Monday, October 12, 2009

Back in the Saddle for the nth time

So I am finally back in the groove of writing and cooking. Today, lamb-veal-sirloin meatballs with a salad of herbs and field greens and my homemade raspberry vinaigrette. Writer's digest has a couple of writing contests I am entering in November and December.
I just saw Julie and Julia and it was wonderful! I love Julia Child and I love cooking and writing so this movie had everything in for me. It just might replace Under The Tuscan Sun as my rainy day pick me up movie.
What would happen if we all did some small thing towards our passion. Just everyday, you incorporate that tiny little action into your mundane routine and little by little you change the direction of your life for the better.

Anyway, writing is going well, again finally! I am working on a short short that has to do with a God building his/her own mythology from the ground up. How would it be to have the capacity to create how your mythology is formed and applied from the very beginning without the notions of religion as they exist today?
I know, mind-blowing! Well time to get back at it....
Stay true, pay your debts and respect Karma, because whether you like it or not she will have her due.
Love and Light friends!

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The B Family said...

I have to say that I was amused to read the title and captions in your header--a friend (who happens to be black) and I went out for pedicures on our lunch break today. One of the Star Wars movies was playing on the TV and she practically had all the lines memorized. She was telling me what a big sci-fi fan she is and what a huge impact Lt. Uhuru had on her as a little girl. I'll have to send her your link!
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