Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bicycle, Bicycle, I want to ride my...

I'm getting a bicycle today...dont ask! I have been working out in new and torturous ways and came to understand that I dont wobble and fall down near enough during the day...I sat and pondered what exactly could get me to point where I was screaming bloody murder for fear of being made mincemeat as I hurled threw the air fully padded at the elbows, knees and crown so that contact with the unyielding and of course, giddy earth wouldn't call for life flight to a local hospital? Why, how about a bicycle!?  So I am getting a Fat lady Schwinn today at the local bicycle shop (thats what ya call them right?).  Watson is over the moon with excitement, I'm not altogether NOT excited, I'm just cautiously terrified at the prospect of hoisting all of my jiggly madness on to a seat the size of a tostada ( is on my mind most of the time and since I changed my eating habits I notice that I throw in a few reminders of my favs from time to time in conversation...I know, pretty pathetic). On the upside I have lost more weight doing this that I thought possible in this short amount of time and Monday, I will see my Doc again for a progress report...stay tuned.

Happy Karma

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Bloodstream said...

Yes it's me! After almost 4 years I'm back!
Well, I'm happy for you. Get a bike and ride it as much as possible! Personally, it massages my mind.