other than yourself is to feel free and found all at once
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Find your roots, grow new roots and know that Karma has flawless GPS navigation...
cuddle with your favorite Teddy...and meet me back here later!

Friday, November 9, 2007

The Resurrection of the VooDoo Child! Welcome Back Welcome Back Wel-come BACK!

This is not a poem---I dont know what one might call it...

One day recently
I saw someone with liquid brown eyes.

Round and proper, I saw them Searching.

I stared into those pools of forever
and wondered what they looked like closed in sleep or in love.

Those big brown eyes
set in a deep brown face
framing a nose from the past of the Dark Continent.

Remembrances of its bright brilliance
and shining bodies is evident in the deep irises of those eyes.

What would have made these eyes hate that face?

I ran through a pool of my own suffering
and emerged
from the other end of that pool, stripped naked
--a bundle of raw emotion ready to learn,
my skin was loose and eager to dress those well earned battle wounds.

My head was bare and bald.

My muscles were smooth and new.

I walked to the edge of this pool
as the waves of hurt
lapped at my thighs and licked at my hips.

I ran my fingers along the tips
and remembered every assault and affront and heartache.

But instead of weeping I smiled.

My breath was steady and strong,
my cloudy head was clearing,
my body looked new on the outside.

In another life I might have been fine with that status quo
but you see,
My mind had evolved.
I needed for the outside to match the inside
so another Genesis begins.
One to build a sound body (not to mention an ass you could bounce a quarter off of...that's right! I went there...)

The funny thing is that the most recent time anyone saw me in my Goddess skin,

they worshiped me soundly and uhm I do mean soundly.

I was "already perfection" to this cat
and so my interest in rebuilding my temple has little to do with my subjects...

who grow in number daily.

I cant believe that I had avoided this.

That I shunned this vision and fled these emotions.

This day is the day that starts MY day.

I am the VooDoo child, the wild woman, the hell raiser.
I am the conjure woman at the edge of town between here and there.
I am heaven and the nightmare.

All encompassing.

Ever evolving.

Forever loving.

I am yours,
you are mine and we are ours.

I am the real deal,
the trouble maker,
the one momma warned you about,
the one your daddy cant take his eyes off of....

I'm back, I black and I am trouble.

This was for all my fellow Voodoo Children of the Great (God)dess... We dont always come in peace but when we do come the change does you good!
That's all for now friends, be safe and be true. Karma's got your address...

Saturday, November 3, 2007

So Folks Dig the Pixie huh?

