Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ordinary People

I was sitting and thinking in preparation for tackling a short story and John Legend's "Ordinary People" took its turn in the music rotation. I dig the words to this song mostly because of the bridge...

"I hang up you call
We rise and we fall
And we feel like just walking away
As our love advances
We take second chances
Though it's not a fantasy
I Still want you to stay

I can relate that to a number of things but what makes The most since is writing. When I think of writing, I think nearly exclusively about my relationship to the craft. This is to say that a lot of times I don't always know how to think of myself outside of writing. Wait, I am not being completely honest. The truth is that I am less than ordinary in large part when I am not properly situated in a writing life. I am outside myself in these times and it is at these time that I am a liar, and fraud and a coward. Without writing I am most without myself and it is evident with every word I say to myself (defeating language) and every glance in the mirror (my features strike me as harsh and angry).
Writing and I have always been important to one another, we take long walks, we chat until late in the night and we always whisper love words to one another in the throws of passion and in the still vastness of solitude. We both love movies of all kinds, but music is a serious passion for us as well, in short we work and without one another we make no sense.
Without me writing has no actor, no plot, no motive and without writing I am quite less than ordinary with no expression and am woefully inept at constructing a soul after a particularly heinous demolition.
To writing I would say this-- Our relationship is not always an easy one but it is a true and necessary one and for that I am grateful. I will always take chance after chance to hold our connection because I know you always will. To whom do we belong if not to one another.

So to "writing" I dedicate the aforementioned bridge from the John Legend song. No matter what we are always one because separate and singulary we are little more than pieces scattered.
While I still believe much in Karma I am going to start ending my posts a bit differently from now on.
I wish you love, I wish you heaven--Prince


moreart4u said...

This was an amazingly heartfelt post. I am so inspired by it that I am speechless. I'll have to come back and leave a more thorough comment.

Femigog said...

thanks, I am eager to read what you have to add...

Luke Cage said...

Hi luv. I was JUST talking about you last night to one of my friends. I told her that I LOVE coming to your blog and that it is terribly underrated and unseen. I wish more people came by to read your great scribes. I've been out of the cut for awhile, but you haven't been far from my mind. Be back soon okay? Loved this post.

Femigog said...

thanks Cage! I aint been around for minute myself and just got back into the groove so to speak...
I really appreciate you coming by...