Saturday, April 30, 2011


is a bitch sometimes! I mean, owning the crap you do is for the birds on a good day let alone an ugly one, but damn-it, its necessary for growth. You know I talk a lot about Karma because I honestly believe what you give is what you get. Likewise what you do with the shitty stuff also yields positive or negative results depending on your reaction. That said, don't be dickish to people and then bemoan the fact that dickish shit finds you. If you suck, you've got it written all over your face and guess what? You have given more suckiness an open invitation to take up residence with you because you reacted like a douche when the first sucky thing happened along. People love to tell you what Karma is and isn't, myself included but honestly these same folks will give you the same line about Letting Go and Letting God, so, you know, grain of salt. I will never tell you a damn thing about God because I don't go to those parties but I will tell you this, it's hard to take responsibility for your own shit, hell that's why you hear people talking about how "The Devil" was trying to steal their sanity, or faith, or joy or whatever. I don't have the luxury of a go-between. If the Devil fucked something up, I have but to walk to the mirror and tell "the Devil" to get the fuck over herself and then move the hell on. Now I am writing all of this because I had a discussion with someone today and they really got under my skin about my idea of Karma and universal reciprocity. Apparently I have it all wrong, or so I was told. I called Bullshit. I think I got it right, fuck-you-very-much (a phrase on loan from the Myclette collection). I used to be hella dickish and when dickish shit happened I reacted in an even more dickish way. For my trouble I got used, cheated on and basically robbed, so yeah, I think if I were a better person at the time I would have had the life I have now, back then, and I would have passed on the sucky shit that happened (when I failed to responsibly employ a thorough vetting process). But that aint what happened. I got bitter instead and the bullshit kept coming, obviously trying to give my silly-ass a chance to be a grown-up, call the situation a loss and get ready for the great opportunities that followed. When I finally grew a freaking brain I was in time to fight and win an EPIC battle, accept an extremely challenging but seriously worthwhile and gainful position and wouldn't you know it, become attached to some of the BEST individual this planet has to offer. And now, damn-it I am an Amazon Warrior Queen with battle-scars and an even bigger battle-axe. All of this because I stopped being sucky and changed my attitude towards the lessons Karma is constantly offering. So, I'm gonna go ahead and say that Karma works damn well for ME, if it don't work for YOU, I got a mirror you can borrow...
Here's to getting yours and mine too (forgive my harsh language but the people you love the most can really bring out the fire in you--Still love you though)
Karmically yours

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