Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Muppets Fell Short but

Arthur Christmas was a HUGE triumph! Talk about an adorable feel good movie people! Arthur Christmas was heartwarming and sweet and it really made my day. The Muppets movie COULD have been that good but the guy who wrote decided that HE should play the lead role and what an abomination that mess was!!! Dont get me wrong, the Muppets were EXCELLENT in every single scene! That dude however was so freaking dull and boring that he massacred every single scene he was in! it was ridiculous!  The movie is still worth it to see even though that guy sucked!  LOL!  Anyway it is FINALLY cold here! Finally! Two days ago we were still having rain forest type weather. Muggy, Hot and bleh! Now it is wintery and cold and much more palatable!  I've been thinking about biscuits for some reason lately. I mean, literally thinking about fresh baked biscuits. I had a dream about some too a couple of nights ago. Why? I want to say it has to do with missing my Grandmother (her homemade biscuits and yeast rolls made me feel so good). I hope its about her because all my memories of her are wonderful!  She loved children and you could literally tell when she looked at you! Yeah, there are worse things to think about. I'll keep thinking of biscuits Granny and I love you!
Happy Karma

Saturday, November 26, 2011

So I basically just bought Video Games

for all the Black Friday Shopping there was to be had!  I hate shopping, especially for clothes which is why my closet is full of jeans, concert t-shirts and of course costumes.  I know, I know, I should be better at being a girl by now but who the hell knew there was no internal switch in your body that automatically set their phasers to CHICK when you got your boobs during puberty (no matter how late puberty decided to show itself). anyway, I got some stuff I'd been wanting and it was a decent haul. Gamestop had buy 2 pre-owned games get one free so I got Fallout New Vegas and the re-mastered TombRaider Trilogy and Afro Samurai was free! I also bought all three of the Uncharted games and they are just ridiculously cool. Not as cool as say a 39 year old black woman who dresses in costumes for Renaissance Festivals, saves all year for a sci-fi convention and of course plays video games where she is an explorer who hunts relics in Boliva but cool enough!  I'm not really big on the whole religious aspect of the holidays but I am a fan of people finding the time to be together at least once a year to eat, laugh, play and hug-it-out.  I can't imagine  how hard it is for soldiers to be apart from their loved ones all year only to have to watch others bitch and moan about other people being thankful.  You don't feel grateful, fine! You don't feel thankful for anything, ever, fine! But guess what, you get to feel that way and act on because someone you don't know is holding a rifle in a country you have never heard of because they have the idea that fighting for SOMETHING no matter what it is or means to you personally is a far cry better than working your damnedest to shit on any and everyone else's cheer. Please get the hell over yourself!  I got an idea, you could be thankful that you get to sit on your but in a classroom yakking about the arts or whatever and not sitting under an overpass or ass to elbow in a soup kitchen. I know that is extreme but REALLY?  whatever! be a dick, and know that somewhere, you actually matter to someone else you douche! Yeah, someone is actually thankful for your cynical ass! ugh...I'm going to play video games!
Happy Karma

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Today is Family day and I

want to jump on the bandwagon and note that I am thankful for my family, my friends new and old, my job and any of the changes it may bring that make me better at serving my country in my small civilian capacity, people who give the gift of life be it through organ donation, or through their service in the military, police department, hospitals (nurses and teachers have a very special place in my heart because they mold all those other service people and keep them healthy) and of course I am ultimately thankful that I get to get up everyday, comfortable in my own skin, confident enough to be exactly who I am everywhere I go, complete with loc'ed hair, sci-fi references, comic book fetishes, Absolute LOVE of COSTUMES and Classic rock/Barry Manilow obsession. If you know me then you should know that I appreciate you for tolerating my awkward interests and silly disposition. All I want is the chance to keep being myself and embracing others who only want a chance to be themselves everyday as well. Everyday work to Be a little bit better than you were yesterday and ultimately, we'll all be doing a service for our humanity without notice of effort...
 That being said I hope that everyone gets to a place where they can see the necessity and opportunity of change in their everyday lives. I just recently had the chance to reassess my wants and needs as they relate to the changes that are coming at my job.  I went through a range of emotions from nervous fear to anxiousness and ultimately calm resignation that change is my God and always has been. I am happy, healthy and so very fulfilled by the many opportunities life constantly hands me even when I work my hardest to see obstacles in everything that happens.  
You dont have to count your blessings but you do have an obligation to see yourself for who/what you are and see the world for the wide landscape of chances it is and to BEHAVE accordingly. I work to do that every single day and I hope that you all do the same.  Enjoy a good meal and good company and tomorrow, find one tiny little thing to see differently, and if can be a new kind of black beans in the organic section of the damn grocery store, but you embrace that can of beans, go home open it up, mash it into dip and enjoy every bite. The next day, you will find another little thing and YOU will get better every single day.

happy Karma

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Renaissance Festival was

AWESOME!!! We attended Barbarian Weekend this year and our costumes were GREAT! People constantly stopped us for pics and complimented us on our costumes. Here is my favorite picture of myself

Admit it...we look fierce! and we totally just took your village and tread over your crops and sold all of your fair maidens and of course, took your men as our slaves! LOL! Myclette the one with the scorpion breastplate made my costume for me and Jo, the made her own of course! I did my own face paint and let me tell you, that stuff itches! I should have used the kind that is made to last during hot weather because It would have ran less when I started to sweat a bit on the brow.  All in all we had a wonderful time and have to start planning now for next years All Hallows Eve at the Ren Faire! Since it is Halloween I think I might try to cosplay and choose a costume from sci-fi genre. If the costume isnt too cumbersome I might even try to cosplay at Dragon*Con next year. Oh here is my favorite pic of all of us at the Ren Faire this year, 

Oh and our other friends also attended but only Brandy dress in costume with us, she was a saucy wench but I dont have permission to post her pic so I won't. T didnt do a costume but got her face painted and Watson of course didnt wear a costume. He dressed really nice, sweater vest and all and I joked that he came as the Barbarian Horde's Accountant lest they be unfairly taxed for their acquired Plunder! LOL
That is all for now! Have a great day and be careful what you wish may get and then a barbarian horde may come to your town and steal your stuff! LOL
Happy Karma

Sunday, November 13, 2011

I've always wanted to...

1. To create my own superhero! When I was a kid I would create comic strips with stick figures and I sometimes had to borrow paper to do it, because I drew and wrote on EVERYTHING. I always said to myself that one day I would create by own comic hero and she would be eat magic and keep balance in the world...I started on it finally this year.
2. Have my own podcast. I listen to some and they are entertaining for listeners and the podcasters. My friends and I like to talk movies, books, comics, and all things nerdy/geeky and I would love to record and cast those conversations. My favorite podcast is on NPR and is called Science Friday. I love that show because its just people talking about their favorite subject and so everyone is entertained. I actually started working on having my own podcast this year. I am still doing research though... I was on a podcast during Dragon*Con and it was a lot of fun! Of course the podcasters were really nice and funny and interested in their subject matter!
3. I have always wanted to write movie reviews for those syfy monster movies. Well I've always written them for fun but I have always wanted a forum to present them in. this year I actually got the chance to share my reviews with others on RevolutionSciFi and now that I have more time I can actually start submitting them more often to that site and others.
4. Hang glide! A friend of mine went skydiving a few years back and the video was amazing! I want to hang glide because frankly, I want to feel like I'm flying...and maybe sass-talk a bird or two while I'm up there.
5. seriously invest or play the stock market or something. I've been building up my emergency savings and getting my finances in line and I have invested in a few things. All related  to my job and relatively safe. I have a friend who is doing etrade stuff and while I may not be brave enough to really get down in there I would like to try my hand at the market...I think you have to initially do like 500 bucks with etrade which is not a crazy sum of money but its the deductible amount for any kind of care repair requiring insurance (when did I become such a grown up).

