Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Laundry List Of...

  • I have been following the race in Massachusetts, and it looks like Brown's in and Cockley's out. I can't even begin to discuss this. I have a myriad of beefs with the whole Filibuster Business and the Health Care Reform issue. I just can't get started or I may not stop.
  • I watched the MSNBC special with Chris Mathews, Tom Joyner and Jeff Johnson among many others and while it was interesting and entertaining I think the idea that we can discuss relevant black issues once a year, during what Jeff Johnson calls "Black Season" is rather naive and down right absurd.
  • I agree with Johnson, trying to cram in all of the relelvant topics and issues into a little over a month (From MLK day through February) is silly. We need to be talking about black issues and most certainly we all need to be constantly dialoguing(sp) about race far more frequently. It has gotten to the point where we (The Collective Nation) knows that different races exist but that is as far as our understanding of one another goes. People of other races are worried that they will offend someone if they even say the word black and WE (Blacks) can't let go of the damn "N-word" long enough for our kids to recognize it for the demoralizer that is and always will be.
  • Are people still having unprotected sex in this day and age in a country with awareness coming out of its freaking ears? YEP! I spoke to a friend today who found that she had an STD (not HIV but hell, rolling the dice is rolling the damn dice)! This mental giant told me that they met in an upscale night spot and that he, get this..."LOOKED CLEAN". Well dress me in pigtails and call it the 70s! Are you kidding? I can't even....I just can't.
  • I am not crazy about traveling to Cleveland for 2 1/2 weeks but at least it's a place I have never been and I can get a little bit of exploring done.
  • I am crazy about the fact that I get to see the Grand Canyon once again with my homies "The Guthries" Ryan would love to read that sentence, he fancies himself quite the hipster.
  • Last night's pot roast was divine if I do say so myself! The potatoes were too salty though (Yeah I admit it).
  • Despite my moaning about the world I am still on top of it! I need meditate more often (still trying to get into a routine of organized living, especially since we want to move out of state by 2012). The thing is that I am so disorganized because I am so happy! Go Figure!
It aint too late to live that life you've been meaning to live so get to it!
Drop that coward (you know who you are)
Karmically yours


Stephanie said...

Hi from SITS! I love salty potatoes in my pot roast...just saying...I actually live for salt...that is probably one of the reasons I have high blood pressure! I am new too..so just wanted to say hi!

Stephanie said...

Hi again! Thanks for the comment! Brown is in and Martha is out. Not sure how you feel about it, but honestly...she can't even spell Massachusetts...I try to not talk politics on the blogs...but that is hard to not do!