Saturday, January 23, 2010

I Think the Secret May very well be in the sauce

My new favorite place to find smiles has to be on the SITS site! Seriously, with all the serious stuff going on that can turn you sour there are some ladies out there offering sunshine through the eyes of their little ones and for that I am thankful. Sometimes you just gotta see a child's face and just like that, you know it wont end with you. Most importantly you know that Hope, cant and wont abandon you because there are children in the world, counting on us to keep it all together just long enough for them to grow into the people who will carry us when we need a shoulder.
Thanks Moms and Dads! and Thanks ever so Mommy Bloggers I have discovered on SITS!

Now for my List!

  • Cleveland of all places for 3 weeks starting Tuesday! I am told snow is in the forecast, I need new boots.
  • The Artist is still cooking up a storm thank goodness. I haven't had to lift a finger in forever.
  • Classes have begun and I already love my Classroom Management Course. 
  • Everyone thinks I am insane for wanting to teach highschool but I know that is where I belong.
  • Finally got the third degree framed and it looks awesome, now to get it on the wall (that goes for the two undergrad ones that are also custom framed and still resting on the floor near my completely out of order filing cabinet.
  • Finally the dreadlocks will get maintained, I'll post a pic, maybe a before and after. Wait, no way, they look far too ratty right now.
  • It may be time to start seriously thinking about foster parenting in preparation for adopting in the future. I want pre-pubescents but no children younger than 4 or 5 years of age. I am fully prepared to foster siblings in danger of being split up. I couldnt imagine losing parents and then brothers or sisters also. Yeah, I'll definitely take siblings.
  • Still happy, despite Cleveland trip, there is something to be said for positive outlooks and decisive action for personal happiness and satisfaction.
  • Could someone please tell me why I got the message that His (the deadbeat,cheating,fake from up North of course) Doctor's appointment is on the 28th of January on my voicemail? He is sucking the life and youth out of someone else now (seriously, I know feel sorry for her. She ended up with a serious piece of work), shouldnt she be getting the calls?
  • I cant wait to see the Wolfman with Benicio Del Toro!
  • Turns out union employees get a discount with my cell phone carrier so woo hoo for me!
That's all, stay true, pay your debts and keep your word!
Karmically yours '

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Heather said...

This post is precious. I couldn't agree more. Just when you think the world can't recover, you have to look at a child and insist that it does.

I think you're insane for wanting to teach high school. However, I also think if you are called to do that then you have a veeeeery special gift and you will do those kids a world of good.

And, yes, of course you will adopt siblings. The thought of two children being separated breaks my heart.

And you must post a picture of the dreads. You simply must.