Well that is all for now. Be kind to yourself and others. You get what you give so be generous!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Bestie!

today is the 39th birthday of one of my oldest and closest friends! She looks amazing and I wish her every single happiness! In an effort to help fund the liver transplant that her baby nephew received this year, my bestie is asking that in lieu of gifts that people send 7 bucks to  COTA (Children's Organ Transplant Association) for little Audric Beaulieu (he is 14 months old and is just a beautiful ray of sunlight). This is an amazing organization that helps parents fund very necessary but very expensive  medical treatments for their little ones. Donating to this wonderful organization helps countless families pay for expenses that reach into the millions of dollars. please take a moment to got to the website and maybe donate to the organization even if you don't have a child benefiting from the organization directly.
I am truly moved by the stories represented there and the strength and courage of the children fighting for their lives. It really helps me to realize how precious life is and how time with the people you love trumps any monetary gift one can receive. I really wish I had been more helpful to people as a young person, because I see now that focusing on pettiness and past wrongs kept me blinded to the larger and far more important picture. We have to do whatever we can everyday to be a little bit better than we were yesterday.  I see these families and these kids doing that everyday.
I try to be a little better everyday and it isn't always easy but the current big picture tells me that admitting who I am, owning my part in the pain of others and doing something to ease the pain of someone else is the only path to a better big picture in the future.
These families helped me further see that bitterness has no depth of flavor, it spoils an entire dish...
Hey, Check out the COTA page for little Audric HERE and My Besties Video for COTA and her little nephew Audie T right HERE and the reminder right HERE.
Okay, that is all on that for now...
now some stuff I just wanna vent about a litte. For crying out loud people, be kind, be sincere and always, always tell yourself the truth. It's tough but you'll be better off in the end... I have actually witnessed the junk folks rant about bite them in the rear-end and frankly it isn't funny at all-- is pitiable. I can just imagine how much folks pitied me for all the pettiness and meanness I put out in the world over something that in the long and relatively short run was truly of no consequence. When I got it all back, I wanted to blame someone else but the truth of the matter was that it was ALL my fault. All of it. I was smarter than the situation I involved myself in and I will always be ashamed of myself for my behavior, always. I grew up for real and For me Karma is real. I got from the world what I put in, no more and no damn less. So when you get garbage from the universe you have to wonder if you've seen that trash it something you threw out there only to have to digest yourself later?  Probably. There are 7 important tenets  of Buddhism and one has to do with sincere remorse and it is a doozy! I have sincere remorse for so many things and to make sure I never fall into that mindset again I apologize to the universe if I can't apologize the wronged party (even if they see ulterior motive it has to be done>). I have done that and now the anger is theirs to muck through and sadly...anyway, let's be better to one another and better to ourselves
Happy Karma

Thursday, November 3, 2011

 This year is flying by, sheesh! I am nearly straight with my expenses and with saving, luckily I don't have to do all the gift buying that most others have to do during the Winter solstice. I started reading that Dave Ramsey book about personal saving, debt reduction and building wealth. So far it is pretty interesting stuff. Like off the top Ramsey suggests that we immediately implement the seven baby steps…

1.      Save $1,000 for emergencies. This is like a basic fund that just sits there and waits for trouble.
2.      Pay off all credit debt with the snowball effect. You pay off the smallest debt first. Once that small one is done you throw all of that amount at that the next debt and so on until all of your credit card debt is gone.
3.      Save 3-6 months of expenses in savings. Just in case you lose your job and need to stay afloat until the next opportunity comes along…I know some people who did this and are not quite as bad off as they would have been had they not had the initial life raft. One of them is finally employed after of 18 months of joblessness and the other one is STILL looking for employment. They worked at the same place unfortunately and both got hit during the big business layoffs.
4.      Invest 15% of household income into Roth IRAs and pre-tax retirement products..
5.      Start dumping cash into the college fund for the kiddos. Now this one is a GOOOOOOD one, especially since I am still and always will be paying on student loans from the 2 masters degrees I had to finance on my own…
6.      Pay off the home early. Now I don’t own a home but I figure I could just dump cash into paying off my vehicle since I just recently got a new one…
7.      Build wealth and give. This is the step I am most intrigued about! I want to really start setting up a comfortable life for my twilight years and for that I need some disposable income for investing and helping others.

I really want to accomplish this list and I am right now finishing up the second one and mid-way through the third. It really frees up a lot of time one would have spent on worrying…So give it a shot and tell me how it works for you and I’ll keep you up to date on my progress as well.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hurray for Sweet November! And you should always double check those addresses...

Okay, I meant to ban the annonymous jerk who has been posting things about people I have no interest in provoking NOT my friends who tend to post annonymously. So, if you're my homie then post away annonymously but if you are not my homie, be cool and don't be rude.

Okay, so Halloween was a ton of fun. We decorated the place and the kiddos came for candy in DROVES! The costumes were so adorable that you can’t even stand it! Tiny little princesses, firemen, and ballerinas! Of course I wore a costume as well, and so did my oldest Bestie! I was a gypsy and she was a Pirate! Ha! We went to a costume party at our favorite spot and did our rendition of Salt-n-Peppa’s “Push-It”. I think you know we murdered that hit!  So much fun and of course one of our friends captured the whole thing on VIDEO and it is now on YouTube! If you are one of my friends on facebook you can see the video.

Okay so it's national novel writing month and I am participating yet again. This year, Watson and I are doing it together and hopefully this will add motivation for me to actually finish a product quickly without worrying about getting everything just perfect right out of the gate. I took up a whole writing day (yesterday) coming up with a plausible plot which I finally did and while it sort of relates to set of books I want to write I think since I have written nothing on it nor developed any characters for it (except the heroine---loosely) there should be no big deal. I wrote like 200 words last night before my bedtime so you know, only 49,800 words to go LOL!!!!
Be kind to yourself, don't play the blame game and have a little fun...

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Boys II Men makes a comeback

and I LOVE it! Charlie Wilson is on the cd and he and the group blend very well! I dont know why I started my post this way because I have no intention of yakking about music.  I want to yak about Renaissance Fair. I found the fur fabric I like and Myclette has no choice but to help me make the darn thing! You should see her freaking designs for her costume!!! In a word AWESOME. She has already finished the top and seriously it is way nice. Hopefull she can help me put mine together.  You know, someone recently told me I should grow up. Now I don't know what they think grow up is but I assured them that I am plenty grown. Apparently for most people, growing up means not watching The Cartoon Network and tossing out your comic books. For me it means living life on your own terms and transcending the bull-crap to get to the good stuff. Dude, I'm a nerd and my friends are nerds...and I have to say it, we Rock like a boat! ZING! Anyway, I have started getting annonymous comments again about really old crap. I deleted them but I really don't like them because it's like someone is trying to stir up hot garbage.  I blame myself becasue of the public way I reacted to something personal so now any number of people (who likely think they are being my friend in a weird way) could be trying to start junk. Look, whomever you are, please quit it. Just stop. No harm no foul but seriously. I'd rather you didnt start poking at people, especially me. That said, I am going to an event today about Breast Cancer awareness that I am really excited about. The event is THIS, which is pretty nice. Breast Cancer Awareness is near and dear to me as I lost one of the most beautiful people in my life to the disease this year and a Professor I had, Dr. Susan Ahern recently lost her battle with the disease this week. Sigh...
Oh yeah!!! I have ALL of my Halloween decorations up and let me tell you...pretty darned impressive! If you're my facebook bud you can see them so go check them out. The neighborhood kids are pretty stoked about the treats they may get from our spot so YAY Us! LOL!
On that note I think I'll get out in the world and spread some joy...see y'all out there.
Happy Karma!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Exhausted, But doing pretty well...

I'm so tired! Not because I'm old mind you, but I of course am pretty old but because I made the mistake of doing a bunch of crap all at the same time. Who does that? Me!
  • So I moved (to a much much bigger place with lots of space and a huge-ish kitchen)
  • got A TON of dental work done (shame on me for the state of my teeth!), which has really been tough on my old body! I got the impressions for my crowns done yesterday and was sick as a dog today! Sheesh. Maybe it was that goop you bite down on or the Shots to the mouth or my Anemia or all of the above!
  • Consolidated my jillions of dollars in school loans (if only I could play deadbeat like some people who will remain nameless), 
  • started looking for a new car (Dodge Charger please! Can I just say that the Charger looks like it could punch other cars in the face or grill or whatever! But I'll  probably get something far more economical and practical--I would love a hybrid!).
  • I finally started on my costume for Renaissance Faire (Barbarian Invasion!) 
  •  write my movie reviews AND maybe put them on youtube or maybe podcast them weekly in addition to submitted some to some really cool websites like the review I wrote for RevolutionSyFy which can be found right here
  • And to top it off I need a washer and dryer.
I have this idea that I want things to be squared away by my 40th birthday in December and I can just begin fresh and new ya know. I dont know, is there a fresh and new at 40? I think so or rather I hope so...well I have a friend who is a bit older and you wouldnt know it unless you asked her what age she was so I think that gives me hella hope for a fountain of youth sort of life in my years to come.
  • Oh I forgot, I want to go on some adventures. Not the hairbrained zany kind that end with carnivorous earwigs eating out your frontal lobe in South America but you know maybe some rafting or hang gliding or seeing the Louvre before I take the big dirt nap?
This post qualifies as a sci-fi post because I talked about my movie review on RevolutionSyFy and gave a link to it so there!
Happy Karma Folks!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Moving is just too much work!

