Monday, October 15, 2007

I have a thing for---

Complete that phrase at least five times and tell me what would your list look like? I posed this question to my mentor and immortal friend The Sable Sovereign and she insisted that I pen my answers before she would announce hers. I didnt want to really. I mean in comparison to a ruler, Goddess Queen even, what might my list look like? I relented and my list was as follows---
  1. I have a thing for Strong Men, but I always gravitate toward the weak ones. I am sometimes a slave to those who need saving.
  2. I have a thing for Food. The richer the better. I dont always think of what the item might do to my body as long as it tastes good.
  3. I have a thing for Good sex, though I dont always demand it.
  4. I have a thing for Loyalty, though when people betray me I dont always right them off as failed and worthless like I should.
  5. I have a thing for Nice clothes although I don't always choose flattering items for myself. I am self conscious of my body much of the time.
Upon finishing the Goddess Looked at me and graced me with a sly and hypnotic smile. She reclined on a bed of furs (all gifts from lovers and admirers), tossed her Ancient braids over her shoulder exposing perfect dark chocolate breasts. Her cat like gaze seemed to be stalking something past me and I was shook to my knees when her platinum voice seduced my ears....
My list is thirst is unquenchable as should be yours my limited little mortal.
  1. I have a "thing" as you call it, for WARRIORS. Slayers of beasts who Love like they Fight--To Conquer.
  2. I have a thing for sumptuous foods. None such as the filth I see on every corner of every Sable neighborhood in this realm of empty magick
  3. I have a thing for women of strength. Not sniveling breeders who bough and scrape at the feet of an unworthy man. I mean producers of GODS and future KINGS! Women who teach their sons how to be men and warriors when there is no man for the lessons.
  4. I have a thing for change. Adaptation is what keeps us ahead of the threats of our enemies. As they shape their weapons anew, so too should we shape our defense.
  5. I have a thing for Ambition and Aggression. The offense is the position of power. Never wait for your attacker! STRIKE first and never Relent.
Why do you adhere to rules that do not suit your disposition? Of what are you afraid? You are mortal. Doomed essentially. Why should you be a slave to a life with no passion?
  1. You shame yourself and all women when you weep for a man who wipes his feet upon you.
  2. You shame yourself and all mortals when you care not for your health and your body! How can you ride into battle with inferior armaments? If you have a death wish there are plenty of quick and painless alternatives to cultivating a body void of nutrients.
  3. You shame yourself when you don't exercise your sensuous side. Women are women for a reason. Our gifts can build a kingdom or send one to ruin. Why not use every opportunity to hone your skill and bewitch a lover?
  4. The disloyal are CUR! They are low DOGS and should be the first on your tally for retribution! how dare you risk your safety by giving them a second thought!
  5. You believe that hiding under that ridiculous garb will hide your insecurities? Please! your list shows all that you hate about yourself. Your posture. The way you speak to no one in particular when you answer a question. The way you stare at the floor when you walk. A woman's walk should simulate a beckoning finger for all passersby. It should say follow me to heaven...and to hell....what does your walk say?
You will begin this list again and you will erase all the doubt from your answers! Then we can begin our work on you. Prepare yourself for war against your demons young one. It will be a chore and a reward! You may consider it a gift. Now--Leave me! You have one quarter of an hour to produce a decent list. You will not keep me waiting! Be Gone!
Whoa! I bowed and left her tea near her as she reclined, smiling into the skylight she brought with her from parts ambiguous. My list had left me embarrassed, and I went to my own quarters to lick my wounds and make some changes.
Now what? I wondered to myself. This Ruler just dropped into my world and decided that I wasn't doing something right? How rude! I mean she is the one in exile, isn't she? Why is that? Her high-mindedness wasn't appreciated wherever she came from! And now I am the one who needs fixing?
I sat for 3 of my fifteen minutes wallowing in pity and cursing her before I realized that she was right. She had likely been exiled for the same reasons strong women here are ostracized. She had lived, loved and thought for herself and the powers that be couldn't handle it. So they made her the pariah. Women turned on her as I was now doing. I looked up at the clock and noticed that I had only 10 minutes left to complete my task. I snatched up my pen, flipped my paper over and got busy.

.....To be continued
Peace Friends, Be safe and Be true...


Luke Cage said...

You will begin this list again and you will erase all the doubt from your answers! Then we can begin our work on you.

Arrghh! I was just getting into this. Hurry back and share the remainder of this great post miss Fem. I'm loving it! By the way, did you really feel that you needed fixing?

Femigog said...

Oh I got lots that needs fixin brother! LOL

Don said...

The more I read your post ... the more I can dig your style of pen. You are a great writer. Very intelligent in your thought pattern. Good stuff Femi.

What I have a thing for?
1) pen and paper
2) breaking cycles (proving people wrong)
3) reading
4) sex
5) romance

PurpleZoe said...

You're very gifted Femi.
The Sable Sovereign is larger than life.
She brings an entire world with her.

*three snaps in triangles

*imagines holding the finished tomes in her hands.


Femigog said...

@Don, thanks bruh and I mean that. It is a great compliment from a brother who aint no slouch with the pen and paper either! Good list. I notice sex is before romance on your list....does that mean you no longer mind it if a woman sends you flowers? LOL
@PZ! You do not know who flattered I am. I am gonna have to keep you in my mind on my ascent! Thank you for digging my Goddess and she certainly digs the Goddess in you! and uhm where is your list?! LOL

Sha Boogie said...

Wow. That was intense! Made me sit up straight reading the part about being 'senseous'

Femigog said...

thanks sha! where yo list at?

Don said...

@Femi: Sometimes I think true romance is better than sex. And no I still don't want the flowers babyfirl. LOL.

PurpleZoe said...

My list?
Maybe I will put one together.
It will have to be right if I don't want to get checked by the Higher Feminine...


Also, I had to share you with the audience:

Let me know when you publish and want to spread the word. UU is all about otherness, and more enlightening dimensions.


Anonymous said...

I have a thing for my lovely girlfriend and the way she smells when she steps out of the shower.

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