Sunday, January 2, 2011

Let's See

I turned 39, Dec 20, 2010 and closed out the year with a killer party at my cousins house. This year has been great! Sure I had some bumps but I put my head down and really dug deep to get myself more efficient at work, and straight A's in school. I connected with family and friends that I didnt know I missed and was all the better for it. I learned more about who I am and what my priorities and goals are and should be in the future. I accepted some important truths about myself and the people in my life. I had a good year all in all and I anticipate that the next one will be stellar as well. My Solstice was fantastic! My aunt got me a new machete (she knows I collect swords and knives), for some reason Mom gave a purse (I think even she thought it was a bit odd because she got me a black pre-lit Christmas tree (yeah for Halloween 2011, what can I say, I'm quirky and luckily, the people in my life accept it) and asked to trade it for the dainty little Dooney and Burke (I understand this is some fancy-pants brand or rather was...whatever). I got fancy towels from my Uncle (every nice towel I have, he and his wife have bought, because they rock!), A nice bottle of wine, from my cousin, and just tons of great company and love. I visited a few places in 2010, DragonCon (baddest sci-fi/fantasy convention on the planet), The Grand Canyon, the Guthries, Cleveland, and a number of local events.
My 2010 was lovely, and I am grateful to have had it.
The universe provides.
Happy Karma,

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