So we moved into a new place. It is bigger and more aesthetically pleasing than our last place.  We still have a lot of stuff to clean out of the old place but we have until the 19th to get it done so no biggie. Whenever I move, I get this rush of excitement and anxiety all bundled into one mega-emotion. I don’t know if it is because I feel overwhelmed by the transition and responsibility of having to take care of a new place or what. I like the feeling because it means that I am not stagnant and comfortable. I also like the feeling if I know that I have the skills to conquer the new challenges or at least can acquire the skills in a decent span of time. My point is coming:
I fell asleep watch Terra Nova last night, NOT because it sucked but because I was really tired from the move. But on the show people were still getting to know the terrain and taking a survival skills class that included making fire for warmth, to keep unwanted predators at bay, for cooking and of course for setting fire to bell-towers lousy with hunchbacks.  There was a navigation class teaching folks how to find north using the moss of tree and what grubs make for good eatin’ when the rations run low. I was watching it while nodding off, thinking through a sleepy-eyed haze about how I might fair in such a situation. Can I make fire? Can I find North? Do I know an edible herb when I see one? The answer to all 3 questions is uhm NO! I use my phone’s GPS when traveling on FOOT and driving in my car. I don’t know what plant will keep me breathing, give me a killer rash or close my windpipe; essentially suffocating me with my own stupidity, laziness and apathy. That being said I think I’ll check with leisure learning for a survivalist class or at the very least I’ll watch more episodes of that show with Bear Grylls…yeah, that’s probably enough!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Now that Dragon*Con is gone for the time being

I have to focus on getting myself ready for my NEXT nerd-a-thon, and that my friends is Renaissance Festival. I think I found the costume I want to wear. It is a little bit of a departure from my usual fairy or gypsy type ensemble but not by much.
I tried to shrink the image but unfortunately I didnt know how without wiping out the entire image for some reason. but anyway I got this idea from a Facebook Friend and I think it is a GREAT look for me! The thing is, I have to move next weekend so I dont really have any available time this week or next to do much in the way of constructing this ensemble. For sure I won't have trouble finding a staff (got TONS) and for sure I won't have trouble finding a side blade (I collect all manner of sharp and point things) the problem I may have is getting some of the deatil stuff correct. I dont have to worry about boots because I got those covered and I have the make-up angle covered also. I think I can find the right fabric for the fur covering at any of my favorite fabric shops (yes, I have favs). and of course accessories can come from Michael's and Mom's house! LOL....
This post was mostly about my costume idea so...yeah...later taters

Friday, September 16, 2011

so its Friday you Foxy Nerds!

and it doesnt mean as much as it could because I'm gonna work overtime again. You know, I was thinking, the more money I make the more I need so the trick is to need less money but still get more stuff. Once I crack that code, I'll bottle it and you all can buy it from at a low, low price that will finally make me as rich as I should be for a person who is really work averse...
Anyway, Terra Nova is gonna start on September 26 and Honestly, I'm a little excited about it. I liked Earth Two...sorta and Earth Sea...sorta so maybe I'll kinda like Terra Nova, maybe. Ugh! I just really want a show that I can sink my synapses into that gives me the right mix of hopeful optimism and impending doom in a way that a post apocalyptic society should, ya know? I mean I like my post world with more team building exercies ala that short lived reality show The Colony and not like that whole Fall Out New Vegas (for PS3) type vibe. I don't like a ton of guns blazing about, but some subtle references to cannibalism or making bread out of acorns or edible flowers is right up my alley.  At any rate, I won't say that I've got High hopes for Terra Nova but I do in fact, have some Hopes and I'm pretty sure they wont let me down on ALL of them.
1. Diversity! I hate when the end of the world comes and no one of color seems to have made it through the catastrophe. That's just weird damn-it!
2. Groups of dummies roaming the world together! Yeah, at some point some groups of dumb people have to get together and do dumb stuff like drink the water, or eat old food they find at a supermarket or fail to dress a wound or something. Every group always has like a doctor or a soldier or some dude who can save you from most dumb stuff
3. Violent kid gangs! this is probably not as funny as I think it would be...likely far more terrifying and creeptastic than I can imagine. But still, let's just try it and see what happens...
4. Fat people. Really? No way do all the fatties (like myself) just cease to be in your post world society. At least not at first. I mean once food starts to go and we've eaten the weak and the young, surely our weight will drop. But before that, you have to have those people on the trek to whatever new homestead we are sojourning to bitching about being hungry and needing to take a break. Let's get some of that in there.
5. NERDS inherit the Earth! Yeah! I mean how long would it take for the first  convention to be organized after the end of the world? Hello? Is this thing On!
That's all I can think of right now but I know there's tons more... Maybe I'll be back later...
Later gators
Happy Karma suckas

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Let's Review, A Movie Called "Sugar Hill" (1974) Not the one with Wesley Snipes

Okay so I watched Sugar Hill over the weekend and as promised here is my review of the Blacksploitation-Zombie film made in 1974 in HOUSTON, TEXAS no less! FYI, The Heights Branch of the Houston Public Library was used in the film as a "Voodoo Institute".
The Gist: Basically, white gangsters want to take this black dudes nightclub (Club Haiti). He refuses, and of course they kill him and find that his club has been left to his foxy lady (Sugar) who vows revenge and gets her mom (a 100 yr old voo-doo queen—who also played George Jefferson’s Mother) to stick it to the culprits. The zombies come and avenge her lover’s death and as payment the king of the zombies gets the girlfriend of the lead gangster dude. The Foxy Lady offers him her soul but he doesn’t really “do” souls and she refuses to go live in the underworld with him sooooo, that other chick kinda has to go.
Some Background: This movie had some serious racial overtones and some taboo concepts especially for the time it was filmed and the place (Texas). I mean if you’re gonna give the black king of the zombies a white woman after killing off all the white gangsters (typically referred to as Honkies, Whitey or Cracker in the film) then yeah, you’ve really decided to “go there” as the kids say. The movie has the “N” word liberally distributed which would be disturbing except and I know you may not believe me, but, it was sort of necessary because it was an attempt to illustrate class inferiority and racial tension as fast and effectively as possible (the movie was only about 90 minutes including credits). The zombies are actually slaves circa 1700 Louisiana who were buried in a mass grave with their chains still on after  some sort of outbreak.
The Good Stuff: The writer of this flick gets his zombies the good old fashioned  way; VOODOO, Jive Suckas! Yeah that’s right, no tainted burger meat or nuclear accidents. Just homegrown, chicken feet, African dance, snake handling, crazy drums that simulate the beat of a racing heart as it runs from the clutches of the undead and of course stuff with Blood. Oh and machetes! Lots and lots of machetes! I mean almost ALL of the dude zombies have machetes. Oh and the Zombie King is apparently a “great lover” and has Zombie honeys with which to “get-down” with.
The zombies were pretty impressive if you ask me. I mean they had these silver eye covers and make-up that must have been a show-stopper in 1974! If you want abs painted on a damn zombie, call whoever the hell painted the abs on these zombies! What I didn’t get was the zombies covered in cobwebs…was there some zombie spider in that mass grave sucking the zombie blood from these things? If so, I WISH they had shown it!
Lame Stuff that I LOVE: B-ROLL! I freaking love B-Roll! You know that footage of like people getting on a city bus, A soccer Mom buying tomatoes or some random stray dog walking down the street…yeah, that’s the stuff! The B-roll for this film is fantastic! It was relevant and meshed perfectly with the film and I am gonna go out on a limb and say its because at the time of the filming, that Mutual Of Omaha Wild Kingdom (1963-1988 and restarted 2002 on Animal Planet) show was pretty popular. Hell I remember racing to the television to watch those nature shows with my brothers. This film had footage of some huge gators emerging like bullet trains from some shadowy swamp and one of those crazy sidewinder looking snakes skimming the murky waters of some swamp. Yeah, its called non-specific “but hella relevant” B-roll fools! Get some!
More Lame stuff I love: Now at first glance the movie seems campy, over the top and downright bad BUT I think what this film does right is FASHION honey! (I just gave you my best right handed finger-snap ala Men-On-Film from In Living Color). These actors are dressed to the NINES in this film). I love the King of the zombies (Baron Samedi), because he was dressed like the Conjure Man from the Princess and The Frog (somebody get my lawyer on the phone—finally we got Disney by the…frogs legs). And what blacksploitation film would be complete without a brother named Valentine (played by a dude who has been in everything! Namely, as Dr. Ben Taylor on the 1983 version of “V”, my least favorite episodes of “Sister-Sister” and oh as Mr. Bostic on that episode of the Cosby Show where cousin Pam applies to college! You remember Pam right? She was Maxine Shaw on “Living Single”). What was I saying, oh yeah, Valentine is a Leiutenant who apparently has no detectives working under him because he does all his own leg work and also pines for Foxy Lady (Her name is Diana “Sugar” Hill in the movie). Valentine’s suits are out of control, even for the early 70s.
The Acting: Let’s not play games here, the acting was ridiculous. Crazy, awkward, pregnant pauses everywhere. People trying not to look into the camera, and my personal favorite, people doing weird stuff with their hands. Like in that Supernatural where Sam and Dean are actors on a set and Sam has No clue what to do with his hands so he keeps lifting them up and out from his body while looking past the person he’s speaking to, remember that? Yeah, LOTS of that stuff so I of course loved it! 
Rating: 3 out of 5 Dyno-mites! The gore is actually kept to a minimum and you don’t really see the bodies until after they have been attacked by zombies and even then it isn’t very graphic or anything. It’s too funny to be graphic, not as funny as say…Swamp Shark was but still pretty funny. The only reason this isn’t rated higher is because you can’t watch it with little ones. The language is just really gritty and racially charged although not particularly lascivious or explicit. But unless you’re ready to have a conversation about race and such with the kiddos, you might leave this one in your Netflix queue until the kids are asleep. I say check it out at least and tell me what you think.

