Monday, August 23, 2010

A while ago I mentioned something about settling

for less than you deserve in life. I wanted to clarify what exactly I was referring to. You can call it a mid-life crisis I suppose (I do) or you don't have to classify it as anything in particular. Whatever, I'm rambling...I turn 39 this year and honestly I'm okay with it for the most part. Now I'm not thrilled to death to approaching the big 4-0 but hey at least I still approaching things, if you get my meaning.
The thing is, I'm getting on in years and I still have a bunch of things I want to get done, ya know. Not necessarily a bucket list, more like a list of deeds accomplished by the Tammie Snowden Foundation (that's what I sometimes call my collective years of life). I like to think of myself as a company that was established in December of 1971 to enhance the life of the young upstart and founder whom I refer to as Mom. Now since the foundation's inception, there have been many goals and accomplishments, there was the Shoe-tying of 1974, the momentous reading of picture books of 1975 a full year and a half ahead of schedule,
likewise there have been some setbacks such as the great squandering of talent back in 1990 that lasted roughly until about the spring of 1993 when I finally enrolled in college (I had graduated high school in 1991 and took some time to uhm "find myself"). To the foundation's surprise, I wasn't lost I was actually just lazy.
Later milestones included the first House Party of 1984 (thanks Bridget) and of course the First Real Boyfriend of Highschool (that would be you Roderick--you were cool then and you're cool now). Now that the Foundation has matured (well, to a degree) there are some more serious milestones that have been realized like the First Apartment alone of ...can't remember and First car of...get this...2009 (yeah, to be fair I moved around a lot and I didnt know if I would be good for motoring, well that and the crazy debt from that whole first line of credit fiasco of 1994 and the subsequent Paying off a ton of dumb debt conclusion of 2008--this really set the foundation back a few years. Moving along there was the first trip out of the country of 2002 (Jamaica) followed by the Are you Crazy you cant travel overseas after what happened to the Towers of 2003 (English Countryside and London).
The foundation has been busy sure, what with the Published Work in a Literary Journal of 2004 and the Head shaving and dreadlock growing of 2002-Present.
The Foundation has only scratched the surface of the all the things it needs/wants to accomplish. this is how I (the Foundation) ended up with whole settling epiphany.
I have always been a bit of a free spirit and I've always been pretty careful about not getting stuck in a rut, but now I feel like I need to move a little faster. I got no real beefs with work, frankly I like what I do, I got no beef with school, I like that too.
I just have so much on my list that I wondered if I should just scrap the list and cruise since everything's going good and I got my health. Well I took it to the Board of Directors and frankly I was laughed out of the meeting. I think I'll keep having my adventures and grab what can from the Universe. The Foundation was pleased and agreed to fund the turning forty trip of 2012 a full year early in 2011.
At any rate, dont settle, and neither will the Foundation
Happy Karma!