Monday, January 3, 2011

Oh Snap! The New Year is Here! this list is incomplete

Now I used to be one of those folks who would have nothing but negativity clouding my end of year, but not this time. As a matter of fact last new years was good but 2010 one was GREAT! Man, this year was a lot of transition, the good kind, and a lot of changes, again, the good kind. I had so much to learn, and I did learn a lot and so much to appreciate, and I did that as well. And I actually have resolutions, which I like to call, plans so that I make a serious effort to accomplish my goals.

1. Write for publication to the tune of a solid 100 bucks a month in freelance. Now I did some writing but I wasnt consistent so I didnt really do the earning on the side that I could have.
2. Write a screenplay with my closest friends, The gang of Big Doofus Productions or BDP. We lack follow through on a lot of really good (or rather, so-good-it's-bad, type) projects that I think it is criminal for us not to pursue them fully. I think if someone as scatterbrained as I am can focus then the others of my group will surely be able to stay plugged in!
3. Learn about Wine! My palate for wine is very under developed and I would really like to start learning to pair wines with the fancy-dancy meals I cook. My cousin let me try a sweet red that I adore now. It's German and it is called Funf  (which translates to Five in English). It's not terribly expensive and it is more than palatable. It is to be chilled which I really prefer for right now. Usually red wine is really dry to me or at the least, bitter, but this one is delightful!
4. Gym! Okay, okay, I was semi-conscious of my weight loss goals, but life was so freaking interesting and fun that I really did pencil out all my gym time but no more!

to be continued
happy karma,

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