Monday, August 16, 2010

Alienation of Affection

I was reading about Fantasia Barino of American Idol fame and apparently she is facing some tough times due to some choices she made regarding the husband of a woman in North Carolina. Reports indicate that the scorned wife could file an alienation of affection lawsuit against Fantasia. The woman claims that she has a tape of her husband and Ms Barino in a compromising position during their marriage.

There a few states left that still allow alienation of affection lawsuits: Hawaii, Illinois, Mississippi, New Mexico, North Carolina, South Dakota, and Utah. It seems pretty plausible to me that southern states and Utah would have these laws but Illinois seemed a bit less conservative to me, of course it was an assumption based on what I know of Illinois which is honestly not much.
Anyway, the lawsuit would pretty much hinge on whether or not the married couple were legally separated before or after Antwuan Cook and Fantasia became involved.

There have been successful lawsuits against "home-wreckers" in the past so, I can see how Fantasia might feel overwhelmed by the idea of going broke behind something she may not have been privy to.

I referenced this topic because I wanna know what people think about "alienation of affection" and if anyone thinks this nothing more than a chance to get legal revenge against a woman or man who crossed over into someone else's yard.
 I've got my ideas about men and women who cheat. I think dudes who cheat and the chicks who get with them pretty much deserve one another for a couple of reasons,
1. You get what you pay for, and when you get a person who will literally betray someone they claimed to love to their faces, well, you end up paying for it big time.
2. Sometimes, people are meant to be together. I mean, hey, sometimes people really arent meant for one another, and the heart just wants what the heart wants (of course they should let one another know before they set out to betray and lie and such).
3. There's something to be said for a person who chooses to make the mistake that the cuckoled (sp) spouse has no idea they are making. Seriously, you set out to win over someone who obviously doesnt value the committments they make? That's pretty ballsy and certainly ill-advised but yeah, it takes a bullet proof soul and massive cajones.

What about relationships that are not recognized by a court of law? I mean some people believe that cheating is only cheating if one is married. I think that is a big ass cop-out.
  • Not everyone believes that a piece of paper makes a relationship, I'm one of those people.
  • Not everyone is allowed to get married in our great United States and they certainly consider their relationships to be quite important and most certainly valid.
If two people make a clear commitment to one another, profess love for one another then fidelity is certainly implied, yeah but nice try.
Think of relaitonships you had as a young person in highschool even. You werent married but the pain of the breakup didnt recognize the fact that you hadnt flown in relatives and made them RSVP for chicken or fish.
People who use this line of reasoning are a bit suspect to me, for reasons I won't mention.

At any rate, can one really steal affection if a significant other is out there handing out the supposed exclusive love and attention they claimed was all for you? What say you?

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