Thursday, June 5, 2008

Some Random Stuff

oh snaps! (Yes I stole that from That's So Raven but it is still fitting). Okay so I mentioned how at my job we get all sorts of book, movie and music promotional items. Were it not for these perks I would never have known how truly slamming the Zap Mama cd was not to mention getting my ears on the first Amy Winehouse cd "Frank" for free. By the way both cds are fantastic or "fantasmal" as the young lady who is assigned to me as an assistant says (sup' Ames!).
Okay, I got The Roots newest joint "Rising Down" as a promo all I can say is Oh Snaps! That shit is off the chain yo! Okay, Okay so my slang shouldnt be slung but honestly, if I catch Amir "?estlove" Thompson on the street slipping that brother will indeed be gaining a baby mama, ya heard?!
Okay it came out in April and I got the promo a minute ago but never had the time to molest it as necessary because of my final exam schedule. But NOW? Oh Sweet little baby Jesus (to once again quote my part time assistant, who I call sweet potato). I have combed all up in throught nethers of this cd and I have to say that satisfaction is an understatement. If I smoked I would be fondling a cigarette right about now...
I dont know how to even begin to tell you how these fellas manage to maintain a consistent level of competency, timeliness and freshness. This is how longevity should be done! Now I aint gonna say that I didnt expect this from The Roots but I will say that as far as evolutions go, they do the damn thang! Oops I forgot, no more slang.
My favorite track, although save the opening skit they all move me, is titled "I Will Not Apologize". It is just a happening ass CD!

Anyway I am off to Portland later today for 6 days. I am visiting one of my closest friends who just happens to work for Wilhemina Modeling Agency as a PR rep and a scout so I know we are gonna have a blast just like last time.

I need to finish an article for Cush Magazine before I leave tonight so check y'all later friends!
Be Safe and be true and know that Karma loves us like a mother and will scold us like one as well.


Luke Cage said...

I love you Femigog! Hope you are having (or had) a great time in Portland! I'll be in Eugene in October. Virtually one of the most over friendliest places in the country. What in the heck is in the water down there? ;)

Rich said...

What's up Femi, ain't seen u in a long while.