Thursday, September 5, 2013

Dreaming of Dragon Con...

I know, I know,
Its been forever since I blogged....

So I went to Dragon Con this year and as always, it did not disappoint! I got to spend 5 blissful days geeking out at Nerdvana without having to bring it down a notch for the normal folks. Now of course I have a ton of pics and some hilarious videos to share which I have of course already uploaded to my facebook account. If you havent ever gone to a convention I highly reccommend it as soon as humanly possible. First you get to indulge your passions without people saying how childish you are or how these things are for kids. And more importantly you get to spend time with like minded people talking about thinkgs you all love and respect. It can be a real treat after a year of tucking your geekdom under your hat so as not to annoy the "cool kids". I know when I tell some people about my love of all things science fiction/fantasy and Cheesy B movies they either give me that smile Mom's give kids that says "awww that's cute" or those friends who straight up tell you how ridiculous you are with sentences like "wow, that's different," which means that's silly.
Of course if I were obsessing over Scandal, or Basketball Wives or a favorite sports team I'd be perfectly acceptable and even applauded.
That's cool. anyway you can see my pics on Facebook if we're facebook buds of course. Some of the cosplay galleries are public so check those out for sure.
Next year I plan to cosplay but it has to be a costume that is easy to travel with and comfortable enough to bustle about the Con in for at least the first 2 days...I'm thinking something video game related.
so what's everyone else been up to these days?

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