Thanks for the feedback on my latest birth--The Pixie. Folks seem to be digging her tough. I am kicking around a few names for her as we speak. I am terrible at naming things to which my _____ offered to name her what he likes to call me. I declined and I ain't telling y'all what that brother screams into the back of my head either...LOL just being a little vulgar, forgive me friends. But I wont share my nickname, it isn't anything really fancy but I like it for myself and so....
Alright so she is of the Pixies and is sort of a hybrid. She is a descendant of Adam's first wife, Lilith. Yeah...that's right. Remember her? Cast aside for a newer sleeker model--Miss Eve. Don't panic my faithful Christian friends. I use biblical references as basis for my science fiction writing because I was raised Baptist and find religion and faith completely and wholly fascinating. It is the ultimate study in humanity in some cases. To hold a faith so dear without every having the tangible or tactile knowledge of it is an amazing attribute of the human animal. Reason even takes a backseat to faith. It's a beautiful thing my friends and it is why I respect all faiths. Think about what you have to let go of to believe what you believe. Logical thought is irrelevant in the face of faith. Jihads and all other manners of holy war are fought for the very reason. Personal battles are overcome by the sheer strength of one's faith. Illnesses cease to ravage bodies because of faith. That is something I would never play with or take lightly. So when I write I do research and study the topic before incorporating it into my fantasies.
The Pixie makes herself known---
The Pixie sat in the so-called Cabaret and felt the pulse of the music cruise out of the overhead speakers. She downed her Cuervo gold in a gulp and waved for the waitress.
Tear the roof off the mother
Yo, yo tear the roof off
Yo, yo tear the roof off
Back up, don't make me shoot y'all
You don't, want to fuck with us, you don't
Method Man, Tear It Off
"Whatchoo need? Another shot or a dance?"
The Pixie glanced over the curves of the pretty brown skinned woman before her and smiled wide.
"How many years are you Lady?"
"How old do you need be to be?" Replied the waitress, smiling wide back at the Pixie. She set the tray down and placed her hands on her full hips rocking back on her left one.
The Pixie sighed and leaned back in her seat, moving her right arm to rest on the back of her chair.
"You are either too young or too old for your chosen profession." The Pixie threw her hand up to stop the girl from speaking before she could finish her thought. "Are you treated well here young lady?"
"It's alright but why so much conversation? Time is money right?" The girl didnt move a muscle. She was strong and confident. She looked to the Pixie that she might have been an athlete at one point. This was good. She would need that athleticism as a recruit for the Pixie's crew. The Pixie reached into the front of her leather tank and produced an absurd wad of cash, slamming it on the table in front of the awestruck girl.
"Sit, listen and then answer. Do you understand Lady?"
The girl complied staring at the cash the whole while.
"Where do you keep your weapon?"
The girl reached into her left boot and produce a small pearl handled 22 and placed it on the table next to the cash.
"Your name?"
"Candy Cane."
The Pixie frowned and reached over to lift the girl's face in order to look into her eyes and asked again. A tear fell down the girl's cheek and she nearly whispered her answer.
"Gretchen Thomas. Everybody here got a fake name and it has to be something like that. You know shit like "baby girl" or "Sin-a-men" or some stupid shit like that. Who are you?" The girl blinked as the tears fell and pressed on. "You something else huh? Like something that is like a angel or something? I dont feel the same. Did you do something to me? Like to my soul or something?" The girl let her head drop on top of her now folded hands on the table and wept. She talked through her tears.
"I'm 25. I been working her since I was about 23 but I been dancing and other stuff like that since I was 13. My momma died I think. I dont know where my sister at. am I dead too? Is this hell? You gonna take me to hell or something? You can't take me nowhere worse so I dont even give a fuck!" The room began to spin and Gretchen reached for her gun. She screamed out loud in voice she didnt know was hers and all went black.
When the girl looked up she was sitting in a comfortable room with the vines of ivies scaling the walls and soothing music wrapping around her. She was wearing a white robe and smelled something good cooking not to far off from her. She felt safe.
She didnt even jump when a chunky and warm looking woman emerged from another room on the left side of her. She quickly moved to her feet and began talking.
"I'm Gretchen. What's this place? This heaven or something? I figure it cant be if I'm here." Gretchen trailed off with a nervous chuckled and rung her hands waiting for an answer.
"You look much better than you did when you got here a few months ago. Gennie was right about you. We do sorta favor. I like you better without all of the make up and ridiculous hair."
Gretchen reached up to feel the curly down of a short afro on her head and ran her hands over her transformed face. The scar that led from her ear to her cheek was gone along with her fake lashes and make-up. despite her situation Gretchen still felt safe but wasn't sure why.
"I been here for months? How many? That lady is named Gennie? Where is she? Who are you? Is this your house?"
I answered the girl slowly as she walked over and placed the tray of food on the table. We have to do something about that grammar soon, I thought to myself.
"Yes this is my place. I share it with the Sable Sovereign and Gennie the Pixie. Gennie, the lady who brought you here is formally called Genesis the Pixie Sovereign. We all call her Gennie though. Eat. You will need your strength for what is to come."
Gretchen sat down and began to devour the pancakes and fruit set in front of her. Between bites she asked questions and grunted answers.
"I'm just gonna live here? I know I cant afford to stay in this place even if we share the bills. Plus if I been here for months, I aint got no job no more." She continued to scoop food into her mouth taking sips of a juice that she had never tasted but now loved.
"It's mango juice and You already live here sister," I replied. "There is no rent or you to pay, we are family. You dont have a job there anymore because the Pixie shut that place down forever. You dont remember what happened? You were there and uhm you helped her do it girl. You two tore that place to pieces and the body count? Sheeeit. I still can't believe that shit! I am so jealous. I just started my serious training but you already way ahead of me. You start medieval weapons with me next week though." Gretchen dropped the pancake that she didnt know was buckwheat and pushed herself away from the table.
"What? I didnt kill nobody! I didnt! I swear I didnt mean to! I mean. I wanted to. I dreamed that I shot somebody I think! Oh God! What happened? The police looking for me?" She was out of her seat now pacing. She glanced at the couch and a stack of clothing and then noticed a black panther watching her lazily before licking her paws and resting her gorgeous and massive black head on them again.
"Hey slow down girl before you choke. Yeah you did kill somebody, Yes you meant to and no it wasnt a dream. The police aint looking for you either. It's more like they dont know it happened... sorta. I'll explain more later but right now, Sable and Genesis are back and wanna talk to you, so eat up get dressed and brace yourself for serious product knowledge baby-sis. It is about to get real crucial."