Karma out

Saturday, September 10, 2011

So I'm BACK from Dragon*Con

and I have a bunch of photos and videos from the 5 day event! Nerds and Geeks really know how to get down for theirs! LOL. Okay so I personally met to Sam Witwer from Being Human (the US version) and Samantha Ferris from Supernatural and they were both AWESOME! I have the pics posted on my Facebook thingie so if we are buds you can see them. I will post them here as well I think. OH and I have some video footage from the True Blood Cast Panel and yes it is mainly ALCIDE talking about who the heck knows what! GORGEOUS is an understatement! If you want to check out the vids they are on my Youtube page! I had so much fun and I refuse to go without Watson next year! Unless of course he refuses to go...mwahahahaha. He isnt too keen on Air travel and I totally understand so maybe we have to go by train or suffer an 8 hour bus trip to Atlanta. Which is interesting because I looked at Greyhound and MAN, they have made some serious upgrades in their services and amenities. First of all they removed 5 seats from each bus to give passengers more leg room, added electrical plugs in each row for your laptops and whatnot and get this...they now offer free WiFi on all busses! WTH? When did Greyhound pull the come-up move? Although they have made crazy upgrades, bus travel isnt my first choice but I do really like long bus rides, they remind me of going to Mississippi to visit my Grandparents when I was a kid and I felt like I was a pioneer on an adventure everytime we boarded a Greyhound. Anyway, I'm down for a bus ride so I'm gonna go Greyhound next year and give everyone a report.
Oh, I have to really get into shape. I told some people that this time I REALLY mean it so I guess I have to at least get back on the wagon for show at first. LOL!
Well, gotta go hit the gym...
Happy Karma

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


was a blast and I can't wait to load all my pics and give you the recap but I just got home today and I gotta work tomorrow so check with me tomorrow night.
Later Taters!
Karmically Us!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

WELL, Today is my Friday,

So I will be at Dragon*Con in Atlanta on Thursday (it officially begins Friday morning actually) and I’m pretty excited. This year I am gonna really spend some time on the Apocalypse Rising Track because I don’t think there is anything more honest to a make-over than an down and dirty Apocalypse. I have said it before and I’ll say it again, I love a good do-over. The problem with do-overs is that people don’t always reflect on the collapse in a way that shows them their part in the whole mess. Sometimes people start again in the exact same way that caused things to fall apart. Those people are what you call gluttons for punishment. I don’t do Jesus really, I think he is a swell guy and a total bad-ass when it comes to men of conviction and prophets but the whole son of God thing I don’t need for my existence, for those who do, more power to you. What I do is severally explicable (I checked with a grammar nerd and she LOVED that phrasing) first of all I place my faith in myself, my ambition, my willingness to try and fail and then try again (hopefully in a new way) and fail again if need be to get the job done. I also place my faith in the people around me. I am thick enough to believe that people really do want themselves and the people around them to succeed. Example: People want to live in a clean area so they will keep their immediate area clean, their neighbor will see this and think “hey, I want my stuff to be clean too and maybe the elderly woman across the way wants her stuff clean—I’ll see if I can help her a little”. Then boom, clean neighborhood and safer neighborhood because I took a second to say howdy to the lady across the street when I rolled her trash-bins out of the drive after the sanitation truck snagged the contents. That’s it. That’s all. I know, it’s simple but shit, it has always been a better bet for me to look to myself and the people around me for help than waiting for some divine intervention from on high. Again, if that’s your bag, do your thang, I aint mad. I digress… I’ve been thinking of starting a story and I am certain that being with my nerd family will inspire me… “I remember the day I condemned the world and started my very own apocalypse” or something like that…yeah I am ready to GO!!! Don’t panic, I will post here while I am there so you won’t miss anything…whoever happens upon my middle of nowhere blog.
Karma Rocks and so do you and I!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

It's almost that time again kiddos!

Dragon*Con is next week and I am beyond excited! I am going to be all over the place until I leave though because I still have to deal with the fact that we are moving in a month and a half and I should probably start throwing things away. Anyway back to Dragon*Con! where the heck to begin? This year I am going to be there from START to FINISH! I mean I get to Atlanta on thursday afternoon and I leave Tuesday at the end of it all! YES!!! I can't wait! I am like seriously spazzing out! The apocalypse track is where I am headed for some much needed doomsday funfare! (hmmm that looks wrong but it feels right--LOL). Watson isnt going but I suppose I can forgive him...too much work to do which is actually a good thing but he is certainly not excused from the yearly Arizona visit and Grand Canyon Trek (sp). Speaking of which I really have to get into better shape if I wanna hike Bright Angel Trail (yes I know we say that every year but this is the year I crush Ryan on that trail or at the buffet). Well I'm heading over to the Dragon*Con site to see what I can see for next week!

Karma like a ninja (whatevs that might mean)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

18 Days til DRAGON*CON

and I am ecstatic to say the least! I am so excited that I am constantly checking the website for new information and to reread the old information. Lame right? I know but I can't help it! The apocalypse track looks like it is gonna be fun, fun, fun! The only thing that sucks is  that Watson is not attending with me this year. So its me and the happening Guthries this year. Still cool as all get out though!
I started drawing again over the weekend and I think I have now figured out what made me stop trying in my previous attempts at portrait drawing and that my friends is: EXPECTATIONS! 
My expectations were unrealistic and of course with everything you attempt and fail to set realistic goals for, you likely fail at the attempt. This time I made some very modest expectations (which is hard when you have too grand an idea about your abilities---even in an area you have never before tested yourself) for my drawing goals. I am most interested in portrait drawing so I plan to focus on human subjects for the most part and honestly, despite my issues with proportions, with practice, I certainly be decent at it.
Oh here is something hilarious! I was being a sass-mouth at my Mom's this weekend and immediately the universe served me up a little shut your trap cummupence, I walked into the garage door and banged my forehead but Good! Grrrr! No big cartoonish knot or anything but there was a little bit of swelling that only I could really notice since Mom immediately forced me to ice my face for about an hour the second it happened...Hey Mom, sorry for the sass-mouth! LOL!
Oh, next month I will have been on my job for 2 years and get this...I STILL LOVE IT! I know! Its crazy right?
We move to our new place in October and YES I was hasty about choosing a place because I was worried about not getting some place decent for a decent price. I like the complex but I don't if Watson is crazy about it, but no fear, we're gonna sign a 6 month lease just in case we get there and wanna jump from a window. The upside is that we will be leaving the craptacular complex we live in now and will FINALLY have washer/dryer connections! WOO HOO! No more broken machines. There should be some sort of mild form of punishment we could inflict when the complex fails to keep their property up. You know, something that happens to the worker-bots in the leasing office; like sci-fi in nature that tells everyone who sees them that they work for a company that has crappy laundry facilities. I don't know what that would look like but still...
Anyway, this post wasnt really sci-fi in nature but it was a chance for me to catch up with my week with whatever poor soul still reads it...
Happy Karma folks

