Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Yeah, Yeah I know!

Hey, Hey Hey!

Okay, there are changes coming here soon. In the meantime I have a short story featured in Laurels Literary Magazine, hot off the presses right now. I am deeply ensconced in my new gig, dealing with the Artsy Fartsy crowd is by no means easy. Although it has done wonders for my wardrobe. This blog has to become a sort of resume of my work. Which means big changes for the place. I have been regularly contributing to other sources but I am told by my colleagues and contemporaries that my own website is a good way to drum up extra freelance work and so...
I would like to thank the great folks over at BloggersDelight2Write for including my poem in their next edition! If you haven't been over there please go and check it out! There is some brilliant talent contributing daily to the site.

Unfortunately I am pretty swamped, I have 3 trips to plan for, my yearly January trek to the Grand Canyon, My year rendezvous with my girls, one of which has just launched her own site dedicated to reviews of vintage scary movies. This is of course in addition to her new gig as budding movie mogul and her joint venture with the hubbie AqueaDesign.com.
Okay I gotta get moving, I have yet to complete a short story that is quite due on Thursday and there is the matter of my Portfolio, business cards (which still need to be designed and printed), and actually cleaning my file cabinets of old story ideas for development.

Stay Peace friends and respect Karma---pay your debts.

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