Monday, April 29, 2013

I still hate running

but I'm getting better at it...I think. I jog/walk using this app called 10K for Pink. You basically run for like 90 seconds and then walk for 90 seconds until you are nearly coughing up a lung at 3.0 miles per hour, pouring sweat and clutching your right side for dear life. But at the end of it all, you feel like a viking warrior and your waistline thanks you for it later.  Now my weight loss is still pretty much slow going but my body is changing shape for the better and its mostly because of the squats I've been doing every day with a day of rest every 3 days of at least 100. Oh get this, I started gardening and of course I love it...except for the freaking birds who think I am hosting some sort of buffet and keep eating every seed and root I put in the ground! Well, I think I found a way to put a stop to their madness once and for all.

First I bought some pinwheels. The reflective kind that spin in the wind and it worked for a hot minute. Then came the dreaded windsock! They hated that thing and knocked it to the ground every chance they got. but this time I think I really got them by the short...uhm, feathers? I bought a small greenhouse from Lowes! Yes indeedy do I will know be able to replant all my herbs, protect my strawberries and enjoy my onions and squash in my own sweet time! Woot! Take that stupid birds! The restaurant is closed suckas...well as soon as I learn how to put this baby together...

wish me luck!
later taters

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