Thursday, August 11, 2011

So I love a good dystopia

and most certainly a good apocalypse! You know how I am about a good tear-down and rebuild.  I mean razed to the freaking earth! Love it! I also love when people get their comeuppance, it just feels so good. You know sometimes people mess with you and you turn the other cheek and then BAM the universe bends them over without lube and really rips them apart. Good stuff! Sigh...but I digress. I have been watching a couple's apocalypse and ultimate dystopia and it has been so effing healing.  When I write, I always think of my heroine and her flaws and the times she was hurt and how she will ultimately make herself feel better. That being said I always wonder just how much anger is acceptable on the page. Like, I know you can't go left in real life but on the page I like to really let the monsters out. I'm really just writing this for myself right now because I've been working on my heroine and didnt realize just how much pent up anger I still had over the wrongs I feel have been done to me until my fingers hit the keyboard. Suffice it to say My female lead "Rachel" is a beautiful beast, so don't think you can cross her and just walk away...If you've wronged me, know that I am rejoicing in your comeuppance and am certainly orgasmic over your sickening lot. And on some level, I can honestly say, I REJOICE in your pain. I'm so glad you're miserable and hurting if you made me hurt or made me miserable because DAMN-IT I know I didnt deserve it.
whew...glad I got that out, now I really don't wish bad will on anyone, but if it comes do a double take in the mirror and ask yourself how much of it really belongs to you. You probably owe someone an apology and I hope they accept it and I also hope they spit in your eye...yeah, nasty stuff when you're being honest, right? Hey, blame my heroine, she's the one feeling all the emotions right now!

Tame that Karma folks

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Review of "Super Eruption"- Hey...

that's Syfy's title, not mine. Although it is fantastically misleading!
So I had the misfortune of watching SyFy’s original movie “Super Eruption” a couple of weeks ago and let me just say, I; ME; Tammie the Queen of Corny, was horrified by the absolute wretchedness of the film. Now I’m not talking about the acting (YET). I’m not watching anything that will get an Oscar nod…that ain’t really how I roll. The problem was of all things, the utter and just ridiculous disregard for even the idea of plausibility. Okay, to be honest I went into the movie with a bit of an attitude. I don’t like movies that make nature the enemy per se. You know those movies where a killer tidal wave is gonna hit the serene town of some decidedly landlocked place (although that is ALWAYS hilarious). I hate that crap because why not just have people’s garbage begin to eat them and sacrifice their bones to the planet to stave off the revolution Nature will eventually be forced to start? Or something like that…I haven’t worked out all the bugs but you get my meaning and if you don’t then you should  not be reading reviews of the craptacular movies I like to see (although I’m glad you are). Anyway, I only knew one of the actors and frankly Watson is the one who noticed him and jogged my memory. Remember The Sentinel? Yeah I know, I didn’t either at first but when I did remember it I  thought “oh, that’s cool. I remember liking that show,” so I settled in for what was surely going to be one lava-hot thrill ride at Yellowstone national park.  Okay so it opens with The Sentinel parachuting DIRECTLY into the center of the eruption with NO protection whatsoever! I mean no mask for breathing since there was ash and burning cinders from all the shrubbery that was literally blazing out of control. No protective clothing. Just Jeans and a long sleeved button down (He’s aged well. He is becoming quite the Silver Fox) Anyway, He was trying to save his daughter and some other non essential hangers-on so maybe he had you know, some of them “Sentinel” powers. Who knows. well, he’s trying to save them but we don’t find out if he does because the cut scene takes us to like “several weeks earlier”. Now, I see this and I remember “Sharktapus and of course Croc-a-saurus” and think to myself, “awesome, they’re gonna Tarantino this bitch,” so I’m way stoked. Then it happens, the Sentinel, Starts. Talking. WTH? If this dude ain’t a cardboard cutout then I’m not ultra tacky with way too much time on my hands. And I think we can all tell by my taste in movies, my Lepoard print window treatments and my Zebra print with glittered accents water bottle that I am indeed ultra tacky and I need to get out and exercise more.
I digress…so the Sentinel is uhm “acting?” and we meet this science chick and I applaud SyFy original movies for making the women in these movies strong, smart and funny but this woman took the darn cake. She’s…get this…a volcanologist who DABBLES and that’s the word they used y’all, dabbles in 1. geo-chemistry, 2. trans-mutational time travel (or something like that) 3. physics 4. some other obscure and or made up science. Okay, so real scientists, that are like for real, say that Yellowstone has the capacity to blow up some day, cool, I can dig it, but everything else is crazy-town in this movie. But I mean like real crazy not, like silly-get-the-heck-outta-here crazy but serious roid-rage barfight crazy! Because THEN we get to the part where that super-science chick is talking to herself from the future through her computer. Yeah, that’s right! Boom! That was the sound of your mind being blown---right out the back of your freaking skull! This movie was like Dante’s Peak (which was also aired on SyFy in the past) and like a time travel sorta thing thrown in which frankly should have made this movie really POP! So if you get bored and this movie comes on, do something that goes against the very core of the couch potato sci-fi nerds being…get some darn exercise. Sweet mother this film was bad, even with a SENTINEL who frankly should have you know…sentineled or something…This movie was not the gold that was Swamp Shark! Not even a little!

Happy Karma and Syfy

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Swamp Shark! Review

What can I say about a movie that DARES to transplant a government genetically enhanced bull shark that was initially found in waters so unknown that they challenge the Marianas Trench in mystery AND depth in a Louisiana Swamp?
Well in a word AWESOME!
Dear Kristy Swanson, it was no Buffy but hey what the heck else were you doing really? Some of the best moments of this uhm “film?” were when the shark, literally STALKS its victims before carefully decapitating them! And by Decapitating, I mean the shark leaps from a swamp (which should typically be shallow or at least pretty boggy) and takes off only the head of a policeman who is standing on the deck surveying the area for foul play during the investigation of the town drunk--who of course was already dancing underwater with Swamp Shark.
Mario believes that this shark must certainly have had much practice in decapitation as this one was FLAWLESS (the body stood headless for a minute before crumpling to the ground and the shark disappeared into the swamp water with no splash. That’s a perfect 10 or at least a 9.95).
The film came complete with a smart Asian dude who worked in the kitchen of the Gator Shack (Kristy’s family run eatery) in Louisiana, the “Blue Steel” mugging pretty boy with something to prove, the hometown hero/ex-highschool football champ, the corrupt sheriff (its his fault the bull shark became swamp shark as he was selling black market exotic animals and this one never reached its destination), the out-of-towner law enforcement officer who wants to put a stop to the black market animal thingie and of course the pretty and dutiful shop keeper who just wants to keep her family business running and her family safe.
NOTE:  Apparently if something has been living beneath the deepest trench of the ocean and is now living in a shallow swamp and has been feeding off big old gators it is most certainly indestructible. Just a little F.Y.I. from our friends from Swamp Shark. Seriously, the smart Asian dude and the rifle-toting Gator Shack owner had this conversation and she came to that conclusion. You may now take your thumb and index finger and pinch the bridge of your nose while squeezing your eyes tightly closed and furrowing your brow in an effort to understand.
Best Scene of the film is the death of Swamp Shark. I saw it coming but Mario says he just couldn’t make himself believe that they were going to try to do it the way they did. You know those crazy airboat things with the big fan on the back? Yeah! Those are everywhere in this film because of the all the swamp travelin’ so keep that in mind.
 Now first they launch a propane tank into Swamp Shark’s mouth and shoot it. Of course the explosion backfires and kills some peripheral characters (you’ve met them but you don’t know them so its no big loss really), well then they decide to harpoon Swamp Shark and get him ashore but he one-ups them and Beaches himself and proceeds to munch on the people on the shore (who for some inexplicable reason race straight into Swamp Sharks mouth…it’s a shark people, it can’t turn its head to nab you so just running AROUND the beached shark should keep in the land of the living.) Anyway, they harpoon the shark and coil the rope around the fan motor of the airboat thing and it proceeds to reel in this mammoth swamp shark WITHOUT burning the motor out mind you! Swamp Shark become ground shark and all is well at the Gator Shack.
Now I don’t care what anyone says this movie was fantastic! There was not gratuitious nudity so the kiddos can watch it with you and the scenes of violence are so over the top and absolutely impossible to accomplish in real life that NO ONE is gonna want Mom and Dad to check the closet and under the bed for monsters (although Swamp Shark seemed fine out of water).
There’s a lot more blood than the usual B movie but it isn’t like all the people have like water hoses for veins so it isn’t utterly terrible. Plus for me that is the mark of a good cheesy movie or slasher-type film.
You can still catch it on SyFy online so don’t worry, you haven’t missed your chance at catching movie greatness. On the 17th I will  watch another SyFy original movie “Super Eruption”---that is some title!

