Saturday, May 17, 2008

Oh Snap and She's Back!

Alright alright
so it has been a minute but school is out and I am back in the world! A few developments have taken place but I wont get into them right now. Mainly because I slept until an hour before I have to be at work (hey! its summer and I needed some R&R.)
I went to the Greek Festival and had a blast (pics to come). The douche bag who owes me money is getting his Karmic Rewards ( he thought that as long as he ignored it then it would go dice Captain Flaccid). I know we shouldn't revel in the misfortunes of others but believe me, I am not the author of his misfortunes by a long shot.

I am trying to kick or re-kick the refined sugar habit. Man the headaches aint no joke son! but no worries, I got green tea and essential oils to work me through it. More to come to you folks after classes but right now my veggie juice and veggie eggrolls are calling my name.

Oh yeah, vacation is coming up and I will be in Portland for a week, but before that I will be getting my Gordon Parks on during a road trip through Texas...dont worry, pics to come!

I love you all and remember that uhm sometimes Karma is working behind the scenes to ready you for the big debut.

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Mizrepresent said...

Hey lady, welcome back, i hope you are still coming to the ATL for the Blogging while Brown Conference and that you are still looking me up! Get some rest, will catch up later.