Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Moving is just too much work!

So we moved into a new place. It is bigger and more aesthetically pleasing than our last place.  We still have a lot of stuff to clean out of the old place but we have until the 19th to get it done so no biggie. Whenever I move, I get this rush of excitement and anxiety all bundled into one mega-emotion. I don’t know if it is because I feel overwhelmed by the transition and responsibility of having to take care of a new place or what. I like the feeling because it means that I am not stagnant and comfortable. I also like the feeling if I know that I have the skills to conquer the new challenges or at least can acquire the skills in a decent span of time. My point is coming:
I fell asleep watch Terra Nova last night, NOT because it sucked but because I was really tired from the move. But on the show people were still getting to know the terrain and taking a survival skills class that included making fire for warmth, to keep unwanted predators at bay, for cooking and of course for setting fire to bell-towers lousy with hunchbacks.  There was a navigation class teaching folks how to find north using the moss of tree and what grubs make for good eatin’ when the rations run low. I was watching it while nodding off, thinking through a sleepy-eyed haze about how I might fair in such a situation. Can I make fire? Can I find North? Do I know an edible herb when I see one? The answer to all 3 questions is uhm NO! I use my phone’s GPS when traveling on FOOT and driving in my car. I don’t know what plant will keep me breathing, give me a killer rash or close my windpipe; essentially suffocating me with my own stupidity, laziness and apathy. That being said I think I’ll check with leisure learning for a survivalist class or at the very least I’ll watch more episodes of that show with Bear Grylls…yeah, that’s probably enough!

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Don't forget, major cities have only 8 hours worth of food!