Friday, July 1, 2011

So It's July and...this post is totally Random...

  • I'm slightly behind in some projects I really wanted to be ahead of by this time of 2011. Where the heck does the time go? I mean it seems like I blinked and January became July and I'm not as close to my goals as i wanted to be by mid-year. I want to feel guilty about it but I don't. I dealt with a few things but not nearly as much as I wanted...oh well.
  • Anyway, I recently watched the SyFy movie of the week "Swamp Shark" and yes, it is as amazing as it sounds LOL! My review is forthcoming. It would be done but I had to rewatch the ending of the movie again just to be sure I uhm, saw  that right. You should have seen how that thing ended. Seriously, I didnt see the ending coming, and THAT is saying something for your creature feature type movies! 
  • I was looking around some blogs lately and noticed that I have completely stopped posting my food pics here. I have no idea why but I have been taking tons of pics and posting them on facebook so I think I'll go back to doing that here again.
  • Only 2 months until Dragon-Con and I am over the top excited which means I really have to up my fitness game. Watson likely won't attend this year which I gave him a pass on as long as he makes sure to attend the yearly trip to the Grand Canyon next year so...
Well that is all for now, Later-Gators (that'll make more sense when you see my Swamp Shark review)
Karmically yours

Monday, June 20, 2011

Super 8, The Green Lantern, and the Absence of Us in Sci-Fi

So I have seen Super 8 and The Green Lantern Recently and I havent had the chance to really discuss them the way I have wanted to. Okay so Super 8 really hit me in the sweet spot because it had 2 of the 4 top things I really love about horror/sci-fi movies, (there are a ton of other things I dig but these are the top 4)
1. Monsters/Aliens and
2. Enterprising kids!
The other 2 things I dig in Horror/Sci-fi films is a beautiful Apocalypse (which is NUMBER 1) and of course the utter decimation of horny teens with spears through the gut while grunting like pigs in some remote cabin. But I digress...

I love when kids get in on the action and I love it even more when kids are an important element to the story. Super 8 had both of those things. I think the storyline involving the kids was relevant and not overly saccharine. Now I read some reviews that complained about the kids being a bit manic and constantly talking over one another but I think that made them much more real. I mean, teens and tweens dont typically wait for one another to complete a thought or sentence before they start talking so of course the kids were constantly working to be louder than one another. That said the movie did have something I did NOT appreciate. And it has to do with Diversity in Sci-fi. Now there were some people of color in the file, the scientist who, of course is killed and as far as we know, is the first casuality of the film (sigh) but then something weird happened; after seeing NO other people of color for a while, we meet a black soldier who is not only a follower, he STEALS the main kid's locket that contains a pic of the kid and his dead mother. Why did he take the locket? He literally just takes it off the kid with everyone watching, WTH? Then we see the black soldier again (along with a hispanic soldier and another brother) who are all  flunkies of the super sinister white soldier in charge. in the middle of the kidnapping  of the kids  the alien comes and of course KILLS all the minorities first and saves the super sinister soldier last and of course the kids are not harmed. HUGE sigh...I swear, why is it so hard to include the kind of diversity we all live with everyday and is it me or are Asian actors just completely passed over in american cinema unless the movie is about a war or martial arts?

The Green Lantern I did like, although I didnt care for Blake Lively AT ALL! The biggest plus was that Angela Bassett was cast as Dr. Amanda Waller which was a huge plus for me as a sci-fi lover in sable skin. Some people didnt care for it but honestly, if you read or watched The Green Lantern as a kid you'll dig the movie to a certain extent, although the Fanboy critics had a MILLION beefs with it but really they should lighten up! Also, there was a fellow of Indian descent as friend of The Lantern and scientist extraordinaire. He and Angela managed to make it through the entire film, which was a plus. LOL

Well that is all for now. I'm getting over a nasty migraine from the Houston Heat and I need to get ready for work tomorrow. Watson is working on some projects so I can manhandle the PS3 for the evening. LOL

Karmically Us!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Playing Catch-Up

I keep meaning to blog here more regularly but I never get the chance to do so. Life keeps on moving and stopping to keep a record can be a task. Let’s see…I had a good Memorial Day weekend. It was four days long and I didn’t have to go back until the Tuesday after because of the work schedule I have. I love it. 9 hour days are nothing when you factor in getting every other Monday off, not to mention getting off work at 3:30pm everyday. Pretty sweet. And if your day off lands on a Holiday, because you actually earned the day off, you get the day after the holiday off. Really sweet! Anyway, I was supposed to get a lot of stuff done around the house, like cleaning out the closets and going through the storage unit on the patio but of course I opted to just have a great time with friends and family. I practiced barbecuing again and this time it came out MUCH better. My issue is patience I suppose because it took a heck of a lot longer to finish this last time than it ever had, but it was more evenly cooked than it has been in the past.
Anyway, Watson has a painting commission to start and finish by the end of July, in addition to his other projects, he’ll be pretty busy for June. I have finally started the process of consolidating my student loans and hopefully will have them all sewn up into one nice neat payment soon. Yep, I pay my debts, no matter what…
I am actually losing weight steadily and wearing clothes I couldn’t fit a month ago. I don’t want to talk much about it because I’m superstitious I suppose. I know how silly that is, I just want to continue to succeed and I don’t want to talk myself out of continuing to understand that it is a slow process if I want it to be a healthy process. I’m good at finding the motivation to exercise, my problem is not wanting to stretch for a long enough period of time and that can really be counter-productive when you think of how an injury can keep you off the track…I lost 2 inches! That makes a HUGE difference!
Myclette is doing AWESOME on her weight-loss journey. She looks wonderful and has lost a good amount of weight. I’m so freaking proud of her.
Everyday, I understand more and more that I have no needs unmet and I remember a time when I was ungrateful, self centered and selfish. I am not proud of the person I was. It was a short stint but a very ugly one. My life centered around an arrogant, greedy, lazy and selfish person, Me. That “me” then found another ARROGANT, greedy, lazy, self centered person to be with and ugh…gross is all I can say.
Anyway, I found some GREAT loc-maintenance videos on Youtube so I have been able to do everything to my locs all by my lonesome and they look gorgeous!. I think I need to put an updated photo up soon. The ones that are up now are at least a year of more old!.
Ava-bear is moving and grooving along and Jaionna-bear (my oldest God daughter) is getting ready for her 4th birthday. She is a beautiful, funny, fashion savvy burst of sunlight and happiness. As a matter of fact ALL of the children in my life are doing stellar and to see them smile is just…sigh…
Who knew one could have a nice, drama-free life once the drama was isolated and removed? I sure didn’t but here I am, enjoying a contented existence. The first step is always the hardest. You gotta find your part in it all and OWN it. Then you address YOUR OWN issues and leave other people to deal with their own stuff. That’s the simple truth.
DRAGON-CON is on the horizon!!!! I can see it! I got my plane ticket and my pass for the entire weekend and my besties from Arizona have the room! AWESOME! I am so freaking excited!
Oh well…gotta go, life is calling!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Weekend is of course

