Saturday, November 3, 2007

So Folks Dig the Pixie huh?

Thanks for the feedback on my latest birth--The Pixie. Folks seem to be digging her tough. I am kicking around a few names for her as we speak. I am terrible at naming things to which my _____ offered to name her what he likes to call me. I declined and I ain't telling y'all what that brother screams into the back of my head either...LOL just being a little vulgar, forgive me friends. But I wont share my nickname, it isn't anything really fancy but I like it for myself and so....
Alright so she is of the Pixies and is sort of a hybrid. She is a descendant of Adam's first wife, Lilith. Yeah...that's right. Remember her? Cast aside for a newer sleeker model--Miss Eve. Don't panic my faithful Christian friends. I use biblical references as basis for my science fiction writing because I was raised Baptist and find religion and faith completely and wholly fascinating. It is the ultimate study in humanity in some cases. To hold a faith so dear without every having the tangible or tactile knowledge of it is an amazing attribute of the human animal. Reason even takes a backseat to faith. It's a beautiful thing my friends and it is why I respect all faiths. Think about what you have to let go of to believe what you believe. Logical thought is irrelevant in the face of faith. Jihads and all other manners of holy war are fought for the very reason. Personal battles are overcome by the sheer strength of one's faith. Illnesses cease to ravage bodies because of faith. That is something I would never play with or take lightly. So when I write I do research and study the topic before incorporating it into my fantasies.
The Pixie makes herself known---
The Pixie sat in the so-called Cabaret and felt the pulse of the music cruise out of the overhead speakers. She downed her Cuervo gold in a gulp and waved for the waitress.
Tear the roof off the mother
Yo, yo tear the roof off
Yo, yo tear the roof off
Back up, don't make me shoot y'all
You don't, want to fuck with us, you don't
Method Man, Tear It Off
"Whatchoo need? Another shot or a dance?"
The Pixie glanced over the curves of the pretty brown skinned woman before her and smiled wide.
"How many years are you Lady?"
"How old do you need be to be?" Replied the waitress, smiling wide back at the Pixie. She set the tray down and placed her hands on her full hips rocking back on her left one.
The Pixie sighed and leaned back in her seat, moving her right arm to rest on the back of her chair.
"You are either too young or too old for your chosen profession." The Pixie threw her hand up to stop the girl from speaking before she could finish her thought. "Are you treated well here young lady?"
"It's alright but why so much conversation? Time is money right?" The girl didnt move a muscle. She was strong and confident. She looked to the Pixie that she might have been an athlete at one point. This was good. She would need that athleticism as a recruit for the Pixie's crew. The Pixie reached into the front of her leather tank and produced an absurd wad of cash, slamming it on the table in front of the awestruck girl.
"Sit, listen and then answer. Do you understand Lady?"
The girl complied staring at the cash the whole while.
"Where do you keep your weapon?"
The girl reached into her left boot and produce a small pearl handled 22 and placed it on the table next to the cash.
"Your name?"
"Candy Cane."
The Pixie frowned and reached over to lift the girl's face in order to look into her eyes and asked again. A tear fell down the girl's cheek and she nearly whispered her answer.
"Gretchen Thomas. Everybody here got a fake name and it has to be something like that. You know shit like "baby girl" or "Sin-a-men" or some stupid shit like that. Who are you?" The girl blinked as the tears fell and pressed on. "You something else huh? Like something that is like a angel or something? I dont feel the same. Did you do something to me? Like to my soul or something?" The girl let her head drop on top of her now folded hands on the table and wept. She talked through her tears.
"I'm 25. I been working her since I was about 23 but I been dancing and other stuff like that since I was 13. My momma died I think. I dont know where my sister at. am I dead too? Is this hell? You gonna take me to hell or something? You can't take me nowhere worse so I dont even give a fuck!" The room began to spin and Gretchen reached for her gun. She screamed out loud in voice she didnt know was hers and all went black.
When the girl looked up she was sitting in a comfortable room with the vines of ivies scaling the walls and soothing music wrapping around her. She was wearing a white robe and smelled something good cooking not to far off from her. She felt safe.
She didnt even jump when a chunky and warm looking woman emerged from another room on the left side of her. She quickly moved to her feet and began talking.
"I'm Gretchen. What's this place? This heaven or something? I figure it cant be if I'm here." Gretchen trailed off with a nervous chuckled and rung her hands waiting for an answer.
"You look much better than you did when you got here a few months ago. Gennie was right about you. We do sorta favor. I like you better without all of the make up and ridiculous hair."
Gretchen reached up to feel the curly down of a short afro on her head and ran her hands over her transformed face. The scar that led from her ear to her cheek was gone along with her fake lashes and make-up. despite her situation Gretchen still felt safe but wasn't sure why.
"I been here for months? How many? That lady is named Gennie? Where is she? Who are you? Is this your house?"
I answered the girl slowly as she walked over and placed the tray of food on the table. We have to do something about that grammar soon, I thought to myself.
"Yes this is my place. I share it with the Sable Sovereign and Gennie the Pixie. Gennie, the lady who brought you here is formally called Genesis the Pixie Sovereign. We all call her Gennie though. Eat. You will need your strength for what is to come."
Gretchen sat down and began to devour the pancakes and fruit set in front of her. Between bites she asked questions and grunted answers.
"I'm just gonna live here? I know I cant afford to stay in this place even if we share the bills. Plus if I been here for months, I aint got no job no more." She continued to scoop food into her mouth taking sips of a juice that she had never tasted but now loved.
"It's mango juice and You already live here sister," I replied. "There is no rent or you to pay, we are family. You dont have a job there anymore because the Pixie shut that place down forever. You dont remember what happened? You were there and uhm you helped her do it girl. You two tore that place to pieces and the body count? Sheeeit. I still can't believe that shit! I am so jealous. I just started my serious training but you already way ahead of me. You start medieval weapons with me next week though." Gretchen dropped the pancake that she didnt know was buckwheat and pushed herself away from the table.
"What? I didnt kill nobody! I didnt! I swear I didnt mean to! I mean. I wanted to. I dreamed that I shot somebody I think! Oh God! What happened? The police looking for me?" She was out of her seat now pacing. She glanced at the couch and a stack of clothing and then noticed a black panther watching her lazily before licking her paws and resting her gorgeous and massive black head on them again.
"Hey slow down girl before you choke. Yeah you did kill somebody, Yes you meant to and no it wasnt a dream. The police aint looking for you either. It's more like they dont know it happened... sorta. I'll explain more later but right now, Sable and Genesis are back and wanna talk to you, so eat up get dressed and brace yourself for serious product knowledge baby-sis. It is about to get real crucial."

