Thursday, May 29, 2008

Okay, so NOW I'm back!

Hey folks!
Well it is summer here in Houston, although technically it is still Spring but uhm the heat tells a totally different story! I finished the semester in good order and my 3.84 is still in full effect, No worries it will be a 4.0 by the end of next semester. I am shopping around for a Doctoral Program in women's studies and the school that is ideal is in Georgia. Although the place I would most like to live in is Portland, Or but there are no programs there that I truly dig. So it looks as if I will go to Georgia, complete the degree and then think about heading to Portland.
The freelance writing is going kind of slow because I am getting the hang of getting a regular writing routine down now that I have all this free-time. It seems that all I wanna do is watch rhythm gymnastics on youtube (yes, rhythm gymnastics is one of my many guilty pleasures! But those athletes are amazing!)
Anyway My goal is to be completely dependent upon a freelance income by the time classes begin again in September because this 40 hour work week is for the birds. Plus I am starting to feel the need for less tethers to this place and more freedom to roam.
My health is another issue I need to tackle full force. My neice and I have embarked on our quest to have a healthy diet/lifestyle and man it has been a chore. I have been cheating quite a bit lately but that will slowly change as the days drag on (or at least I hope).
Oh I almost forgot about the Greek Festival! Check it out--

Okay where to begin...

Torridgirl and I went to the Greek Festival as we do every year and let me tell you that the vittles (yes I said vittles) were scrumptious! She had the spanakopita and I say she had it but to be truthful I ate part of it. Neither of us would do the stuffed grape leaves but only because the texture is just to uncomfortable for us. There was a delicious Greek salad with feta of course and then there was the lamb kabob with pita that I ordered and man! Whew! They also had this crazy all natural slushy drink that was intense!


and I cant forget about the fried dough covered with honey and powdered sugar that should be outlawed!
Now food wast the only highlight there was an art show and of course the dancers. These little ladies danced their hearts out for nearly 30 minutes, complete with costume changes!

Now wasn't that fun? I know,it felt you went to the festival yourself. Well I plan to post more regularly from now on, Although I will be in Oregon from the 5 of June until the 11th and so then the posts will stop on the 4th and resume on the 12th.
Be safe, be true and uhm dont forget about your old true friend Karma. She'll be there when you think you are all alone...

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CapCity said...

Hey Sis! Just coming thru to check on ya! Congrats on those excellent grades! Wishing u the best with the freelance career. I think I've learned in my two years of partial employment that I need some structure to hang my free time around - nevah thought i'd hear me say i'm glad to have a j.o.b. - but i AM. LOL!;-)

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