AWESOME! Okay so I had a great Friday, it was my early day so I got off an hour earlier than usual, 2:30 instead of 3:30 and it was fantastic. Now I should have gone to get my pedicure on Friday but I figured I would do it after the gym on Saturday but of course, there was a health fair that Mom and some of her friends had to go to and that meant that I had to drive. It was a fantastic fair to say the least. It was offer for free by CVS Pharmacy and they were doing Diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure and bone density testing for FREE and then they had actual physicians to talk to people about the results. It was a great service but I really wish more blacks had taken advantage of the service. We are notorious for not knowing the state of our health especially with diabetes. This health fair is actually a mainstay of CVS Pharmacy and they tour periodically during the year with a number of these free fairs coming up this year. I have insurance and had my annual physical in March of this year, as I do every year but if you know anyone who doesn't this is a great chance to get a good snap shot of their general health for free. The kicker? They give you a list of free or income based clinics to go to in case you find that you need more  in depth follow up help. My mom is a retiree (28 years in Houston Independent School District) and she is too young for Medicare/Medicaid--I can't remember which is for seniors--but this was a good way for her to get a snap shot of her general health. She was of course fit as a fiddle, she's a vegetarian who walks everyday, does yoga and of course is a good person. She helps people because she likes to and she thinks about others in a way that I really hope to do one day. She is really an excellent model of good behavior. I know, my mom is genuinely a nice person. Like all the time. I know you think I'm kidding but no, she is really nice to EVERYONE so her life has actually been pretty darn nice. Her kids are doing well (I'm finally not pitying myself and learning from her awesome example).  Anyway go to the health fair, go to their website and find out when it will be in your city.
I got my sketcher shape ups and I love them. They were buy one get one half off so me and Mom got ours for 48 bucks a piece! Awesome right?
Then there was the Old Town Spring Crawfish Festival and it was fantastic! The pics are on my facebook page so not everyone can see them but the the funnel cake was as good as it looked!
Then came my Monday off day and wouldnt you know it, someone hit my very parked car and left no note. So I called my insurance company, filed a police report, dropped off my cluncker at the dealership where I was informed that the car would have to be left there as a missing headlight is not road worthy. I picked up a rental right there and was on my way...the smoothest part to the entire incident is working with my insurance company and the dealership! I sailed through that process for sure. But let me say that dealing with the police department was an ordeal to say the least, grrrrr.
But, all in all the experience was not so bad, I have the deductible no problem, I have good insurance, the damage is actually pretty minimal, and most importantly and thankfully  no one was hurt so thanks to the universe I had the opportunity to navigate a difficult situation in an effort to practice patience and maturity and I think I performed well.
Well its time to start my work week and finish chapter two of one of the best sci-fi novels ever to be written...Have a great day y'all.
Karmically yours

Monday, May 9, 2011

I totally understand but

I can't give you what you're looking for today. Maybe back about 3, nearly 4 years ago sure but today, not so much. I can say that hearsay is just that, hearsay. I can also say that bitter people aren't typically nice, or respectful or even rational so, take the hearsay with a grain of salt. Also, consider the source. What you heard, might not be what was said. At any rate it is ancient history and certainly unworthy of your time and attention. I know why people sometimes, pick at a sore, because there is a familiar comfort in the pain or in the sensation. Unfortunately, if you pick at a sore it doesn't heal and I'm in the healing business these days. Now if you ever want to have a conversation with me, fine, I might engage but attempts to provoke anger will always fall short. I'm just too clear on my path, I know myself too well now and frankly, I'm too damn happy, so, find your truth, your real truth, and get moving. And a wise person once spoke of how easy it is to find courage with these most technical of mediums and I dare say, it goes both ways...I owe you a thanks for the bullet you took and apparently the wound you're now nursing because of it but I owe you nothing else. You, just like the rest of us, got and are getting exactly what you deserve for your choices. No more and no less so stirring the pot seems like a distraction tactic but hey who am I, just some "random chick"....

That being said, what a great weekend I had. It was filled with Happy babies and happier Mommies, good food and great friends and don't even get me started on the laughs. Thor was fantastic! Now, Watson wasnt too keen on how fast the love affair materialized with Jane Foster and the son of Odin but I feel like, in the superhero world it is very possible. I mean the whole life and death aspect of the meeting could accelerate feelings and emotions (just like in real life) so I was fine with it. The test of a good villain is the solidity of his backstory so Loki is one ripe for super villainy. He doesn't know who he is, he is a stolen child, and he feels unworthy and betrayed because of it all. How can he NOT be a great super villain? I love the reference to Tony Stark and if you havent seen it, STAY until AFTER the credits roll for a bit of intel on what's to come for the First Avenger and his evil adopted brother!

I also saw Fast Five which in short, blew my mind! The fight scenes were explosive, the car chases were ridiculously adrenaline pumped and the love interest aspect didn't get in the way of the action. Suspending your disbelief and EVERYTHING you know about gravity and science of any type will be easy once you get a look at the bodies on these fellas. Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel are just gorgeous to look at and you will certainly be compelled to look. Again, if you haven't seen it STAY until After the credits because you get a treat of which you will be pleasantly surprised!
And now I am off to read my bestie's blog before she breaks my neck! LOL

She's a feisty DIVA who doesn't need anyone outside of herself to validate her use of the word, and that is real Confidence. Operas have Divas in my mind but again, who the hell am I? LOL
Karma's calling so get off the phone with me...

Some truths are hard to hear, because if you really hear them - and understand that they are in fact true - then you have to change.
- Al Gore

Saturday, April 30, 2011


is a bitch sometimes! I mean, owning the crap you do is for the birds on a good day let alone an ugly one, but damn-it, its necessary for growth. You know I talk a lot about Karma because I honestly believe what you give is what you get. Likewise what you do with the shitty stuff also yields positive or negative results depending on your reaction. That said, don't be dickish to people and then bemoan the fact that dickish shit finds you. If you suck, you've got it written all over your face and guess what? You have given more suckiness an open invitation to take up residence with you because you reacted like a douche when the first sucky thing happened along. People love to tell you what Karma is and isn't, myself included but honestly these same folks will give you the same line about Letting Go and Letting God, so, you know, grain of salt. I will never tell you a damn thing about God because I don't go to those parties but I will tell you this, it's hard to take responsibility for your own shit, hell that's why you hear people talking about how "The Devil" was trying to steal their sanity, or faith, or joy or whatever. I don't have the luxury of a go-between. If the Devil fucked something up, I have but to walk to the mirror and tell "the Devil" to get the fuck over herself and then move the hell on. Now I am writing all of this because I had a discussion with someone today and they really got under my skin about my idea of Karma and universal reciprocity. Apparently I have it all wrong, or so I was told. I called Bullshit. I think I got it right, fuck-you-very-much (a phrase on loan from the Myclette collection). I used to be hella dickish and when dickish shit happened I reacted in an even more dickish way. For my trouble I got used, cheated on and basically robbed, so yeah, I think if I were a better person at the time I would have had the life I have now, back then, and I would have passed on the sucky shit that happened (when I failed to responsibly employ a thorough vetting process). But that aint what happened. I got bitter instead and the bullshit kept coming, obviously trying to give my silly-ass a chance to be a grown-up, call the situation a loss and get ready for the great opportunities that followed. When I finally grew a freaking brain I was in time to fight and win an EPIC battle, accept an extremely challenging but seriously worthwhile and gainful position and wouldn't you know it, become attached to some of the BEST individual this planet has to offer. And now, damn-it I am an Amazon Warrior Queen with battle-scars and an even bigger battle-axe. All of this because I stopped being sucky and changed my attitude towards the lessons Karma is constantly offering. So, I'm gonna go ahead and say that Karma works damn well for ME, if it don't work for YOU, I got a mirror you can borrow...
Here's to getting yours and mine too (forgive my harsh language but the people you love the most can really bring out the fire in you--Still love you though)
Karmically yours

