Monday, September 9, 2013

September is moving right along

Well some jerk hit my parked car and kept going. Which of course sucked but on the bright side my insurance provider was pretty swift with helping me and filing the police report was not as much of a hassle as I thought it would be. All in all things went pretty smoothly in that regard. I suppose if I were more of a hot head things could have really soured really fast. Luckily I don’t deal with my problems in ways that aren’t ultimately productive and optimistic. 
 I usually conquer my problems in my head during my drive to work or home or some other long drive. I just turn off the music and start hammering out the issues. I know that other people have different ways of dealing with life’s little mishaps. Some people feel as though you are somehow doing it wrong if you don’t share all of your worries and fears with the people around you. Ugh, those people who do that are real downers. Those people are walking wounds. They are what many consider deep. They brood and look pensive. They furrow their brows and tent their fingers while intermittently sipping some stress relieving elixir while we alleged brutes quickly and methodically tackle our problems with a decisive hand and a stone-cold-sober head. And we are labeled detached and removed. We are accused of not feeling enough, not owning our feelings when the opposite is true. We take complete possession of our feelings ourselves. We don’t tell everyone every problem that arises; we fix most problems before many even realize there was a problem, if they ever realize it all. Six months in, we’re not juggling the same conundrum or feeling out a problem from a year ago. We aren’t punishing ourselves for past missteps. We are living with the consequences of every choice we have made prior and accept it on an empty stomach. I’m glad of that.

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