Sunday, October 10, 2010


As I mentioned in my last post, I love a good Do-Over. I mean the total tear-down, build-up sorta Do-Over. It is hard and almost always grueling and painful but the rewards are always worth the trouble. Three years ago I had a Do-Over moment. I was pretty unhappy, a job I didn't care for that was thankless for the most part and there were people in my life that I most certainly would not welcome into my life today---and that really had a lot to do with what I thought I deserved at the time and at THAT time I didn't feel as if I deserved much and so I accepted a normal that was well below what I deserved---well there were a lot of components missing from my life at the time. I was really down for a time and then I decided that I had been given a chance at a Do-Over and I took it and ran. Have not looked back since.
1. I have amazing friends in my life who help me realize my worth and recognize when I squander my potential (a kick in the pants every so often keeps you on task).
2. I have beautiful children in my life to adore and spoil!
3. I have a job that I actually enjoy that helps people and has the added bonus of upgrading my lifestyle drastically! Not that I need to acquire a ton of "things" but having the "option" changes things for the better!!
4. I am back in touch with my spirituality and my Pagan lifestyle. Refreshing is the only way to describe it! Zen!
I firmly believe that every downturn or setback, no matter how devastating and painful is the Universe giving us a chance to learn and start again with knew, knowledge and new circumstances. Honestly, when you lose something you should really take a good look at what you lost and what you gained from the loss will be the new jump off point. Just let go of the loss and jump...let that dead weight eat your dust. Sure life ain't rainbows and butterflies all the time but hell compared to the life I had 3 years ago...I am in a lovely living dream.
Oh SNAP! I almost forgot, years and years ago, my poetry along with the work of many other fine writers and poets was performed by a group called Urban Aphrodite and now the troupe is performing some of my poetry again in AMSTERDAM!!! How freaking awesome is that!? Ann James, the founder of Urban Aphrodite is a wonderful artist and producer!

Happy Karma Folks....Happiness is the ultimate Aphrodisiac!  Oh and congratulations to my dear sweet potato Amy who is getting married to day! I cant wait to see her walk down the isle and get hitched to a wonderful man!

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