Thursday, September 24, 2009

A new Gig!

Well, it finally happened. I am officially out of retail. I received my commitment letter today from the Department of Veteran's Affairs and I officially begin my training in the Veterans Benefits Administration on Monday. I am pretty excited and am glad to finally put some very pricey degrees to work. Oh yeah I got a new iPhone and let me say, "believe the hype" this phone does everything. I dvr'd Supernatural, Dancing with the Stars, So You Think You Can Dance and Fringe from this thing last night!

I deserve the good things I am recieving, I deserve good things in life and I am grateful.
Say whassup to Karma, she aint finished with you yet.

Love and Light.


RC said...

Congrats - I bet there was a ton of competition for that job - congrats!!!

Anonymous said...

I so have to pop this balloon...
"I before E except after C"!!! Otherwise... yadda yadda congrats blah blah

Femigog said...

Thanks RC.
Hey uhm, Anon, leave a name or beat feet in the other direction. Also keep your kudos for yourself, I'm guessing you need it more than anyone you can hand it out to. If you want to give a compliment give a real one and get rid of the filler Seinfeld speak. But I will thank you for pointing out the spelling error, I appreciate it.