Monday, April 11, 2011

Well into April

and I have yet to blog. It has been very busy and there have been some changes in the world since I last left my mark in cyberspace (well not including facebook which I am addicted too). Where should I start? Okay, well I have a new schedule at work and I love it so far. I work 9 hours per day for a week and 4 days, 8 hours for one day and then I am off every other Monday, now to be fair this schedule was already in place but now I get to come in earlier and so I am off everyday by 3:30pm. No traffic to complain about coming or going and it is delightful. I still like my job a lot and I am nearly 2 years in to it so that is a very good sign. School is good but I think I may need a breather and it seems that teachers are the new scapegoats of late. Sigh...we really seem to be the nation that doesnt give a hoot about education but loves big business and reality TV, how embarrassing for a nation this great to be this backwards about the basics.
We averted a shutdown for now and it's a good thing because who knows what a shutdown might have meant for the nation and of course me and my fellow federal workers.
OMG, Poetry! I took a poetry workshop and it has totally helped to develop my voice as a poet just as the creative writing workshop helped my short stories. I'm serious, it's crazy on the page over this way. LOL!
I lost a very close cousin to a long illness and the memorial service was lovely and appropriate for the mourners in attendance. Although I don't subscribe to heaven, I honestly believe she is in a better place and I love and miss her very much. Her life was celebrated as she would have wished...gobs of family and friends eating laughing and most of all playing cards (you couldnt touch her in a game of Spades) in tribute to her beautiful light. You should all be jealous you arent in my family...I know for a fact how lucky I am to be apart of this particular grouping of people.
Weight Watchers is going well. I finally found a groove and stopped half-assing it. The program is really awesome and easy as all get out (whatever that is). I will be attending Dragon Con this year (September)and can't wait. If I didnt have to fly there I would totally do the costume thing!
The Guthries are well and we had a great time with them in Arizona and the Grand Canyon (I am a winner for sure in the family and friends department. I mean it is crazy how good people can be and how they can enhance your life whether near or far).
Ponies B and C are doing well. Pony B is back from her graduate studies for good soon so the stable will be more...stable (heh heh). Oh, James Taylor in concert on the 22nd and then SADE in July! I know...its crazy awesome. Then it is off to Austin with Trista and Myclette in June for the Chocolate Trifecta yearly trip!
My locs are long and nicely maintained thanks to a new loctician and my health is stellar save the extra weight.
Ava-Bear is just as yummy and delicious as ever. She had the nerve to turn a year old and she has grown finally, what short little thing she is! We have discovered that she is NOT a fan of playground swings or outdoors activites in general which is hilarious to because she very clearly has preferences. Too much! LOL! Myclette and the rest of the Lavalais family are going great, she is doing the South Beach Diet and it looks like it is going awesome for her! I know the food looks great! LOL.
I'm still cooking up a storm and all the pics are on Facebook.
I don't remember the last time I had a shitty year in the last 3 and a half and that is including the fact that I start paying back my student loans this year (yeah that's right, I pay my debts no matter how steep), LOL. My savings is actually something to sing about now and I can't imagine how much more positive things could get but I know they will because I am actually working on my actual draft of the Soveriegn Chronicles, the Artist wants to see the first chapter by May 15.
Keep the positive, dump the negative and pay your debts...yeah, its that simple.
Karmically Yours

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Colonize This

Okay so I saw Battle: L.A. over the past weekend and I can’t lie, it was really quite good. I love a good war movie and more so I love science fiction/apocalypse scenarios more than anything!!! It had action, it had a bit of drama. It told the story of colonization from the point of view of the colonized so to speak.
Now when I think of  colonization I think of indigenous people being massacred, stripped of their language and culture, their progeny corrupted  and their women reduced  to objects and brood-mares for slavers and industry robber-barons.
This movie showed the invading force as non-negotiable murderers set on destroying the population and strip mining of the territory for resources and honestly it made me feel all warm and tingly. But then, I love an apocalypse! I mean I love a straight-up scorched earth teardown and this movie delivers…for the most part. I mean it started out strong but it lost me a little when three children came on the scene, two white one Hispanic. Now the Hispanic child was with his father, the two white children were with an Aunt, fine. The Hispanic father, upon meeting up with the soldiers, most of whom were Marines, immediately offers up his son of about nine years old for use in any way to the soldiers, no such offers from the Aunt. Hector is immediately made an honorary junior Marine and told to be a good Marine, to be brave, to be a good little Marine (said what seems like repeatedly to me in the film) Okay. The other two kids get no such pep talks, not once (not even when they are holding up the rescue efforts significantly later in the film mind you), what they do get is held and covered almost constantly.
Later Hector’s dad, on his deathbed after being fatally shot by an invader during his act of heroism (he picks up a gun to protect a soldiers life) speaks of his cowardice before the incident and then passes away. Well now Hector gets another speech about being a good Marine and his a brave boy in the face of his father’s death and the continuous onslaught of the invading force (this film seriously moves my friends). I love this movie and would watch it again for the whole apocalyptic aspect but I did not appreciate in the least, the Hispanic dad throwing his son the military nor did I appreciate the sort of G.I. Joe dude (played well by Ekhart) reiterating the importance of Hector as a Marine. Maybe it’s me but that is very uncomfortable, especially since some studies show a disproportionate number of minorities joining the military than their non-ethnic counterparts. Now if ALL three children were told to be brave, be strong, be good little Marines, then I would be just fine but that is not what happened….
Now as far as science fiction goes, this movie is thumbs-up, the military commercial geared at what seems like a particular group---I do not dig that. But to be fair, who the heck am I? I got no problem with military recruitment, not at all. I almost joined the military myself about a thousand years ago and my family is fairly militarily inclined but watching Hector being absorbed by the military before he can even do long division was a bit much to watch…I mean, maybe Hector was the one who was ultimately being colonized...
I made the mistake of mentioning my issue with the film on my facebook page and had to back out of the conversation because discussions of race seem too out of place for that forum.

Later taters
Stay cool with Karma

Saturday, February 19, 2011

I Think a Change is in order

I used to really focus on science fiction reading and writing on this blog and I am going to get back to that starting now. There is very little representation of black females in science fiction and it is really puzzling to me because the black women I know are living and striving in unreal conditions in reality on a daily basis. I think that Sanaa Lathan’s Character in Alien vs Predator speaks to the resilience of the fairer sex in stressful situations.


That’s not a great picture but you get the idea. Now a lot of folks didn't really dig the movie but I did. I say, put a predator in anything and I’m there! I’m not really looking for reality when I watch a movie with a title like Alien Vs Predator but some people require more in their science fiction cache. Now for some inexplicable reason, every time there is a role for a black woman, Halle Berry or Zoe Saldana get the role.  Why are we under-utilizing Regina King, Nia Long, and a host of other black actresses? I’ll give you 3 guesses and the first 2 dont count. Do me a favor, when you get a chance, watch Sanaa in Alien Vs. Predator and tell what you think…

Later, and as always

Happy Karma!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Oh Snap! The New Year is Here! this list is incomplete

Now I used to be one of those folks who would have nothing but negativity clouding my end of year, but not this time. As a matter of fact last new years was good but 2010 one was GREAT! Man, this year was a lot of transition, the good kind, and a lot of changes, again, the good kind. I had so much to learn, and I did learn a lot and so much to appreciate, and I did that as well. And I actually have resolutions, which I like to call, plans so that I make a serious effort to accomplish my goals.

1. Write for publication to the tune of a solid 100 bucks a month in freelance. Now I did some writing but I wasnt consistent so I didnt really do the earning on the side that I could have.
2. Write a screenplay with my closest friends, The gang of Big Doofus Productions or BDP. We lack follow through on a lot of really good (or rather, so-good-it's-bad, type) projects that I think it is criminal for us not to pursue them fully. I think if someone as scatterbrained as I am can focus then the others of my group will surely be able to stay plugged in!
3. Learn about Wine! My palate for wine is very under developed and I would really like to start learning to pair wines with the fancy-dancy meals I cook. My cousin let me try a sweet red that I adore now. It's German and it is called Funf  (which translates to Five in English). It's not terribly expensive and it is more than palatable. It is to be chilled which I really prefer for right now. Usually red wine is really dry to me or at the least, bitter, but this one is delightful!
4. Gym! Okay, okay, I was semi-conscious of my weight loss goals, but life was so freaking interesting and fun that I really did pencil out all my gym time but no more!

to be continued
happy karma,

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Let's See

I turned 39, Dec 20, 2010 and closed out the year with a killer party at my cousins house. This year has been great! Sure I had some bumps but I put my head down and really dug deep to get myself more efficient at work, and straight A's in school. I connected with family and friends that I didnt know I missed and was all the better for it. I learned more about who I am and what my priorities and goals are and should be in the future. I accepted some important truths about myself and the people in my life. I had a good year all in all and I anticipate that the next one will be stellar as well. My Solstice was fantastic! My aunt got me a new machete (she knows I collect swords and knives), for some reason Mom gave a purse (I think even she thought it was a bit odd because she got me a black pre-lit Christmas tree (yeah for Halloween 2011, what can I say, I'm quirky and luckily, the people in my life accept it) and asked to trade it for the dainty little Dooney and Burke (I understand this is some fancy-pants brand or rather was...whatever). I got fancy towels from my Uncle (every nice towel I have, he and his wife have bought, because they rock!), A nice bottle of wine, from my cousin, and just tons of great company and love. I visited a few places in 2010, DragonCon (baddest sci-fi/fantasy convention on the planet), The Grand Canyon, the Guthries, Cleveland, and a number of local events.
My 2010 was lovely, and I am grateful to have had it.
The universe provides.
Happy Karma,