Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dragon Con

was AWESOME! I had the best time. I took a ton of pictures and video and really enjoyed some panels that I didn't think that I would have. I loved the panel that the American Sci-Fi Media track hosts that is all about fans discussing old sci-fi shows and trends in contrast to the new stuff that is going on right now. Now we talked about the new SyFy channel line up that features what hearkens back to the old "creature feature" Saturday night drive in movies of the past. You know, stuff like Dino-Shark, Croco-saurus and of course Mega-Squid vs. Mega-Shark, one of them had Debbie Gibson in which for me, was actually a draw. Now SyFy (which is their new name since NBC bought the name "sci-fi" for their own use) contrasts their B movie line up with really good series programming like Haven and of course Eureka! which I now have a new respect and love for.
I love the contrast of trash and treasure and honestly with science fiction I think there really is room for both coal and diamond.
whatever, I lived Dragon-Con, just as I did last year and I already have my ticket for next year. I'll have a better review a little later, I'm kind of under the weather and I havent uploaded all of my pics and vids yet.

I'll check you later

Be good to Karma, she knows where the bodies are buried
Peace and Love

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