Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Still no Bike but I dont think it matters

since I dont think I can even ride one anymore. I was in the store and there was a serious bike sale going down.  Great! I'll just pick a bike and ride that puppy into the sunset, right? WRONG! Apparently you gotta like pick the right bike or as the dude helping annouced proudly, "the right bike will choose the perfect rider".  WTF? Dude, just gimme your cheapest bike with the Widest seat, because, let's face it, I havent ridden a bike in a hundred years and my posterior is indicative of that very fact.

After climbing on and off a dozen discount bikes I realize that just getting on the things requires a level of skill an feats of balance that are certainly beyond my capacity. Another interesting fact I found is, the size of the seat is determined by the price of the bike.  The pricier bikes had seats you could mistake for a park bench in the right setting. The bikes I was interested in had the rider playing a dangerous game of balance your dominant cheek on a pole with the point of pen or a childhood favorite of just stand for the entirety of any ride you plan to take on the irregular, scratch and dent monster your parents found in at a yard sale on their way home from work.

Sigh...I think maybe I should dust off my skates (not the inline kind...old school 4 wheels),

Happy Karma!

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