That's it for now. Sorry for the slow set up but this how I get my abstracts going. How do you like the Pixie's name and title? What about Gretchen? You like the name? She doesnt have a lot of dimension yet but I already like her. and she got something in common with our other girl who still has no name....maybe a naming contest is in order? Next time it is all about action y'all I promise!
Something I am pondering right now----To take his apartment key or not to take his apartment key...that is the question....

Be safe and Be True, I think I hear Karma knocking...

Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Hand That ROCKS the CRADLE Rules the WORLD--Blog for justice!

I didn't know how to start this post. I have followed the stories of Megan Williams and the Dunbar Village Rape atrocity and I wanted to say something about how I felt.
You see I thought that I was numb. I always think that I am until someone, anyone experiences the ULTIMATE of violations--RAPE.

On Women
This word is too small for the violation the word "RAPE" represents. It is too small to describe the humiliation and utter desecration of Yours, Mine and OUR own temple. The Temple Given to us by the most high.
If someone robs you the law is swift, people rally and communities create watch groups.
What of rape victims?
How quick does someone invent a REASON that the VICTIM should not have been in whatever place wearing, whatever outfit at whatever hour of the day or night?

We are not going to make it. Not like this.
If we don't stop it NOW we wont make it. They don't care that These are our MOTHERS. My Mother, Your Mother.
They don't care that these are our SISTERS. Our AUNTS, Our GRANDMOTHERS. They are raping our Grandmothers---What are we saying when talk around the incidents and paint Our family of women as deserving of less than her fair-haired counterpart?

I am not going to go into all the particulars of either case. We know the cases. We know The names of the women. On the news we hear their names constantly with hardly a mention of the attackers. How about we hear the Names of these attackers followed by the words "(Alleged) Rapist" rather than the names of our sisters followed by the words "rape victim". I know, it sounds like negating the victim but it isn't. It is about making the perpetrators carry the WEIGHT of the offense rather than their victims. It is about digging into the past and future of these men(and in Megan William's case, women) and putting their intimate particulars on display in much the same way that women are forced to suffer through (it is tantamount to being violated repeatedly I wager).

On Black Women
When did we become un-rapeable? When was it that ALL decided that our parts could be dissected and devoured whole by anyone and everyone who found themselves hungry in our general vicinity?
Why is it that black women are routinely used to satisfy petty jealousies, and satiate rampant lust all at no cost to the abuser and the death of her self?
Sisters! Its US who must be our own champions. It is US who must go into the streets, the courtrooms and world and say Damn-It, You will stop this or WE will STOP You!
We have no choice but to get up and stay up in the fight to protect ourselves and our sisters.
We are hurting but we are strong and angry and if we stop, ALL Life STOPS! Period.

Get vocal. Write to your legislators, your police chiefs and demand the protection they claim is ours as Citizens. Write female lawmakers, senators, and tell them what is going on in your neighborhood, to you, your sister, your mother to US. If we don't care they wont care.
On Black Men
We need you. You need us. Protect us and loves us and see family when you look at us. Teach your sons to respect women and the woman who delivered them safely. You don't have the right to look the other way. You owe us better. We belong to one another---Lets act like it.....

I love you all, love one another.
Be safe Be true, be careful with your Karma.
How will we arm ourselves against this war on our women?