That's it for now. Sorry for the slow set up but this how I get my abstracts going. How do you like the Pixie's name and title? What about Gretchen? You like the name? She doesnt have a lot of dimension yet but I already like her. and she got something in common with our other girl who still has no name....maybe a naming contest is in order? Next time it is all about action y'all I promise!
Something I am pondering right now----To take his apartment key or not to take his apartment key...that is the question....

Be safe and Be True, I think I hear Karma knocking...


Opinionated Diva said...

Femi...I like it a lot. I was completely drawn in and somewhat pissed at the abrupt ending!

I have all kinds of question running through my mind trying to figure out what's what.

I hope there's a part two later today!

lea78 said...

Gennie is the truth, a srong Pixie goddess. I love her attitude. I hope Gretchen kicks ass in the future. Seems like she has had a hard life. Now about that apartment key, follow your gut. I know it sounds cliche, but seriously your gut will never let you down. Even when your heart is blind to bull you gut picks up on that crap before it happens

PurpleZoe said...

Seriously, you're freaking incredible.
Your pen is so visual. It brings you to the heart of the experience. Very well done (as usual ^_^)

Peace Femi ~~~~~~~~~~~~*

Femigog said...

Hey OpDiva! Actually this is the second part of a post I started on The Pixie from a few days ago. Now that piece had her in full battle mode, I would love to read your thoughts on that post if you get a chance to read it. It is titled Enter the Pixie.
Thanks so much for checking me out!

Lea78--Yeah Gretchen has had a rough time of it but she is about to find her mission and she is going to love it with a passion. Instead of always getting muscled she is going to become the muscle. And you are right about that apartment key. I'm going with my gut.

Purple Zoe! What can I say? You always make me blush lady! Thank you so much for being interested in what I write and for taking the time to share your thoughts and vision on the Ultraviolet underground. You do an amazing job of pushing for social justice and solidarity and for that I thank you.

Don said...

Femi, Karma has a key and its name on the lease. lol. It doesn't knock.

I agree with you on the spirit of Faith. I am marveled whenever I come across someone who places Faith upon a higher pedestal than reason. That is some deep ish.

I would love to be one of those people, but I'm hardheaded. It seems.

Hey, thanks for the comment on bloggers delight. My submitted poem got accepted for the book. Can you believe that?!

Femigog said...

Don! Brother you aint lying about that key! Dont worry, Im hardheaded at times too. and Uhm YEAH I can believe they accepted your poem! Hell Yeah! Your pen is righteous brother! Why you trippin! LOL

Don said...

Seems like the both of us have to learn the hard

Thanks for the kind words about my pen

Mizrepresent said...

Femi- OMG- girl this is great! I love this story, the realism, "the pixie"...i keep thinking about this fairy or something...forgive me my imagination is something...i want more!

Mizrepresent said...

Dang, blogger is messing up, it ate my earlier post...okay so here goes, i love this story, love "the pixie"...i keep thinking she's some pistol-packing fairy....i want more!

Mega Rich said...

Didn't read the excerpt yet, but you caught me on "Lilith" - I thought you only found her in the Catholic bibles and that she was a later wife of Adam's not a first. It is widely held that God created Adam then EVE, IF there was a Lilith that came in the picture it would have been later, right. -- OK, I'm stepping out of the pulpit now.

Femigog said...

hey Mega! There was an Eve and according to sources other than the King James Version of the bible she was the first wife of Adam. Because the bible has been transcribed by so many different scholars a lot of the history is either missing or mis-represented. The holy texts many of us learn from are regrettably limited. In reading holy texts of other faiths (the Jewish and Muslim faiths especially) we learn a lot of lore that is simply not included in our Holy Bible for any number of reasons....
You find Lilith in the Catholic Bible and in holy texts of other lesser recognized faiths and she was indeed Adam's first wife. I attend a Catholic university and during an anthropology of religions class we had a similar discussion about the existence of Lilith. I did some digging and found her existence to be lacking only in the mainstream faiths.
Thanks for getting me to discuss this. I love religious discourse!

Bloodstream said...

Ok, I'm going to need my autographed copy! I absolutely love the sci-fi/fantasy with the urban twist. Its intelligent (unlike Af Am Fic) and free flowing. You read it all and it feels like only a paragragh. I get lost in it. I'm gonna get some art work to you. Bloodstream had hidden the sun from me but I'm free now... I'm free and its on!