Sunday, October 18, 2009


"Integrity is proven when you admit what you cannot do and honor what you say you will do".

It's not an original quote but then I can't really credit anyone person in particular for it either. I'm sure a long time ago in a dusty old library or some other such academic building someone old and dusty and academic said it or something similar. I agree with the quote completely--along with a number of expansions of course. I think integrity encompasses far more than just admitting where you fall short and following through on your word. But that doesn't mean I cant say a few words about the topic.

It seems lately that integrity is a lost virtue (if it can be called that and I think it can). There are people who constantly go off on tangents about integrity and how the next man doesn't have any, only to be the biggest offender of this lapse in character (unfortunately, I know or have known some of these people and in some cases am worse for wear because of their weak character). I'm wondering about integrity and how it plays into daily life on the tiniest scale. You know, the humdrum, mundane, trip to the grocery store level? Yeah, that level.
How necessary or even possible is it to always be a person of integrity? Say a sales clerk gives you 20 bucks too much in change, giving it back is a mark of honesty which I think is a mark of integrity. I know people, genuinely good people who believe that keeping the money says nothing about who they are as a person, after all, she made a mistake, it just happens to be in their favor and against her own. Some even go so far as to consider it a karmic return on good behavior for their own past generosity...hogwash I say!
Well I don't typically say hogwash but, you get my meaning.
What I do say is that the matter of giving back too much change is directly linked to integrity and thus, our character.

Now on a grander scale I think our integrity needs a little exercise as it seems to be a weak muscle as of late. I had HUGE problems with my own integrity some years ago but now, I don't play that very dangerous and detrimental game with myself and the people I love.
I keep my word, I protect theirs. It is not at all easy, and sometimes I contemplate taking a step backward and then I remember all the backward living that got me in the past and I snap to and get on with doing it right.
I think if more of us got on with doing it right the state of our nation would be better because in truth we would be better....and that is my 2 cents, I will relinquish my soapbox now...
Love and Light folks!
I'm heading to the Italian Festival over at my university, gonna be a blast with this lovely cool weather.
The Texas Renaissance Festival is in town for the next 2's gonna be a blast!
Karma, always check on your Karma, she is checking up on you....believe me.

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