Thursday, July 9, 2009

About that Pound of Flesh

I was sitting and thinking about a character who lives by the book and by the numbers. she keeps her head down and follows the rules, always.
Now this is the perfect way to perform for the law of the land but what about the human factor?
How do you get what you need for you when the law or the powers that be demand their due?
You do what we all do from time to time---you rob Peter not to pay Paul but to get a little something for yourself under the table.
You know you think that you can just work the numbers a little to the left to get over just a bit and then, after a while the Debt collector comes calling and they will get their pound of flesh.

Now in a science fiction/fantasy setting this situation can lend itself to numerous outcomes ranging from the mundane to the truly fantastical. Of course in real life the very same thing can be the case. You think that you have made out like a bandit only to find out that a much better thief has his hand in your coffers. Every action has a reaction (cliche yes but no less true).

My character will take what is not hers and she will balance the scales in the end either voluntary or otherwise.
What do you owe?
Maybe the better question is ---
Can you afford to lose that pound of flesh.

Karma--charges interest.

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