Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Weekend is of course

AWESOME! Okay so I had a great Friday, it was my early day so I got off an hour earlier than usual, 2:30 instead of 3:30 and it was fantastic. Now I should have gone to get my pedicure on Friday but I figured I would do it after the gym on Saturday but of course, there was a health fair that Mom and some of her friends had to go to and that meant that I had to drive. It was a fantastic fair to say the least. It was offer for free by CVS Pharmacy and they were doing Diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure and bone density testing for FREE and then they had actual physicians to talk to people about the results. It was a great service but I really wish more blacks had taken advantage of the service. We are notorious for not knowing the state of our health especially with diabetes. This health fair is actually a mainstay of CVS Pharmacy and they tour periodically during the year with a number of these free fairs coming up this year. I have insurance and had my annual physical in March of this year, as I do every year but if you know anyone who doesn't this is a great chance to get a good snap shot of their general health for free. The kicker? They give you a list of free or income based clinics to go to in case you find that you need more  in depth follow up help. My mom is a retiree (28 years in Houston Independent School District) and she is too young for Medicare/Medicaid--I can't remember which is for seniors--but this was a good way for her to get a snap shot of her general health. She was of course fit as a fiddle, she's a vegetarian who walks everyday, does yoga and of course is a good person. She helps people because she likes to and she thinks about others in a way that I really hope to do one day. She is really an excellent model of good behavior. I know, my mom is genuinely a nice person. Like all the time. I know you think I'm kidding but no, she is really nice to EVERYONE so her life has actually been pretty darn nice. Her kids are doing well (I'm finally not pitying myself and learning from her awesome example).  Anyway go to the health fair, go to their website and find out when it will be in your city.
I got my sketcher shape ups and I love them. They were buy one get one half off so me and Mom got ours for 48 bucks a piece! Awesome right?
Then there was the Old Town Spring Crawfish Festival and it was fantastic! The pics are on my facebook page so not everyone can see them but the the funnel cake was as good as it looked!
Then came my Monday off day and wouldnt you know it, someone hit my very parked car and left no note. So I called my insurance company, filed a police report, dropped off my cluncker at the dealership where I was informed that the car would have to be left there as a missing headlight is not road worthy. I picked up a rental right there and was on my way...the smoothest part to the entire incident is working with my insurance company and the dealership! I sailed through that process for sure. But let me say that dealing with the police department was an ordeal to say the least, grrrrr.
But, all in all the experience was not so bad, I have the deductible no problem, I have good insurance, the damage is actually pretty minimal, and most importantly and thankfully  no one was hurt so thanks to the universe I had the opportunity to navigate a difficult situation in an effort to practice patience and maturity and I think I performed well.
Well its time to start my work week and finish chapter two of one of the best sci-fi novels ever to be written...Have a great day y'all.
Karmically yours

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