Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Another day, another chance to do the right thing...

yep, that's right, I had a chance the do the right thing and took it. I was available for some shoulder leaning and all involved were better for it. I always thought I would never lend money again (there was a slight fiasco some years back to the tune of more or less 4 grand---yeah, yeah I know and wouldnt you know that the borrower did what it was in their nature and character to do. Who am I to judge character flaws? No one, I have my own as a matter of fact (I've never done THAT to anyone but still I have been less than stellar and have apologized--publically (well in a blog) in some cases. Anyway I lent money again, this time though, I assessed my finances and asked myself if I could afford to live without the amount should I never have it returned to me. I could/can and so I made my decision based on this all important factor, coupled with the fact that this person was in dire straits and would do the same for me (hell or not---who the fuck knows. I've learned that you don't know anyone until you KNOW them. Seriously--here's to learning the good shit the hard way). Anyway, regardless of the past you do what you can to help people and let them do what it is in them to do regardless. So say we all...(a little Battlestar Galactica nerd moment. The Plan came out on DVD today and after class I will be driving to Borders to get it) Borders happens to have 50%off DVD boxed sets now through Sunday I think...

That aside, on to more festive news, I have the honor of well, honoring social commitments, no, obligations in light of the upcoming All Hallows Eve. Don't get me wrong I love playing dress up and eating candy and rotting the teeth of teeny little witches with cute pointy hats and pale glitter lipgloss with bite sized chocolate bars. I just get antsy when I feel obligated to entertain people when all I want to do is sit on my floor going through my cds so that I can update my iTunes folder.
I know, I know, being social is human and to be human is to be a part of humanity, all social and communal like. Plus, being with friends is good for the heart, the head and the soul. So instead of being a stick in the mud I will carve my pumpkin, roast the seeds and watch a Scream marathon with the people who have been on my team even when I have displayed less than sportsman like behavior.
Besides, whether we want to be true or not, we get what we give, in the end and always. So my gift to myself and my friends will be positivity and light, not because Karma looms (and she does, sorry--but contrary to popular B.S., you actually do get what you give. What have you given?)but because that's by bag naturally. I like to keep my word, I like to be honest, and I like not having to keep a bunch of lies straight--especially the ones we like to tell to ourselves.

Anyway, class is starting and I am all giddy with the prospect of learning (that's kinda my bag now too as it turns out).
Love and Light
Karma, karma, karma, karma, karma chameleon... Don't believe the hype, you damn sure get all the grief you cause and then's to keeping the cup half full of sugar rather that salt... and paying those debts.
toodles noodles!

Forgive the typos!!!!!!

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