Thursday, November 11, 2010

To The Veteran's in My Life and Your's--Happy Veteran's Day

I'm off today, another perk of working for the Federal Government, a good number of days off outside of major holidays. Nothing at all like the special hell of retail, what with the one day off for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Yuck. Oh, and since I have that Alternative Work Schedule, I get every other Monday off, and guess what that means for this Weekend? You guessed it, I am working Friday but then Saturday, Sunday and Monday belong to me! I am also off the Monday after Thanksgiving also...and I dont even celebrate Thanks-taking day (too many Native American and Pagan friends)
I am so busy this weekend though so I don't know how much me time I'll actually get. My friends Chuck and J are having their Houston Wedding Reception on Saturday (they got married in Oklahoma over Halloween weekend. How cool is that?), I have to get my pedicure, massage and the other 2 tires I haven't had time to get during the week. We absolutely have to get new curtains or I am gonna lose it! I hate the bamboo blinds we have and oddly enough, the Artist is sick of them now too! Hopefully I can talk him into a new dining table. He doesn't think its a good use of space because it is the perfect place for painting and writing and sticking a bistro table there sends everyone to the den to create and that room is just so small compared to the openness of every other room in the house. No one gets anything done in the living room because of that television and PS3 that seduces you, LOL! Friday I am gonna try to get the dreads maintained after work. Oh crap, tomorrow I have to finish registration for next semester. I really need to start writing this crap in a planner. The Artist tries to keep track of everything but it doesn't help when I forget. Now the plan is for me to make little notes on a post it which I have to carry with me all the time and then give them to him daily. Much better system!
OMG! Ava's Christening is Sunday for the Christian folks in her life and then there is her sage smudging that is gonna be done by none other than yours truly. My little sweet potato wants to walk so bad she can taste it! LOL! I also need to see my God-Big-Girl, Jaoinna Bear. She is getting so big and her vocabulary is growing pretty steady.

I talked to an old professor and she agreed to let me enroll in her graduate poetry class for next semester which is fantastic! So now I have my Education course handled and my elective handled. Oh to get into her class you have to have her permission, and I figured she'd say yes since she published 3 of my shorts in Laurels.